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Un jour je serai près de toi 🐈 Marxist-Leninist, public defender, medievalist, fantasy/sci-fi novelist ; he/him ; cohost of @ploughandstars

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I wanted to join the books as outfits gang too 🥺
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈How many weeks away are we from partisans in the hillsGood morning, sinners propaganda 1968
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈borschtbot @GhettoGuerilla Is that you Abed-as-Don-Draperi'm sleepy all the time lolThat Falun Gong can be a homophobic, racist cult that receives funding from the US government and is one of the sin…
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈 @BrightsideBryan "It's a lie. We're in for very bad times." @BrightsideBryan A doctor just sent this to me @BrightsideBryan That's what cuomo said yesterday too. I guess they're trying to lie the stock market to life. It seems to be workingDamn, I hate it when I foolishly kill the man who was shielding me from enemies I did not know I had
imagining an akkadia 5e game @stofsk imagine if i had an editorI finsihed writing chapter one but somehow its 16,000 words long @squeaklilmouse roving bands of COVID-protected Romani raiders whenFriendship ended with targeted harassment now domestic terrorism is my best friend
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈Enemy adventuring companies and mercenaries should bury their money before major encounters that they know about, a… @QualiaRedux Wow!!!!Falling backwards down the stairs as a hobbyHospital morgues belch corpses. The poisoned earth refuses the dead. Houses of worship are limned with crackling bl…
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈 @deadseascone Wyrmrest AccordJust thinking about some people, that's all
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈 @fath0bbit That's me every day @BackintheUASR1 I mean that's organizing of an important sort already. Identify what your community needs, then beg… THE JAILS THEN PUT ELLEN IN ONE @smalldoghaver when people diss modern art in general it’s a gigantic red flag. a red flag with a white circle and…
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈Forgot I had clothes in the wash for two consecutive days @OlivGardenLesbn solidarity comrade! Let me know if I can helpMe and the lads finding breakfast
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈 @AnarchaFem I didn't think to get any at the store but I would love to have some slathered in butter and habanjero jelly right about now @AnarchaFem Wish I had matzoGood morning, sinners morgues belch corpses. The poisoned earth refuses the dead. Houses of worship are limned with crackling bl… is jewish :O
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈 @marinadove_ Happy birthday, cornrow comradeI shoulda made an orcGul'dan is the man @umzeynep How did I know you were going to say thatI thought it was sunday for about an hour just nowi need another cat to keep my cat company :( @umzeynep @umzeynep Hmm yes, this is correct @umzeynep It looks good!!!
@umzeynep I am famous for this @umzeynep What is it??The death of an evil politician is never worth mourning. Stop virtue signaling. If it was a few hundred years ago w…
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈 @squeaklilmouse Or wait no......... ROSA @squeaklilmouse Alexandra Kollentai @squeaklilmouse L E N I Nwish i was eatin fritos @gyoddess Got kicked out of the AOL chat room Green Dragon Inn for perpetually starting shit and then describing ho… @galacticdad It flounders for the first half of the first season but once it realizes the formula of "pretend drama… the episode with the pottery and the sailing is actually the first really good one. The show is now GREAT.There's no way there haven't been new NY positive tests or NY deaths since last night at 11, so why isn't John's Ho… @ImDocPlague @SEGA @NintendoAmerica I have never played this @squeaklilmouse ???What the fuck is the market doingthere was a time, and it was not so long ago, that i loved being right about things @ZoomerCommunism marg bar amrikaMy second monitor has greatly improved my efficiency by causing me to browse twitter all the time instead of working @praylinet a happy quarantine birthday, comradeYou ever read something that makes you despair of ever being able to write well @stofsk Medieval europe instead had: saints, insular communities, border wars, the church. Perhaps a sort of Norse… @stofsk Magical artifacts, hero-journeys, and sorcery can all be found in abundance in a world where social order c…, just you wait until I negate the negationTurns out that archaic greece makes more sense as a D&D setting than medieval europe, who'd a thunk?weird dreams againRelated |
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈cHiNa sHoUlD pAy fOr ThE vIrUs @MrHarryCole haha ,yeah, totally morning, sinners miss China @gyoddess I will just eat the radon air and enjoy it @gyoddess House 2 for sure @squeaklilmouse jaHey bro*Lying to the ferryman as I fill my amphora with water:* Ha ha, yeah, no, this is part of an elaborate prank, my fr…
This absolutely cannot be real, whoever wrote this should be hanged LeninJack Black being dragged out, screaming, with his pants around his ankles is definitely my energyTreat fuckTurning my house into a Rice Krispie great factoryJack Black episode! (Jack Black episode!) @ghostoflenin Also despise the flesh of the coconut, it is true @sadicalleftist Every morning it is all that my child will be sated by @ghostoflenin The shreds of carrots really bother meThe Somewhere Out There Irish Jig sequence is amazing and I would listen to it on its own (I have)How did I get so off track? I'm in Episode 10 now so I dunno what the hell I was saying before. But hey -- this bet… @fanny_omaha I love it too 😭The Road to Wellville (Alan Parker, 1994) were really their oppressors. This was a critical moment in the popularization of racial ideology.” - Dr. Ange…
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈enjoy a double advantage. Extra profits would result from the superexploitation of Black labor, and white workers’…
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈“The colonization of the Southern economy by capitalists from the North gave lynching its most vigorous impulse. If…
Retweeted by Catdad, la grande peste 🐈baby's asleep time for babylon berlin @puppyqueeen Currently only for incarcerated people with low level larcenies, but yes