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I think it’s awful that @StaceyDooley is allowed on a maternity units yet dads aren’t allowed to antenatal appointm… anyone else have problems with @Pampers_UK pull ups leaking? I had no issues with size 3 but since being on si… worst thing that ever happened to this country is @BorisJohnson he has so much blood on his hands...
I just got kicked out of a flat earth Facebook group because I asked if the 6 foot social distancing guideline had…
Retweeted by Catherine Bull @Scott_Mansell1 @UPS They do let you collect from the depot, it’s in Eccles. They gave a neighbour a pair of Christ… @Scott_Mansell1 @UPS They are one of the worst delivery companies I’ve used! They lost a designer bag of mines, com… @gmpolice I bet you’ll go round throwing fines to people in gardens who have family round but I see you are fineing…’m ashamed to live in Manchester right now, I’m ashamed to live in a city where our mayor @AndyBurnhamGM doesn’t c… @AndyBurnhamGM I have just read the laws put in place for these new restrictions. Do you have any idea how many wor…
@AndyBurnhamGM I certainly won’t be “eating out to help out” when you don’t help people with mental health issues..… @rosiec01 @devine__ @emmakennytv The holiday inn didn’t check our temperatures dolly 😘 x @AndyBurnhamGM has announced he understands how hard lockdown has been on people’s mental health - you haven’t a cl…
Meant to be in the car to Nottingham for 10... I’m still in bed 😩 when will I ever learn!
@nusratislamx @BorisJohnson @AndyBurnhamGM @MattHancock They do not look like they are socially distancing at all! 🤨Sorry @BorisJohnson @AndyBurnhamGM @MattHancock ..scenes from Oldham today. Just show us where the police are in th… @gaviola75 @garygr33n @AndyBurnhamGM How do they expect you to feed your family? @gaviola75 @garygr33n @AndyBurnhamGM So basically you can’t work again? @gaviola75 @garygr33n @AndyBurnhamGM I’m just continuing to do what I’ve been doing, we’ve been so sensible - the g… @Scott_Mansell1 @MattHancock He’s an absolute bell end, if he wasn’t in the position he’s in he’d be sectioned.. th… @AndyBurnhamGM @MattHancock are absolutely deluded 😂 they need sectioning. GMP are stretched at the best of times,… @gaviola75 @garygr33n @AndyBurnhamGM Yes I agree, I’m getting my eyes tested today.. I’m also going to the beer gar…
@AndyBurnhamGM I can tell you something - no I won’t be using the eat out, help out scheme, no I won’t be using the… @gaviola75 @AndyBurnhamGM They’ll probably still let you work because it’s lining their pockets isn’t it 😳😳😳 @RickWagstaffe @AndyBurnhamGM He’s only bothered about money, he isn’t bothered about anyone’s mental health, as lo… @BeccaMarson1 @AndyBurnhamGM Matt Cock never said gardens either! @CityNiya @WaveyCapes @AndyBurnhamGM Not bloody risky if your sat in her garden 2m away from each other is it?! In… @AndyBurnhamGM So I can work in an office with 100s of people, I can sit in a restaurant with 50 other families wit… @MattHancock I need to check my eyesight via my mums house 🖕🏼 fuck you TWAT! @O2 I haven’t received a text but I’ve had two phone calls... and when I go on the app it now says “overdue” @TGIFridays Ashton-Under-Lyne in ManchesterHang on @O2 one minute your telling me my phone bill has been paid and now it says overdue? I made sure I was sensi…
So basically someone at @TGIFridays has cancelled my order! I wouldn’t mind but I booked ages ago 😡😡😡I am so angry with @TGIFridays I booked a table for 5/8 and I’ve had an email saying “we’ve received a request to c… Sweden is seeing a 'very positive' downward trend in cases, coronavirus expert reveals
Retweeted by Catherine BullI’m actually gobsmacked by how racist twitter is at the moment and no one is stopping it 🤔🤨
Remember life is beautiful. We can all find the beauty in anything and everything. I challenge you to do one kind t…
Retweeted by Catherine BullEver go out and feel shit no matter what your wearing? Yep that’s me this weekend 😩
I seriously hope something happens to these nasty nasty people! Bet they wouldn’t be laughing if it was their wives…’s mental health isn’t talked about enough
Retweeted by Catherine Bull😂 2020
Retweeted by Catherine BullSelling my eldest... dont all race at once 🤨Don’t worry everyone, just do what @DominicCumins did - use the excuse “testing my eye sight” and bish bash bosh yo… @tacamo13 I live right near the airport I saw it land, it was very very close 😂
@tacamo13 That’s hilarious! Could you imagine if they got back at 00:01 😂I’ve never been so thankful for next day delivery 😍 @BorisJohnson has destroyed the high street 🙈👀 you’re a piece of fucking shit.
Retweeted by Catherine Bull @JOHjohJOH12 @MattHancock I was out before in Wilmslow and I’d say 98% of people weren’t wearing face masks. The po… wish more newspapers did articles on @TUIUK - they are thieves! They deserve to go out of business, all their sta…
Megan Markle has moved family in to help her raise her son 🤨 did she think parenthood is easy? Fucking hell, she re…’m so bloody confused about these face masks business - so I have to wear it in a take away but don’t if I’m sat d… bye #highsteet, hello #onlineshopping ✌🏼 next day delivery is going to be our best friend!they've had enough
Retweeted by Catherine Bull @Queen_Qualities @intuTrafford Your doctor should give you a card or something dolly to say your exempt xxMy daughter has definatly come back as Les Dawson (@CharlotteDawsx) we must get told at least 2/3 times a day how s…
Wow @BorisJohnson you really are a prick. Those nurses and doctors who saved your life in ITU so you could be there…
@6ft6ofIdiot I’ve never read anything so fitting 😂🤔
My darling daughter thought it would be funny to hide 2 pairs of Gucci sunglasses.. not just any sunglasses, my exp… need to become a midwife or a doula.. if money was no object I’d have 100 children.. but we can’t.. so I need ano…
My babe is just about to turn four and I ain’t ready for that... @Primark you should be absolutely ashamed. This BABY had to have a skin graft because of your product! & by the loo… the sun now set on our Liverpool #ambulance series, it's only right to recognise the insanely dedicated produc…
Retweeted by Catherine Bull
I raved about @TUIUK I thought they did a fabulous job, but now they’ve lied four times about my refund I’m startin…
@PaaWOWW Darling this year has been incredibly hard, everything’s been effected. You have lots of people who care a… @BorisJohnson your deluded. I can tell you now I won’t be returning to the office, you made face masks mandatory ev… pictures of me 10 years ago on holiday just depresses me, I am now a slobby mess, I have huge bags under my… I’m about to say it... I’m starting my Christmas shopping 🛍 🎄 🎅🏽 it’s been the worst year on record, so I’m A… woman saved my daughters life, she has become one of our families closest friends, she’s a real life angel - I… is possible when you have the best people around you to support you ❤️ years of friendship, I honestly don’t know where I’d be without this amazing woman, she means everything and mor… 3 weeks time my babies turning FOUR! She starts school in September. Where have those four years gone at all? We…
Trying to have a conversation with your household when #whatsapp is down 😩 I just need my girlsssss! going to the Twitter search bar to check if WhatsApp is down for everyone else #WhatsApp #WhatsAppDown
Retweeted by Catherine BullAfter 7 years 5 IVF cycles, 9 failed transfers, a miscarriage, 4 surgeries, an ectopic pregnancy and roughly 70 neg…
Retweeted by Catherine Bull @TUIUK I have sent it
Hahahahaha that is hilarious @BorisJohnson @DominicCumins this photo is classic 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @BorisJohnson is 100% taking drugs! One minute he’s flapping because the high streets suffering so much, the next h… @TUIUK It was the 21st May you were meant to send the refund? So it’s past the 28 days? Does this mean you’ll give…
@TUIUK I was meant to receive a refund WEEKS ago however it’s still not been received... yet now my deposits due on… @oliviajade_att Bloody hell do they want to report when you have a shit as well 😂😂😂 Christ it’s like having a track… to renovate the house.. I’m seriously seriously regretting my decision now.. I’ve become a stressy, moaning… @kcalliste09 have you come off insta babe x
@BorisJohnson I bet when someone asks Bozza’s kids who their dad is they make some bullshit lie up like “oh I don’t… @BorisJohnson you wanted everyone to work from home, now your demanding everyone goes back to the office to save th… @AmazonUK why is it you advertise a product for £29.99 and when I press it, it now says the products £59.99?
@Selfridges hi, can I ask - what’s the name of the company who does personalised necklaces in your Trafford centre store? 🥰
Sometimes you have to say it out loud. #positivity #hyperemesis #pregnancysickness
Retweeted by Catherine Bull @MartinSLewis The Tories are the gift that keep on giving..I mean..taking, yes, taking.
Retweeted by Catherine BullBiggest lesson I’ve learnt is: don’t ever think it can’t happen to you.
Retweeted by Catherine Bull
@BBCOne really confused.. how can a tubed baby on #TheNest take milk from a bottle 😳🙄 as a parent who’s baby spent… my good people with back problems
Retweeted by Catherine BullWow, your an inspiration ❤️ x @kategarraway I am honestly so unbeliably happy for you ❤️ you deserve all the happiness in the world and you are i… CANCER FREE🥺😭❤️
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@MattHancock is married! WTH she’s defo just with him for his money.. what woman in her right mind would marry a se…
“Parents will be fined if a child misses school” - ok @BorisJohnson I’ll send my kid in then if I have symptoms or…
I love my kids.. truly I do but my god I’m so glad ones back at the childminders tomorrow and the others sleeping a… @AmazonUK I had an email earlier saying that my parcel had been delivered to resident. I have been out all day, I’v…
Just had conversation with a British couple who have a holiday home near us. They voted for Brexit and have made n…
Retweeted by Catherine Bull @inthestyleUK hey, will you be getting the sage & peach jumpsuits back in a size 6 😩 I love them! I need them! 😂
@BorisJohnson wow another blow - your going to fine us parents if we don’t send our kids back to school in Septembe…