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not actually rosamundđź’”, back up for @catebl0nchett

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Jeff bezos literally EXPLOITS HIS WORKERS @galadriel1980 @Nise_Allen why don’t u have a go at Jeff Bezos who earns more in a day than his entire workforce in… @galadriel1980 It’s clearly difficult for you to understand me, I asked do you donate to 3rd world countries, to pl… @galadriel1980 people with lower incomes could consider you rich, do you donate to them?
@galadriel1980 @Nise_Allen okay I’m gonna stop replying because there’s no point anymore @galadriel1980 @Nise_Allen she does @galadriel1980 @Nise_Allen but we are speeding it up and it is harming the planet and therefore us? @galadriel1980 @Nise_Allen do you believe in climate change? @galadriel1980 @Nise_Allen so in conclusion you haven’t raised awareness for climate change? @galadriel1980 @Nise_Allen have you raised climate awareness to the scale she has? @galadriel1980 @Nise_Allen she’s literally done that, whatve you done? @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 mental illness affects 1 in 4 people c… @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 HOW EMBARASSING HAHAHAHAHA, having an… @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 just admit ur jealous and move on @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 we’re not bullying you were calling yo… @galadriel1980 @rosamundpike_ The vehemence with which you deny your lack of jealousy towards that child is evidenc…
Retweeted by a @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 so ur jealous she has rich parents and… @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 because she is RAISING AWARENESS TO TH… @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 prove it @galadriel1980 @Nise_Allen wanna bet? @galadriel1980 @Nise_Allen stop lying omd it’s so obvious it’s embarrassing @AbbeyRadnidge @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 exactly!! @galadriel1980 @rosamundpike_ So what I’m seeing is you being jealous of Greta’s passion for her work and her abili…
Retweeted by a @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 I’m saying she has raised more awarene… @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 just because u did something doesn’t m… courage than cate?!!! We were never talking about cate??? Fam do more charity work ITS NOT A COMPETITION @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 so ur jealous because u feel you’ve wo… @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 even if she had/has an eating disorder… @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 wheres the sources that say that? Where’s the evidence? @galadriel1980 @SheisOkay__ @AbbeyRadnidge @Ter23Ry @MCastevetMD @SB93516547 In conclusion, ur jealous that Greta g… @galadriel1980 this u? I thought you realised how horrible hate is?? @galadriel1980 @raulson_ so he sent cate a letter and then dmed people months later saying he did?
@galadriel1980 @catebl0nchett @GretaThunberg it’s ridiculous that you sent a letter to cate blanchetts personal add…
@helgenswife hey can u dm me about this, in English or Portuguese, whatever’s easiest💗