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@MortalShellGame What's better than raging at a game on stream? ... Nothing. Nothing is better than that. I'd love… CRAP SO ADORABLE 😫😫😫 cute. Will chat about lyfe and stuff, might bloodborne later. 🔴➡️ of constantly making fun of a streamer everytime they make a mistake, tell them why you enjoy their content…
Retweeted by Cat Lyfe 🐱🍓 @Cosimania I feel you on so many levels. I’ve worked at large game studios too and I was in the same position. Noth… @mitori551 the lack of education on mental health or lack of any awareness for that matter in these countries is wh… just learning how wrong I've been taught for majority of my life. Learning that it's ok to not be ok and learni… don't know how long I've had it for, probably many years, but coming from an Eastern European culture I was in de… talk about this more often on stream, but I struggle to write it into words here. Because somehow words make it…
@heyshadylady @latreceasmr @dumpstergranola for sure YT have a lot to improve on the stream side, tools-wise, but o… @MitsuShow OBJECTION!!!! @heyshadylady @latreceasmr @dumpstergranola No hard feelings, but I heavily disagree with this. YouTube has an algo… @Vexanie I believe he's plotting your murder, now that you've replaced him with a digital double.This is so utterly devastating... 😢😢😢 RIP Your legacy will live on. @GrandLineReview @YouTube not ecchi at all in any way whatsoever.Come watch a pepega attempt to play Bloodborne, I guess. 🤫🙄 🔴➡️ @brofishTV
@brofishTV HAPPY CANADA DAY MY CANADIAN FISH 🇨🇦 🍁We live nao. Definitely not talking about anime trash. 🔴⬇️ @Sydsnap I love Adult Manhwa! It's so good. I just wish it wasn't always behind a paywall 😭😭😭 @brofishTV I don't eat fish, but I like to indulge in the occasional BroFish @mitori551 well, that'll be tough, we're talking about anime.
@stevetwilley I dropped it years ago when it went on that hiatus. I feel like I'd need to pick it up back from the… @stevetwilley this is mostly stuff I'm looking forward to or haven't seen yet. Kind of like a wishlist. I'll try to… binging RE:Zero. I have so much to say, I'll make a video 😂 What should I binge next? it's time for Persona 4 Golden? Let's talk~ Live now: @LiamSorta I know that feel all too well... I’ve dedicated Sunday as my offline day. I could be on my phone, but of…
@HonoluluGamer Honestly. Wouldn't even shock me.Hey! It's a new week. I wonder what the world will throw at us this time. Oh wait. Still no news about Doc, there's…'ve said it before, and I'll say it again. There is absolutely no need, on any level, to leak anything about unan…
Retweeted by Cat Lyfe 🐱🍓 @TheWickedBob you know it Bob. I'll make you a man of culture. @NoobSniperr so classic. so vanilla.So, what are YOU looking forward to this anime season? 😂😂😂
@AnaelicCosplay I’ve used toilet paper as a mic windshield 😂 @brofishTV @MitsuShow sweet potatts ❤️❤️❤️my truth Read:
Retweeted by Cat Lyfe 🐱🍓 @Legendaryladman @kingscoast a good boy with a good taste. @GrandLineReview the truly important questions. I see a man of culture.
How am I getting gifted subs on @Twitch on streams I am not actively watching? @Zune_Girl Only time will tell. I think any speculations without proof are just damaging at this point.
Yes, I'm in @CyberpunkGame 2077. 🤗 Huge thanks for the opportunity from @CDPROJEKTRED. It was an absolute blast br…
Retweeted by Cat Lyfe 🐱🍓It's too damn hot, but here I am. (A)LIVE🔴➡️ stream today in an hour, after some deliberations. I'll see you around in an hour or so for a good chat. Is it… @Namaslays I would be more worried about the music in the game's radio. You can get in some DMCA trouble for the ra… MY GOD. THANK YOU FOR 1K subs on @Twitch. I'm shaking and speechless!!
Retweeted by Cat Lyfe 🐱🍓We love the Fish @brofishTV @Squiddevil @GorditosGatitos yes!! once you become comfy you gotta nap!me vs animated me, I'm a drama queen. Here's some drama.
@rollycoastie I see no difference.I am looking for more cool music. What’s your favourite metal band/and or/song? GO! X STUDIO TRIGGER ANIME have a feeling that Mr. Estavillo here is really enjoying the way all of this turned out. Good for him and his fl… @GrandLineReview @YouTube oh man, I LOVE conspiracy theories!I HAVE SWORN AN OATH TO SEE THE END OF DAYS AND ONLY THEN TAKE A STEP INTO THE OUTSIDE WORLD.
@brofishTV you got this work waif 💜 @devynnekole @TheFefinator our gorgeous space kween! @hasanthehun I dunno about that Hasan... @TheWickedBob refer to second comment Bob.Cat Lyfe advice: don't be a people pleaser. Don't be that guy that 'everybody' likes because then you become someon… you ever meet that person, where all of your friends/acquaintances will be like "oh they're a great person! re… @weswilson I, too, am an influencer expert. I’m also a cat mom expert, I could probably perform a surgery when it’s… @Namaslays @DevinNash you can make a page tied to your personal account and your real name will not be visible anyw… @Namaslays @DevinNash yeah for sure. there’s a lot of things to consider and the answers will all vary from streamer to streamer. @Namaslays @DevinNash happy to help! Thanks to Devin for making a wonderful resource with information we should kno… @Koolski_ @DevinNash god damn it SimpskiThe best resource you’ll find. @Namaslays FB has grown 345% in the past year, have been introducing new features and optimisations and apparently… @Namaslays because of the terrible way in which it was delivered, which makes perfect sense. But business-wise it m… @Namaslays There’s a lot of misinformation and heated emotions going around. I think what FB are building has great… @SupergiantGames @glancingonhuman I am so looking forward to that !!!
@HonoluluGamer thank you Honolulu!also a short conversation in there about my take on mob mentality, name and shaming and accusations in general. It'… you @TheHackmanTV for the quick edit delivery <3A little talk I had this noon about my thoughts on recent events around Mixer. As someone who left Mixer a week ag… I know what I’m playing tomorrow!!! New and BIGGEST YET Hades update! So hyped 😱😱😱 @SupergiantGames KILLING… @brofishTV so fucking cute.The best thing to come out of my stream today. RIP Mixer. yeah, the slaves... woops! 🤐🤐🤐 Will still wait for a response on that btw. reality we live in. @Exellion_ would love to have a chat with you dude! We're having a talk on Friday with @DrnkonShdws and ex-Mixer Pa… @TheStockGuyTV dropping it as it is during @DevinNash talk. Thank you Devin for taking the time out of the PoE man…'s been a lot of important conversation happening over the previous couple days, and I've heard your voices. I…
Retweeted by Cat Lyfe 🐱🍓R I P 😂
@LothariNosliw Thanks 💜 I moved to Twitch last week. I could feel something was wrong, now it all makes sense.Looking back on the talk we did on Mixer, all of these problems were happening because staff was probably instructe… am so sorry to all Mixer partners. No one deserves to be treated like this. I am sorry. @itsTremagus galaxy brain right here. the red flags were all over that the staff was in freefall, they’ve most li… E L P 🤦🏼‍♀️ @EritreanSoldier @SplitDaWig @WatchMixer @Microsoft @Xbox it's really not all black and white. But I understand you… @EritreanSoldier @SplitDaWig @WatchMixer @Microsoft @Xbox she will be fired. Phil Spencer himself arranged a meetin… @SplitDaWig @WatchMixer @Microsoft @Xbox what @MilanKLee did was more than enough to bring awareness to the kind of… @SplitDaWig @WatchMixer @Microsoft @Xbox you didn't say that, but by naming her - people will. There's already scre… @SplitDaWig @WatchMixer @Microsoft @Xbox not to mention that this whole thing will ultimately fall on the shoulders… @SplitDaWig @WatchMixer @Microsoft @Xbox I think this was unnecessary and uncalled for. Yes, she's done terrible th… no amount of passion and love for games is enough to keep you surviving through this nightmare for too long. @amayazin9 @BackdraftLIVE @YoungRetroLIVE @WatchMixer it is also my understanding that Kabby requested his badge to… @BackdraftLIVE @WatchMixer Well, here’s to hoping. Also worth noting Milly seems to be talking directly with Phil S… The Black Experience Read:
Retweeted by Cat Lyfe 🐱🍓 @MilanKLee thank you so much for sharing this. It makes me sad that this is something that happens. More often than…