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Really good at making other people look good. Particularly good at making @kaceymusgraves + @danandshay look good.

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Still thinking about this donut. @KaceyMusgraves ShaunWhitesGirl93Can season 3 of #BigLittleLies just be Celeste in a court room interrogating a different Academy Award winner every week?
Retweeted by Catherine Powell“And I thought she was straight, so I didn’t talk to her.” - @JessBowen
@julieplec @CandiceAccola @EW @warnerbrostv Great to meet you this weekend!Well behaved women rarely make history, but they will boomerang it anyway.
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @keystonemami “Literally anything” is true
Retweeted by Catherine PowellI seriously love having a friend like @CatherinePowell who I can nerd out with about literally anything
Just your resident nerd here who knows how to do one single thing with her face in photos. @norahenick I would be so happy @norahenick Tennessee is niceHe has my vote. want my friend out.. I appreciate you trying to help him. But while your at it @realDonaldTrump can you also let those kids out of cages?
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @ChrissyCostanza 100th/final issue in October!’
@KaceyMusgraves Can we get one for the bus @kelleighbannen She’s mine and she does it mostly for free but I did give her a TV onceProbably gonna fuck around and get a Golden Hour tattoo before this show. Come celebrate the end of this very, very… very glad we got these two in NKD one last time before we close. They were the first cover that ever broke our w… are @TheHighwomen . Our first single “Redesigning Women” is out now. 💪🏼🍷💰🤝🚗🍞🤱🔧👠
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @MAXMusic Did Ryan magically make a first aid kit appear out of panicdr strange: *opens the portals* dusted avengers:
Retweeted by Catherine Powellwearing black skinny jeans in 90 degree weather is a personality trait don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise we’re braver than them
Retweeted by Catherine PowellShould @mlovascio sleep on the street Friday night so he can get into the Marvel Studios panel at #SDCC on Saturday?
Idea: An Old Town Road festival where everyone featured on a remix plays and @LilNasX brings each of them out to do their verses at the end.The Cats trailer made me uncomfy.this is literally one direction
Retweeted by Catherine Powellfor your convenience. i have made a list of the times. i would appreciate your attention always
Retweeted by Catherine PowellThis photo is important to me.“Well it’s kind of like free money because I’m getting points.” - me, to myself, making unnecessary charges to my I… @heyitstanya This is my favorite one yet.Therapist: And what do we say when we feel like this? Me: Since you’ve been gone, I can breathe for the first time…
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Yesssssss!!!! @joelcrouse Nah just emo with a banjoHappy national tattoo day to the 20 more I will probably get lmao sorry mom
Retweeted by Catherine PowellHey NBD my friend @caitylotz is on the cover of EW!!!! 2019 why tf are people out here still sneezing into their hands omg
Retweeted by Catherine PowellI kicked someone in the shin at the airport this morning, so things are fine.One day I will sleep more than three hours before an early morning flight. Not today.You’ll see my old face when I’m fucking old. Don’t rush me.
Retweeted by Catherine PowellI was emo and then I moved to the south and became:
Retweeted by Catherine PowellTaking someone off your close friends story is so dissatisfying because like, they definitely won’t notice you’re b… @dannibouchard @thehills @MTV @AllieCrystal @Frankielopes BIG DAYMy phone corrects “talk” to “y’all” so yes, I do live in the south now, thanks for asking. @kalieshorr Chiodos? We gotta talk.The first Avenger to get a fourth movie:
Retweeted by Catherine PowellOH MY GOD HELP & @selenagomez on our way to Area 51 👽
Retweeted by Catherine PowellHey @twhiddleston, I’m sure you’re busy, but if you want to hang out in New York lmk.If my town was attacked by monsters twice, I for sure would not let my kids just bike around unsupervised all day - even in the eighties.thank you to our friends at radio for continuing to share the music, and to our fans for doing double duty requesti…
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@KaceyMusgraves Omg Warped Tour CP is deadA female is a "person" from conception until birth, a "young woman" as an underaged child sexualized and assaulted…
Retweeted by Catherine PowellSometimes I want to complain about boys and then I watch The Handmaid’s Tale and I hope no boy ever texts me again.camden, nj | 07.13.19
Retweeted by Catherine PowellSUMMER MOOD.
Retweeted by Catherine Powell
Mental health: maybe let’s rest and take a break Me: online shopping? Last minute trips? Mental health: reLAx Me…
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @SuaveYungBlanc It’s as dark as you’d expect.You ever open Bumble in your hometown just to see who’s still living at home?
After twelve years, Saving Zoë is officially out ❤️ you can watch our little indie baby here:…
Retweeted by Catherine Powell.@GrittyNHL would love to see your packing list for the Area 51 raidbb @Kat_McNamara making moves ✨ love baseball. flirting technique is sending photos of dogs that aren’t mine and that’s it.Guess who has two feet and almost fell off the stage tonight 🤦🏼‍♀️
@flor Wow guys take all my money @DEADLINE @colinodonoghue1 Congrats, Colin!!! @kalieshorr Did I say you could leave me @LYNNGVNN Y E Shere’s the rest of the story... k I’m done. 🙃
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@flor @dylanwilliam23 I am flor..@dylanwilliam23 let me listen to the batch of songs for this album a few months ago and pick all my favorites and…
our new album ‘ley lines’ will be out september 6 pre-order the album and listen to the title track today 🌿…
Retweeted by Catherine PowellI love how being an adult is just saying "But after this week things will slow down a bit again" to yourself until you die
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@bohnes Love you buddy 💕Rihanna makes music for girls that text you “I miss you” then ignore you all day
Retweeted by Catherine Powellshe was a punk he did ballet
Retweeted by Catherine PowellThis super cute guy just went through all my tweets from 2019 and is still texting me so I guess I’m not as weird a…
.@nikkireed_i_am reflects on #Thirteen and #Twilight in our July issue:
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @andrewtothemoon We’ve got a long overnight this week let’s get to workI think penguins are spot on. I have no notes for penguins. Flawless. Effortless. Design. Story. Humor. Forward mot…
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @kerbiegirl Sam Fender @andrewtothemoon Band bus handshake. A preliminary step to the band bus tattoos.Who the fuck wrote this book about me
Retweeted by Catherine PowellAcademia’s obsession with preserving the white man’s “classic” literature within secondary schools’ curriculum is t…
Retweeted by Catherine PowellI’ve become that very annoying person who tags their fitness class instructor in their Instagram stories and I’m fine with it. @ComicBook Not everyone processes grief publicly or should be expected to. The word “finally” suggests that by not… would love for Meryl Streep to live tweet Big Little Lies just once. @hannahmarks Unbelievable every week 🙌🏻thor 1 loki: died avengers 1 loki: stole the tesseract thor the dark world loki: died thor ragnarok loki: stole the…
Retweeted by Catherine PowellHere I am, fully in my element, eating mac and cheese and drinking cider in an Iron Man shirt, as captured by… @stacymagallon I also thought about this and I truthfully think that there are, but Cap didn’t have much effect on…
GOOD BOYS 🙌🏻"Women have a hard time putting ourselves on our priority list, talk less of putting ourselves at the top of it. We…
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when they wash your hair at the wishes it felt like this
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