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I look at my friends and realise I’ve won the lottery with them, they literally are the most amazing people ever an…
I’ve vomit in my hair and down my back, I’ve got poppy hanging off me fast asleep sweating like I don’t know what..… is my life? 😂Oh my goodness we all need a David in our lives ❤️ what a lovely lovely man! He needs a medal, a dedicated husband… therapy should be seen as true therapy that all doctors should recommend 🤣 “I prescribe a day of retail ther… couldn’t even imagine a life without Poppy, it doesn’t matter how shit things get she’s always always makes me be…
I swear I could write a list for a list.. I’m obsessed. I literally can’t do anything without a bloody list. Christ… preemie day ❤️ here’s my fighter, two weeks critically ill in intensive care and she’s the strongest human I… else got sweaty palms just watching the Celebs walk The Planks?! 😰 Could you do it? #ImACeleb
Retweeted by Catherine NorrisIs it just me or is Ian Wright literally dressed like Kim Jong-un 😂 #ImACeleb
Retweeted by Catherine Norris @FR15BY This is hilarious 🤣 I am howling!
2/2 a happy environment for the children. We have to provide them with consistency and security. They don’t deserve… do people jump to conclusions. Yes me and Darek have broken up, I am 100% NOT to blame for the breakup, extreme… @kcalliste09 Oh no no, I think she will surprise a lot of people! @kcalliste09 I’m absolutely buzzing Caitlyn is in the jungle though I really do think she will be amazing. I think… really does make me laugh when people go around passing comments on something they know nothing about. The probl… everywhere 🐍So Poppys at that age now where she actually tells me what she wants for Christmas, I have a feeling this years goi… @kcalliste09 🤦🏼‍♀️ I don’t think he was you know.. I actually think he was being an arse. I have a feeling he feels…’m a celeb is back and I couldn’t be happier ❤️🐍
@itskcheyenne I think you love each stage differently and just as much as the other stages. My oldest is three and… have bought Poppy a new paw patrol bike for Christmas (well she forced me to buy it 😂) does anyone know somewhere…
Does anyone know the best place to sell designer handbags? I have two Louis vuittons and a mulberry to sell? 🤔Someone please help me decide what trainers to get 🤔🧐 it doesn’t help how both my besties can’t decide which ones t… wanted me, poppy and Grace to have matching pyjamas.. that’s all I wanted from life.. I didn’t think I was asking for much 😩😩Why does my iPhone only ever store Dareks bank details and not mine - all I wanted to do was some online shopping t…
'I am DNA proof my father is a rapist' ** my heart breaks for this child, she has to live w… didn’t realise that men can rape women and then expect them to just “get on with it” so men can shove their dicks… kids you always dream about what your life will look like. I can honestly say I never dreamt of being a single m…
Another day and he’s let us down again... 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t even know why I’m so shocked all the time anymore, I should be used to it!Why do people always presume your next of kins your husband? Nah mate, he’s the most unreliable human on this plane…’ve come to realise as I get older my happiness stands for nothing, I just have to accept being miserable and just… that exhausted all I want to do is hide away in a very dark room, on my own. I have the worst ever ever ever mig… dareks taking me out on Friday, I hope he realises after a week of solely looking after both kids on my own, nig…
I wish this little lady realised how much I need her, she helps me through the darkest of days. She has the ability… @alicia_smith90 AMEN! 💪🏼
My eyes burn.. I’ve been sick all week.. I’ve the weight of the world on my shoulders, I’ve so much on my plate, my… sorry I also need to say - tomorrow on his day off he doesn’t even have the children as my best friend is taking… someone explains to me how this works.. poppys childminders on holiday, I’ve both kids totally alone for 11 day… @VickyPattison really is such a beautiful woman, inside and out ❤️ I’m so happy she’s finally found someone that ma…
Not surprised @mamasandpapas have gone into administration - I stopped shopping there when I saw how much they gift… else’s husband just super fucking lazy? I did every single load of washing the other day and he “promised”…
Anyone else crying like mad at Donnas message to both the girls for their 18th? It’s just broken my heart - she’s s…
@emmafreud @charlottelizbth My dog did exactly the same with one of my Louis Vuitton handbags - I nearly died! 😩
Isn’t having babies just glorious 🧐🤔 said no real woman EVER.. I’ve found stretch marks in places I never thought p…
Right.. is it bed time now for both the kids? If not am I a responsible adult if I go to bed first? 🤔🤔🤔To be a resident at our address tonight you need to be a miserable mardy bastard... I’ve got my 3 yo who’s seen her…
I’m so happy that @BobbyCNorris has finally found happiness ❤️ he deserves it more than anybody! #ImSmilingLikeACheshireCat 🐱🐱 @6ft6ofIdiot Oh my god Geoff id walk past you in the street - you look SO different!
Zero respect.. to some men women should be “seen and not heard” - I think it’s absolutely disgusting how some men treat women!Do you ever look at someone and think “I couldn’t hate you anymore even if I tried” @NoemyeWest @khloekardashian 😩😩 I wish this worked for me - I’ve tried the nasal sprays and tablet form. I now have… rubbish. Once your relationship is ruined you can’t save it anymore.
I honestly couldn’t have got through the last few weeks without my bestest friends ❤️ from sitting up with me at 1a… don’t know how to think or what to think 😩
This not gone be used for its intended purpose at all lmao
Retweeted by Catherine NorrisWhy do some men think rape is forgiveable! 🤔🧐
☹️☹️My head is up my arse.Pretty sure it’s impossible to watch this and not smile
Retweeted by Catherine Norris @SpencerMatthews needs his own stand up, it takes a lot for me to belly laugh but he’s had me rolling around laughi…
@inthestyleUK hey, the website says 30% off everything, I’ve taken a screenshot and as you can see I’ve added a cou… you can see Gracie is over the moon about her new play mat 🤦🏼‍♀️ @nextofficial just to let you know this “khaki” coat is definatly not “khaki” it’s brown & it seems most of your re… @chrishughes_22 I’m 6 stone, I’ve always had issues with my eating. As soon as I’m low or stressed the first thing…
@HollisterCo I’m having trouble on your website. I’ve just tried to order the green parka (first on the left on you…
@PaaWOWW @PaaWOWW What happens if they are family can you give them the boot as well? 🤔Shed all those who bring you anxiety and negative energy. You don't need that in your life.
Retweeted by Catherine NorrisIs anyone else’s @instagram playing up?I’ll warn you now... once you see the @mikebreakfast beam-of-light hip-thrust it cannot be unseen 😂 Magnificent 👏🏻…
Retweeted by Catherine NorrisI saw a guy at Starbucks today. No iPhone. No tablet. No laptop. He just sat there. Drinking coffee. Like a Psychopath.
Retweeted by Catherine Norris. @bbcstrictly I’ll see you in court
Retweeted by Catherine NorrisDon’t hate me cause you aint me... 😂I bet your jealous of my Sunday aren’t you, sat down in total silence, not able to agree on anything, can’t even ho…
Got to love @dobbies radio advert.. we’ve just had the worst service ever in Altrincham!Fuck fuck fuck.. I had a list longer than my arm of stuff to do today and I’ve woken up 4 and a half hours late!!!…
I also need recommendations on the best place to sell a car? I know people say selling privately I’ll make the most… need recommendations for good removal men in Manchester? They need to also be able to help me pack as I’m a woman…
Does anyone else’s partner go out their way to piss you off by taking your car to work instead of their own? 🤦🏼‍♀️… in #teenmomypuk is an absolute inspiration to young mums out there. Especially with her helping her poorl…
Retweeted by Catherine NorrisLaura your a beautiful girl, your doing a fantastic job but please know your worth. Please realise you deserve so m…“If you should listen to anyone you should listen to your wife” - you’ll see Morgan’s face in the newspaper in year… may only be 16 but she is by far the most amazingly strong grown up women 💪. Always doing what’s right fo…
Retweeted by Catherine NorrisOh my god Morgan is absolutely disgusting. Laura’s great grandma has just died and Morgan thinks it’s acceptable to… my boyfriend spoke to me the way Morgan spoke to Laura I wouldn’t be coming home at all. Poor girls nan has died…
Retweeted by Catherine Norris @AskHalifaxBank What’s more frustrating is I was a branch manager and personal banker in a bank for ten years so I’… @AskHalifaxBank We couldn’t add the birth certificates on to the previous 3 applications we attempted. When we rang… @AskHalifaxBank we’ve tried doing it online then get an email saying she’s the max amount of bank accounts. She’s 3… @AskHalifaxBank Apparently you can’t progress children’s applications in branch so if we start it online you can’t…
Lesson learnt DO NOT open a children’s account with the @AskHalifaxBank apparently no one on the phone is trained a… customer service at @AskHalifaxBank is disgusting. 5 times we’ve attempted to open a children’s bank account an… @instagram how on earth do you contact Instagram?So for the first time in 27 years we won’t be spending Christmas with our families, we are having a non traditional…
I’ve hit a wall today, I’ve been pushed to a point I can’t even pretend to care. When Grace was in hospital for 2 w…
@tonistarr45 He has a lot of time on his hands - he’s blowing my phone up 🥴🥴🤔🤔 it really wound me up though because… @tonistarr45 I feel so guilty I wish I hadn’t said anything. I’m SO sorry! I’ve tried to shut him up as well and got no where! Xx @tonistarr45 I don’t think your going to have much peace and quiet with this man unfortunately. Bless you - he’s hammering you 😩😩 x
@jet2tweets So it’s 10kg for me, 10kg for my child and then I can take the pram for my infant as long as it weighs no more than 10kg? 🙂 @jet2tweets hey, I can’t see anywhere on your website - can I take a pram free of charge for my infant? ❤️💕