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name pronounced 'i may' 🇨🇺🏳️‍🌈 Bi-Ace Cubana • she/her • Freelance artist, creator of the dark fantasy webcomic [un]Divine

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@Smellestine I didn’t even know what pop music was at 8 years old and I still had a biasLet’s settle thisThere’s been other ones but I forgot which pages they’re on but know that they’re in my heartSo one of my fave types of comments I get on UD’s main site is the reaction of “why is Dan hot” capitalists are parasites that only want unsustainable and exponential profit gains and Patreon is in their…
It’s that time of the year again when @Patreon tries to weasel more money out of us just for using what is essentia… I see why social media managers speak exclusively in memes now @marinacjulia big mood, a nice workspace does so much @marinacjulia Your workspace looks so colorful and lovely!!I grew up right in the transition of internet being a niche thing to it being default everywhere. I grew up with a… in Ye Olde Days you couldn’t use the phone and the internet at the same time and 64mb of RAM was all you needed for telling me y’all I just fear the Unknown(tm) lmao @DieselbrainArt How Do You Do Fellow Kids.jpgsI don’t know what this means and I’m afraid to ask @mishacak3s @mishacak3s Misha please you’ll kill me with these @mishacak3s I’m still laughing @mishacak3s GOD DAMMIT MISHA LMAO @HeyNakata Omg that would be amazing @squarespace @blueapron I expect my check in the mailEsther: “I might be illiterate and have no idea what a computer is, but I don’t have to because making a website with squarespace is-“Daniel: “I might be starving for souls but YOU won’t have to if you look at today’s sponsor blue apron”What would it be like if webcomics had those sponsor ads like youtubers and podcasts, would the comic’s characters… @DesLaMoto Aww thanks~ 💖🤘😈👼🔪it’s working 👀 @kinomatika if it works, it works! @SrThomsen <333 thanks!!Maybe they won't listen to me but they have to listen to a memeI did the thing @lovewin It is, most of what I draw is canon but out of context so no spoils :3 @Smellestine yes to both @PencilCat >:3cEveryone’s concerned that Rosa has a knife, as they should be
Also updated this one for the reorder 👀 ✨ @varethane some stickers so took advantage to redraw some old designsoh no those kids are at it again @NineVaca eeyyyy sounds doable!I’m saving up all my game playing time for animal crossing next monthAnd my hubs told me it’s like a separate route so if it’s not 40+ hours long then I’m soldTold myself I was done with FE3H after beating the Dimitri route because it’s just too time consuming but... I real… @FTBComics This is just a small run I’ll have at ECCC but I plan to have a Kickstarter for it sometime this year!
@Rinnychu >:3c @Rinnychu got all the colors of the rainbow~ 🌈this is so satisfying to see @nearlynoon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @shawnlenore Yeah that seems to be the overall sentiment I get from other creators too :’D @kilroywuzheere My evil is getting ppl attached to characters and then making the characters sufferThe thing stopping me from ditching the site already is I just really wanna see the responses to the beat drop that is ch4 >:3Have to really reign myself in to not respond sarcastically to webtoon comments cause it’s just kids being kids (I…
Second page is up! Manny is embarrassed oh no @Wasmobot I’m only there temporarily as an experiment 💦 @leaphy_ There’s so many thi/cc comments I want to delete but can’t... @shawnlenore Oh. One time a commenter called me Author-chan. Didn’t know what to do with myself after that.boop 💕
@leaphy_ I WISH I could delete comments on there 😭 there’s no way to moderate comments and that has to be my biggest peeve @fayren And you would be absolutely correct. The other 50% is “why doesn’t this update more” @GracieValenti Throw that comment into the fire @CosmicLass I was stunned too when I saw them @sirpangur I can’t imagine the comics that get hundreds of these sort of comments, but they probably don’t read them tbf @FelipeVanderLaa I hope it’s just a poorly worded joke @knkeegan Ahh thanks!!!UD site: *deep analysis per page of what could potentially happen* Webtoons mirror: “first” @idoldestroyer That’s exactly what I suspected. Too bad my humor for those jokes have long since fizzled outI think what puts me off from the webtoon comment section is how much more entitled or whiny it tends to get. Man,… @charmwitch that’s what I want to knoware webtoon readers okayme posting on webtoons: Please share my comic with friends, it really helps me out!! webtoon comments: valentine! Sometimes love is between a girl and her immortal angel disguised as a classmate @wynnefox Lol when I watched Hellsing abridged he was my fav one*vday Why must typos follow me everywhere I goCute ones for day today ^^ (also 2017)'m looking thru old art and found oldies but goodies (2017) in the tumblr daysI got an ask about "why isn't Esther tiny more often" and this was the response PDF will only be available for 2 weeks if you’re interested in getting a version with typos for a discount!! I… @_faehardt_art <333Yall! Support [un]Divine @Catcoconutart on Patreon! You get the coolest shit if you join Mail Club+
Retweeted by Ayme! 🔜 ECCC- CC4 @lepas Ah yeah I remember seeing a diagram in school once how decimated North American forests on the east half of… @UnCuidador That’s from the revision I did back in 2017! I’ve revised ch1 so many times... @TellerGrim That would be the handmade copies called book 1.5, book 2/3 and book 4 which all makes perfect sense numbering wiseI’ve lost count of the typos, they just keep coming
Not even halfway and there’s 17 TYPOSWE’RE UP TO 5We’re up to 2 typos. It’s been under 30 minsHey for this month I have a proof pdf copy of the [un]Divine vol1 book I’m printing for $5+ patrons!! ✨… @charmwitch it’s true but they shouldn’t say it @Peter_Wartman Too busy looking at where you’re going than looking back 💪Also just fix pages every couple of years when you have enough to print a book if you want to XD or don’t fix pages… cringe so hard looking at old UD pages but I’m also really proud of myself from back then for starting a webcomic… always hear from friends starting their webcomic how they don’t think it’s good enough to post online or they wan… @Gingerhazing This is the most convincing reason I’ve heard to watch this movie @BiccaBee Heck yeah, that’s awesome!Here’s 70% more freaked out Manny you didn’t have to expose him like this @sheeprilyn Mostly ch1 because for what these books are gonna cost me, I’m GONNA make them as pretty as possible lmaoThis one has the bonus of completely different dialogue @grogfella It’s embarrassing but I’m still proud of 2016 me for starting a webcomic at all XDhelp vs 2016 I found a pdf of ch1 from august 2016 and dear lord