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VR/AR in edu. Game developer, DH, UX & visualization nerd. (Parody fan account.)

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I appreciate the retweets and likes. I'd still love it if people who do mod their devices would reply. I'm looking…
Retweeted by Catherine WintersIt genuinely feels like left-wing protests in America only get sustained media coverage if they produce violence.
Retweeted by Catherine Winters @mcclure111 (Prediction: there are more queer people with usb car chargers than there are queer people with cars.) @mcclure111 Which in turn is the cornerstone of Junk Drawer Theory, if anyone here wants to invent that.
Ah yes, I see that once again J.K. Rowling @aeleitch AMAZING.
"Police have seen an increase in complaints related to street disorder ... open drug use ... and discarded needles.… on homeless people who have finally been provided with (temporary) housing: "They are, unfortunately, prone to… @mor10 (Which is of course to say: buy them immediately.) @mor10 You look like the host of a kids’ show that “makes science FuN!!!”Thrilled to see this Black owned and led company in the library and information science space. Calling all libraria…
Retweeted by Catherine Winters @Quinnae_Moon Who could have imagined that a country whose national identity solely revolves around not being Ameri… QAing inventory tracking software, it's important to test what happens when it finds too many of a given item… @AngryBlackLady This tweet would be an amazing kids’ book. @kemulholland I already know an open source library for controlling those. :)
@slhamlet I thought they farmed them! @rektide How on earth did I miss this?I’m not saying I’m going to make a product based on this, but I’m not NOT saying that.There’s a what now? @ThatSassyDroid @qDot Me: "oh hey, that rubber dragon has the same air conditioner remote controller as me".Looking forward to seeing all the paranormal investigators tripping over each other in this guy's front yard. @jpadamson Me: “oh right, the grave robber” @jpadamson I am 100% sure I reblogged that back in the day, and I'm still like "wtf" just reading it again.I just spent 14 minutes staring at this
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I also love when Canadians are doing their best American and then they say “mum” or “Herbs” with an H or actually p…
Retweeted by Catherine WintersI can hear the Wilhelm scream just looking at this. @webchick Me: “I wonder if this is logging very errors.” My computer: “Warning: your disk is almost full.”I knew who was going to like this first.How I know I'm going to have a fun time today: "We expect to have an improved version available soon, which will be…"Is Tiktok stupid?", UK visitors to the states: Call 'em "lifts" or "lorries"/puzzle over our money at the register if you want…
Retweeted by Catherine Winters @reubstock #twelvethirtythoughtsThis is the kind of t-shirt lazy costume designers make to hamhandedly communicate that these are the bad guys.
My hottest take (which isn’t true but isn’t fully wrong) remains that the death of Google Reader made a space for t…
Retweeted by Catherine Winters @RichSeviora Years from now, it’s going to be a scary story the VCs tell each other around the campfire.Do I know anyone who's watched anything from Quibi? @hondanhon Afterwards: C:\> "Oh no, we lost anyway!"Reminder: “Canada is three mining companies in a trench coat, wearing a stupid hat and carrying a gun.”
Retweeted by Catherine WintersYou’ve heard of jorts; get ready for... just made a Mr T Ate My Balls reference and no one got it and I looked it up 'cause I was all "oh it can't be tha…
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I would be so mad if I learned one of my employees was Rainbow Doge. @moritherapy Oh! You're very welcome, and I thought that's what you were getting at with posting it. :)This is the best worst answer
Retweeted by Catherine WintersMy dentist gave me an exact plaster model of my teeth and I don't know what to do with it
Retweeted by Catherine WintersSo today I'm filing a complaint with Oregon's insurance commission for @aetna refusing to cover birth control. Oreg…
Retweeted by Catherine Winters @mcclure111 Patreon reward. @yvrdoran I suspect if proportional representation had gone through, the prairies would have continued to support t… @yvrdoran I think it's half that and half just not wanting the Liberals to be in charge. I've never lived anywhere… @moritherapy This is a terrible, terrible prank. 😐what a ride
Retweeted by Catherine WintersIf you only lick cute pink platform boots, do I ever have a twitter account for you. @gwenners @tomtomorrow "Thank god 201x is finally over" was sure a ride.
Retweeted by Catherine WintersWhen you want everyone to know that you’re definitely, definitely not racist, but you also need to say something ju… @gwenners @tomtomorrow "Thank god 201x is finally over" was sure a ride.
@jpadamson I don’t usually remember other people’s vacation or travel, but that trip sounded really amazing! @DaleInnis @AlexandraErin I was--no joke--anticipating Back to the Future hoverboards, like with antigrav or surfac… Rowling just liked a tweet opposing a bill that will criminalise conversion therapy (both sexual orientation and…
Retweeted by Catherine WintersDo you physically modify your devices to make them easier for you to use with your disability? Can you please reach…
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The more I think about this design failure the more I want to write an article explaining some of the biology behin…
Retweeted by Catherine WintersAre you new to #abolition? We made a study guide for you! This guide is here for you to self-organize weekly mee…
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LRT: Andrew Yang's ability to be ignorant on a wide range of issues is really impressive. PR statehood is a lot mo…
Retweeted by Catherine WintersWhere the Water Tastes Like Wine ($4.99) - a narrative adventure game that has you wandering through the USA in the…
Retweeted by Catherine WintersYou, a regular non-American: "lol Americans use inches and feet wtf" Me, an intellectual:’ve asked this in interviews at my aerospace engineering firm for 30 years: What planes do you build at home? Many…
Retweeted by Catherine WintersIf your university has ever used you for diversity pics you deserve free tuition.
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@marinaamiller America's gonna be in good hands.Evergreen tweet. Asperger said in 1944 that autistic children "lack humor" and "do not get jokes" but what if Hans Asperger wasn't funny
Retweeted by Catherine WintersIf any of you sell cars for a living and are looking for a sure-fire way to upsell customers on remote door locks,… good, this was a cool thing to tell myself right before bed. @giflian Joke’s on him. For the past 20 years, the Ghost Of Christmas Future shows EVERYONE a windswept desert devoid of all life.This is the kind of thing you say at your parole hearing, not to fess up to a whoopsy you did. process of revising a f2f lecture into a 15 min online video lecture w/ slides, recording, uploading, captionin…
Retweeted by Catherine Winters @hondanhon Maybe the real guy was the friends we blu—I’ll show myself out.
This is what happens when non-disabled folx try to abuse laws for disabled folx & make it harder for disabled folx…
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@AngryBlackLady One who's figured out a really compelling reason for you to take him on a walk immediately after he digests it.How about using the money that would be spent on this to instead provide free masks to anyone who doesn't already h…
Retweeted by Catherine WintersWhen twin daughters were young, three of us would frequently use transit. On sixth birthday, suddenly our transport…
Retweeted by Catherine Winters @AlexandraErin Yeah, Panem is definitely North Korea.Mondays, am I right?
It is also sadly worth noting, again, that Bubba Wallace, like all drivers, never entered the garage area or saw th…
Retweeted by Catherine Winters @weskeltner @MiltonTPike1 No joke, I have had musk ox pizza. @kahruveldesign Yup, this wins Twitter today.This one and their Argonian pal have been buddies since they were younglings.
Retweeted by Catherine WintersI love doing yoga in a 1970s science fiction movie where having babies is illegal and the phone company is the gove…
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@Liddleworks AND it needs a lot of work contextualizing it!'s only allyship fatigue if it's from the fatigue region of france. otherwise it's just sparkling racism
Retweeted by Catherine Winters(Also, let’s abolish prisons.)
I’m just saying—and hear me out here—that we should not have statues of people who did a thing that today would ear… from a Squamish woman:
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By this point in my life, I expected to have had the opportunity to laugh and say “we’re not so different, you and… more time for Juneteenth? 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Catherine Winterspeople waving trump flags and pro-cop shit to "counter protest" a celebration of the end of slavery should tell you…
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@WorldBollard Life finds a way. @skeskali Oh, I’m so sorry, Cecily.I have mixed feelings about Juneteeth. On the one hand, people are learning about our history and my job gave me th…
Retweeted by Catherine Winters @ianjamesyoung70 I've never seen anyone actually ask to get ratioed before. :DMe, to all the news editors who changed “Black” in my news copy to a lowercase B...
Retweeted by Catherine WintersFINALLY, the Moundsville PD will have a way to protect its soldiers from insurgent IEDs.
I just heard @AOC say "DACAMENTADO" on @TelemundoNews and I will forever use that word moving forward
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