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Communism, cats, kratom. Cantopop. @SOAS medical anthro grad. I do stuff with @UnitedKava. She/her.

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@scottbix you're so patheticAmerican attitudes towards China are so weird. A colony of Europe’s dumbest rejects has something to say about the…
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That particular NYT tweet has since been deleted, but never let them live it down that they posted it in the first… this sounds familiar, I wonder where I've heard that from....? editorial page editor for the Washington Post wrote an entire column calling Bernie Sanders a “climate denier”…
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜 @PrestonMui @chrisjesulee @Mont_Jiang @PlanAMag Thank you for listening!! ☺️Lots of folx on the left even who parrot this sinophobia. Let's get a bit more educated together!
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜 @mirpvose @chrisjesulee @Mont_Jiang @PlanAMag You'll be pleased to know that we did dissect all of these on the episode, lol! @chrisjesulee @Mont_Jiang @PlanAMag Here is a direct link to the Soundcloud: joined @chrisjesulee and @Mont_Jiang on @PlanAMag this week to talk about Coronavirus, anti-Chinese racism, and g…'s latest guest @catcontentonly joins @Mont_Jiang and @chrisjesulee as she exposes the dumbest and most Sinopho…
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I've tried to get this convo going w/ a lot of leftists. This needs to happen, but it needs to be a *collective*, w…
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday, and she told me she saved my Al Jazeera interview onto her phone and sho…“cracker” as the universal subject
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜 @___calhoun Just beyond parodyMasters of using cinematography to explore intimacy devoid of touch. It's no wonder Jenkins always mentions Wong Ka…
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜 @jbenmenachem So out of touchAmazing
@MuseWendi Congrats!!Appreciation post for the poet & man of my dreams, (young) Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish.
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜Fuck this whole system
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜 @SelfieJustme @yojimbooo *If anyone else knows, feel free to jump in @SelfieJustme @yojimbooo Yeah, I think the WHO takes the number of deaths and divides it by number of overall cases… @funmeat I think COVID-19/Ebola coverage is similar in that both fixated on dietary habits/hygienic practices of no… @yojimbooo No, the WHO states the fatality rate is around 2% insidious COVID-19 coverage is that of the it as metaphor for the Chinese poli system itself, as uncontrollabl… WaPo is owned by Jeff Bezos, who Bernie Sanders cost millions when leveraged in to raising his employees pay to…
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜
US imperialism is ridiculous. How the fuck do I explain to someone we systematically destroyed Latin America over B…
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜 @danker_hank @as_a_worker Charles Davis, Idrees Ahmad, Robin Y. Kassab @danker_hank @as_a_worker He gets singled out on here, but it’s an entire corner of twitter comprised of prominent… @a_bad_sign LMAO @InkyPoker I'm being sarcastic. This kind of tweet pops up once every few weeks on here @bfkelleher white people are the white people everywhere except Asia where they are a minority, so they are the Asians of Asia @yuppieabroad I'm convinced they're all written by a China watcher bot that just spits out a bunch of Orientalist c… @ThatTasteTester @discoveryduck @JohannaMarcia01 @lilgamestop @numetaldreamgrl @bimbocommunist @bimboifiedbaozi @snbatman @discoveryduck @aesthdistance1 @SunnyJReedABook @jessicasunlee @ethericglow @julayneelle @SeeMiaRoll AND faiR eLECtiONS
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜 @hermit_hwarang holy shitCurious as to why we so commonly accept US media describing Chinese media outlets as “state-run” “arms” of the CCP,… the beat! Let’s take a break in the battle against #COVID19 and dance!
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜 @HazyCascadian lol @Ratty524 @przidnt1 Thank you, that's so nice 😢
Each new Coronavirus tweet I post increasingly tests my resolve to not violate terms of service on someone, you hav… @Samuel81861799 this shit is so tired, shut up @trojanboy123 before another person jumps in thinking they’re clever by pointing out his Chinese name: he’s from Hong Kong.… @_ABurnerAccount LA Times really raised the stakes with this one over the weekend--every op-ed writer now is just desperately tr… YES a NYT Coronavirus op-ed that combines Confucius AND the trope of Chinese people as savages who torture and… shuang doesn't gaf
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜Can a Chinese person breathe without you all accusing them of being a CCP opMe: *posts a video of ppl in Wuhan helping each other out* Some moron: This is CCP propaganda @ceremonials Isn’t it lovely 😭This is a really nice video that puts rightful focus back on the ppl in Wuhan, esp. the couriers delivering essenti… @geofffhughes Only AmericansNobody earns a billion dollars. Income can never get you a billion dollars. Billions come from capital returns—from…
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜 @tittydeejay I hate this shit @andraydomise @chrisjesulee Oh no I definitely meant the sweet kind! Those savory ones don’t look very good @andraydomise @chrisjesulee Yes, there’s one kind where they put coke and cherries in it. It’s pretty good @chrisjesulee I’m kinda into those weird jello salads
@kylemarian @filipgwriting I'm sorry, that was a kneejerk reaction to a lot of cringe cultural production I see com…, I got way overwhelmed with DM's. If I haven't responded yet, please don't take it personally. Also please don…
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜There is a little part of me that asks, "Did they really deserve that?" Then realize that's from an entire lifetime… @sarhanabdelbsir The journos expelled didn't write the actual op-ed. They were just expelled because of their affiliation with WSJ. @aniabdulhalim Yeah, to be clear none of the journalists expelled wrote that op-ed, but I do agree that the right d… one on the left was what got the WSJ journos expelled, but personally I thought this was much more racist if yo… @as_a_worker do the NYT next🤷🏻‍♀️ @filipgwriting Oh god noChina never caused a US-China trade deficit. US firms moved factories to China for its much-lower wages and exporte…
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You calling Huey a fed is FED behavior.
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜 @Itmechr3 Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter @ccncto expresses solidarity with #Wetsuweten
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I’d also like to point out that these are the two opening paragraphs in this op-ed. What editor looks at this and t… @smollyhurley Here you go! @Jef_The_Leftist Yes, misspoke, it is an op-ed @walletcheck Yes except he’s the director of the Asia Society’s Center on US-China Relations AND the former dean in…’ve been waiting for some think tank ghoul to connect the Coronavirus epidemic to Confuscius, I’m surprised it’s taken them this long 👍🏼This LA Times article reads like some China watcher bot gone haywire, just every conceivable Orientalist trope reck… @clairevtran @madelesque OMGtfw you’re a “China expert” so no one edits you anymore 🤡 via LA Times
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜Today would've been Black Panther leader Huey P. Newton's birthday. Here he speaks on the importance of self-defe…
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜In order to become a China expert, I will: - learn one Chinese word - write an article about how a conventionally…
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜What a teriffic series from Southern Media group - the nurses and doctors on the frontlines without their face gear
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜 @lacunosus Aww thank you!! 😊♥️happy Presidents's Day, the day when Americans come together to celebrate all the chief executives in our lives
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜I wrote a (very long) analysis for @TropicsM about reading colonialism and war in Parasite, and why a vision for Ko…
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜"Traditions of Indigenous resistance are an accumulation of ways of knowing, experiencing, & practicing relationali…
Retweeted by Amanda 余美娜 @instagramscii ❤️ @instagramscii I severely underestimated the amount of makeup you need to look presentable on television. I’m not t… @RealSexyCyborg Thank you!! :)If you want the segment, you can DM me. I don't want to tweet it out bc 1.) it has my full name, and 2.) I'm self-c… @cutieqtpatootie Thanks!
@MadamMiaow Thanks!!Yes I know my hair's a mess, I had to run to the studio from the subway. DAMN YOU MTA!!!lmao @_erikforman I'm guessing it's a lab where the Chinese government engineers bioweapons