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all smutty drawings @nomorepikachu but there's nsfw content in my likes here too so minors just stay away thanks

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@borozaska he is x) thank you for packing them so carefully (and beautifully)! @borozaska it looks stunning and definitely worth that price!!my order from @borozaska arrived!!
Women and other people who might need abortions in #Poland have sustained attacks against their rights again and ag…
Retweeted by mačak 🔞 @koomaqu_ I like the phrase “anti choice” more than “pro life” bevause it sounds like they’re against women’s rights, which they are.
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@cs_sith congrats and thanks for the chance 💛In honor of the fact that I already have 300 followers, I decided to arrange an ✨ ART RAFFLE ✨ Rules:…
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@sethpuertoluna i just avoid talking to clerks. if i don't find what i need, i leave and order it online lol. can't… @AmalasRosa a retarder. i was thinking about censoring the word but… i mean that's just the name of the product so…
i have never seen a single gameplay video of hades but based on the fanart i'm gonna guess it's a dating sim
tho i do like the crop more lol[oc] crop of nsfw, full on @nomorepikachu
@borozaska omg 😱💗 you’re too kind
@koomaqu_ some days are like that! i bet you need a lot of rest with what has been/still is going on. it's a stress… only dangerous minority is the rich
Retweeted by mačak 🔞 @borozaska thank YOU for creating such beautiful things. i can’t wait for my duck to arrive 🦆
📢 CIRCUSTEETH LAUNCH GIVEAWAY! 🤡 RULES: 1. Follow and Retweet 2. one random winner will get any item of their choic…
Retweeted by mačak 🔞 @TurtlerChan true, i remember one all-round-offensive account i reported that had a tweet saying "why did nobody bl…
@BerneriART absolutely lovely ❤️ @Bberneri (whops i first posted this under the drawing itself, meant to do it here) maybe you've seen this post? so… @bapouro sorry, i can see why that first reply came off as very careless, radical and neo-n*zi-ish. i have problems… let's start with these innocent #sketches of #gay dorks
Retweeted by mačak 🔞 @bapouro ppl can call it a human rights violation all they want but i still stand by my opinion that you should hav… @borozaska your attention to detail is immaculate ✨ @borozaska congrats on all the support! you deserve every bit of it for being so hard-working, but don't forget to…'m doing a giveaway! I want to thank you for the support I've got in the past few months. It was my lowest point a…
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makes me sad when artists have thousands of followers but get max. 4 comments on their work. even just a "beautiful… @Mischievous_Cur beautiful! i love the shading and the frame 💚 @borozaska reminds me of this. only point out stuff like sth between their teeth, a messy fringe, an open fly. don'… @sethpuertoluna wow!! 💛 @NAGGGGNE that looks amazing!! 🖤
@ursiday i’m cats⭐GIVEAWAY⭐ hello all !! to celebrate my brand, I'm going to be giving away one Clown Town Hoodie !! sizes range fr…
Retweeted by mačak 🔞RAFFLE RULES -LIKE and RT this tweet to enter -DEADLINE: 6k followers -TWO winners will be chosen to receive a 3D c…
Retweeted by mačak 🔞I don't understand why so many people stopped tolerating other people's business. You don't have to accept it, you…
Retweeted by mačak 🔞 @splatbones handsome 🧡 @ulfrbarni here is my dog with a butterfly on his head 🧡 i hope you feel better soon
@hotgirIbieber @jodiepork @EdwinDePizza the men calling her "fat" are fatphobic, this tweet literally is the opposite, what is your deal @SarahCAndersen jokes on you i already am a ghost @RainbowsToRoses wtf did i just watch[oc] i just wanna doodle boys kissing
Retweeted by mačak 🔞 @koomaqu_ i truly hope that those trolls soon find sth else to distract themselves from their empty lives and move… @koomaqu_ that's true, it really is a hellish site in that regard. when i reported a tweet today i also realized th… @koomaqu_ these people have nothing better to do right now than harass others to feel superior. just block them and… @koomaqu_ actually koii or one of their supporters, don't remember exactly, wrote "an animal abuser is an animal ab… @danielcalmdown0 🖤🐈‍⬛good job twitter, making it harder and more confusing to report harmful tweets is truly the way to go when you want to protect your users /s @Bberneri stunning!!
@LilSproutCare magic ✨ @rdkieran picasso vibes @sethpuertoluna don’t worry, ppl make fun of zuckerburger cause he’s a d*ck, not because he’s neurodivergent. they… @pshewchenko lovely style and nice colours 🧡
wish i was living in americans' idea of europe
Retweeted by mačak 🔞 @atanerrum_ trolls have no life @koomaqu_ people see height difference and think “minor.” sorry short people and twinks, if your crush is half a he…
@idealbraintonic he has big dreams and i support him 100% @idealbraintonic oh no i love the duck… @danielcalmdown0 cute n all but my favourite part are the chickens @swelterspice and i already thanked you for your input. i don't know what more you want @swelterspice i didn't disregard your opinion. i'm not here to discuss with you or pull you on my side or make you… @swelterspice uhm yes actually i do get to expect basic respect. you don't know who i am, you don't know if i belon… @swelterspice (2/2) i was interested in your opinion, and you can present your experience without being a d*ck to p… @swelterspice i am not claiming anything, i am not american and i'm not educated fully on american politics. i stil… @swelterspice me? yes and i have friends who are an active part of it, though i am pretty sure the austrian movemen… @DwayneZackamore @swelterspice @LiseyWins @axcomrade i really don't like the way you discuss, it's too worked up an… @swelterspice @DwayneZackamore @LiseyWins @axcomrade (2/2) but as i said in the first post, i'm not american and i… @swelterspice @DwayneZackamore @LiseyWins @axcomrade it's more symbolic in a way. having trump in that position wou… @swelterspice @DwayneZackamore @LiseyWins @axcomrade i get that ppl are mad and tired, and i'm not saying "vote bid… @DwayneZackamore @LiseyWins @axcomrade i get where you're coming from, but what good would it do to give him a seco… again, this time as a kid with more of his friends 🐮
Retweeted by mačak 🔞 @JanaUC @axcomrade why did you reply to me in the first place then if you got nothing meaningful to add to the conversation lol @chewstooloud @axcomrade absolutely, as i said, i'm not american, i don't have close american friends, and my insig… @chewstooloud @axcomrade i never see ppl recommending another party tho. they only say "biden bad". and tbh, before… @militantgay @evmeralda @axcomrade agreed, the voting system is just completely broken. i remember learning about i… @A_BitchGottaNut i saw it too late, and i'm not rage tweeting lol. i just pointed out that your wording in the firs… @A_BitchGottaNut i'm sorry but your argument makes no sense. it's not like poc saying "racist president is great" m… @frog_croaks nothing wrong with concept at all, if it's done well. but i'd argue "bunny in football uniform who kic… @A_BitchGottaNut okay, what does that have to do with anything that was said here though? @frog_croaks dang! those are absolutely beautiful, a beast i'd be proud to have in my team and a shiny worth huntin… @deepinsideB absolute king @Niku30_ @evmeralda @axcomrade that's not an argument. i agree neither are good options, but there is always a worse one and… @LiseyWins @axcomrade yeah agreed, trump is literally a racist, homophobe, misogynist, sexual predator, pathologica… @shxwn89 @axcomrade i also wish bernie would've been the candidate and ppl have the right to be mad. as someone who… @JanaUC @axcomrade okay but you're still not telling me how trump is any better or what the other alternative would be @ratedRforRIP @miracide_ i watched only one episode of jojo but i would've never guessed that they're teens haha @axcomrade i'm not american, but i'm genuinely curious about this take cause i've seen it a lot and wanna understan… @miracide_ let's be honest, most people don't want to have anything to do with real minors because real minors are…
@JaymamonJ the one with eli is too cute @porkironandwine i wanna commission you someday but got no money for that right now :( but one dollar i can spare at the momentsome nice writing advice that helped establish my current writing habits - turned my whole world arnd on what i tho…
Retweeted by mačak 🔞 @koomaqu_ this too shall pass. and i seriously hope that in 10 years, when that literal teenager has become an adul… scissorsTWITTER ARTISTS. This is how you avoid Twitter's terrible auto-crop. Go into Edit, select narrow crop, place crop…
Retweeted by mačak 🔞 @VIDEO1_ it works!!the only thing keeping me going at times like these #WorldMentalHealthDay #WorldDogDay pan knight
Retweeted by mačak 🔞 @koomaqu_ that 16yo is out of control. where are their parents?? @lizcourserants koii...hun... if i draw an animal bleeding it’s... not real. no real animals were harmed during the…