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pronounced 'i may' 🇨🇺🏳️‍🌈 Bi-Ace Cuban immigrant • she/her • Creator of the dark fantasy webcomic (un)Divine • looking for BG layout positions this fall!

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@refrainbow Didn’t know I needed thisWorking on a series of sequential illustrations between these three and I’m calling it “Dan gets bullied by the two… myself to a hades run after some work is self care @saanegaaaame powerful
Absolutely some of the juiciest animation I’ve ever seen 👇👇👇 the reason I got the game is this shot here @charmwitch omfg I could picture it too @charmwitch dang I wanna meet him!!!! @_Saane how can anyone resist Milo thoResumés are hard when all you done is draw a webcomic for 4 years as a freelancer💦💦💦3 min sketch of my new obsession, Resident Himbo of Hades 👁👁
@jaxcels Such cute layouts 👀👀👀 @CoreyYuhas It’s been sped up 3x from 3 mins of sketching to 1 minPulled out my tripod to record some doodling
@DieselbrainArt I had this song on loop for 6 hours last nightI got the Hades game because main guy looks hot Now that’s good marketingHappy #BiVisibilityDay from me and my hubs
@BluDragonGal Werebeast zine 👀👀👀Just want to write trashy romance stories where it’s hugs and sometimes ppl get mauled by a werebeast 😌I really want to tell some of their story, cause it’s more episodic and even cornier than UD. Going all in with tha… to write my werebeast story in prose just so I can actually do something with it. My prose sucks generally… Dan just kirby 🤔🤔🤔
[un]Divine updated! 🔆🔆 Remember when this guy used to smile #hiveworks #webcomic
@itskoob A 10 min video to explain something that takes 2 minsThe rush of serotonin this gave me took an AP environmental science class in 12th grade and every lesson amounted to “we’re screwed by 2050” Oh how…
Side note, my mom actually had no idea about things like the interrogations at the time and she found out when my d… my dad was a scholar with a clean record, if they jailed him it would look bad. Instead the police harassed… want to make a point that my dad is socialist. His problem was with the lies and that in Cuba you MUST be part of…, this is what my dad protested in Cuba that got him blacklisted. He taught in schools early and when he saw a…’m studying a new language and it really goes to show how much I take for granted being bilingual :’D it’s so hard… you think there’s tech fandom drama now? 90s was peak soap opera just between Jobs and Gates. If they make a t…’ve been watching computer history (70s-90s) vids and I’m still convinced it’s all magical magnets and electricity…
[un]Divine updated! 🔆🔆 ;-; #hiveworks #webcomic @Ray_Evans22 You can read up to the current page on my site! Tapas is on backlog, about a year behind on pages. @Ray_Evans22 It’s a panel from my webcomic @Peter_Wartman Is there such a thing as two big for comic pages let’s be real @Peter_Wartman A UD page can range from as low as 160 MB to over 400 MB. The folder for ch5 files are almost 19 gb.…’m too used to drawing on stupidly big canvas sizes #100percentzoom page has some feels
@KaydreamerArt I love those two types so much, they can live thru anything. I have a huge peace lily that sits in a… I moved last year my variegated rubber plant that I grew from a 4 inch sprout to 2 feet died and I’m still not over itOops I mean the plants that CAN survive me ignoring them can survive a move. I got a cutthroat system hereMy advice to those who want to start owning plants: just ignore them 🤷 it’s easier to kill a plant with too much wa… plant collection is a lot smaller now because we’re going to be moving and a bunch of them won’t survive the tra…
@charmwitch living vicariously thru my OCs for fashion[un]Divine updated! 🔆🔆 Flashback time! #hiveworks #webcomic @StephBral 🥰💖💖Yaaaay got my Patreon sticker from @Catcoconutart! I put Dan on the back of my story-writing notebook😸
Retweeted by Ayme (ミΦ ω Φミ)✧it feels increasingly frivolous to keep working as normal @lulupisita Clip Studio Paint!I’m chipping away at animating again!
@shermanemone Happy Bday Shërm!!!Ayme: when properly pronounced, nice A+ 👍 Meh: my sister Mehsi: my dad Missy: my husband Catco: you’ve only seen my… @sirpangur Yes!! That ‘oh shit’ moment is so exciting @DieselbrainArt Look if we don’t have the ugly-cry hugs and kisses at the end what was the point?? @refrainbow how do I pin someone else’s tweetYou can tell from my comic that I love when sad/bad things happen followed by happy and then followed by worse and… I’m seeing this is being taken at face value. I mean if you’re going to have a dramatic climax where characters… guess this is only applicable if you like to torment characters like I do.My favorite writing advice is: Think of the worst thing that could happen, and then make it happen.Just realized I forgot to draw ✨next to her eyes :C 🌶🔥
@DieselbrainArt YES like their goal isn’t to make you feel like shit, they just want you to get better and not be w… @ngoziu 👆👆👆👆👆I actually love having strict but fair professors. The one I had for perspective class was super critical of every… was Professor Hardass lmao He also didn’t allow us to rest our hand on the paper, and if one student did everyon…’m so tired. It costs $0 to mind your own business and let ppl have fun drawing all the gay they wantCreating/consuming queer work is one of the few ways someone can explore themselves without raising alarms to any d… @aprilynacunanan 🐕🍩Hope eventually to have the spare time to do tutorial vids again. It’s just I can rant for an hour or more on subje… @phloxyfoxy @javi_draws It’s just practice and developing a new habit. I had a whole class where the prof would yel…“How light should I draw?” This light. To the point where if you erase, it’s like there was nothing there before. W… adjust my pen pressure curve to compensate for this. It’s just a tip I thought I should toss out there for anyone… drawing almost everyday for the last couple of years, I don’t have any wrist issues. I think a big reason… @DroseAttack Is the last one Xiaolin Showdown 👀
@lepas It’s also spreading on Twitter, turning off ‘auto play’ can help on this app at least...Gold digger but the gold was in our hearts all along
2020 @dragonslifelo Mondays and Wednesdays!
@Shindras_ I love themsPatrons your early page will be up a bit later today! 💕[un]Divine updated! 🔆🔆 I’ve been bad at remembering to post reminders here oh no #hiveworks
@Chuwenjie Your work absolutely gets the serotonin going 💖 @TaliaMirai I think some believe just being able to work in art is successful (and it is) but past that we’re just greedy class traitors @DieselbrainArt The idea that an artist making over the poverty line is fake and made possible only thru familial wealthAnyways here’s Dorian who fills my chair with cat hair @Phartonium I dunno but I hope so XD @BluDragonGal part of the Big Boy Club nowI WISH I had that photo of the empty spare room with one(1) deflated air mattress in the center she had for when ou… I inherited all my family’s good taste in decor. My sister, a PhD chemist, had an apt where our dad bought her… a freelance artist isn’t glamorous. All my life for the last 4+ years has revolves around my work and earning… actually hesitated posting that photo because I knew there’ll be some who will tell me I don’t deserve it, but th… I tell you how surreal it is to be what kicked off the latest Art Discourse(tm) lmaoBaby Manny pin for September’s mail club! ☀️🌈 his little smile makes me go uwu
@_Saane talk about Two Hit WondersOne of my fav game trivia is that the company who developed the game Chulip only made one other game and that’s Rule of Rose
ch6 has ‘nursing back to health’ trope that I can’t wait to get to ;0;Ch4 wrapped up on Tapas and nothing beats the heartbroken comments at the end 😩👌I promise the pain will be worth it @DroseAttack I mostly decorate my planner but I like watching ‘journal with me’s on yt where others decorate pages…