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Really good at making other people look good.

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Man, it must be nice to be a man. You only need to play less than 20 shows in a calendar year to be dubbed Entertai…
@ChrissyCostanza Wait hi you’re here??Finally blocking someone’s number is a great feeling until you get sad they’re not texting you, remember they can’t…, it’s so disrespectful to myself that I keep getting sad over boys that don’t read books.
@SuaveYungBlanc You did your best“We were really hoping for a more reasonable rate.” Okay, sir, I think it’s super reasonable for me to want to be able to pay my rent.If you’re not texting, dm-ing on Instagram, and liking each other’s tweets all at the same time, are you even best friends
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @kalieshorr “Monogamous friends” @MarenMorris @CassadeePope Petition to skip CMA Week and just watch old Disney showsNo one has more confidence than a guy who watches your Instagram story while not texting you back.
If it were up to me I would live off of cheese ravioli. Just three meals a day. Would possibly add a fourth.
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @kalieshorr I love you so much but you’re too extra to do this on a level I’m comfortable withI could fully explain myself as a person by letting you know that as soon as I finish a television show/movie franc…’s Content Aware feature is an animal. Like, I’m trying to get rid of some dirt on a seamless - not give this girl a sixth toe.It’s about that time of year where I fall into the existential crisis of wanting to have a birthday party, thinking… is truly the most important information I could have ever possibly learned. @TheGunzShow Love this journey for you
If you’re one of those people that keeps the window shade open during a 5 hour daytime flight I’m sorry to say this…
Retweeted by Catherine PowellI have just started Season 4 of Schitt’s Creek and I would already die for David and Patrick. I would do absolutely… @PTracy @dansmyers No Pooh’s shirt is a crop topAnxiety is spending all day wondering if you’d be bothering a friend by texting them but also wondering if they’re…
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @johngmz I think you were the original eboy tbh
San Francisco tonight! Only 5 shows left (out of 40) on this tour. What the heck. Thanks so much to everyone who’s…
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OH MY GOD HELP show is what sparked my love for all things superhero and I’m feeling very emo right now. love getting attention and pretending i don’t care about the attention
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @mlovascio Adding this to the list of reasons we can’t get married
Visual proof that @SuaveYungBlanc enjoys my presence. Happy Birthday, buddy! You’re so old! murder me if I ever use the word “hubby” outside the context of a joke.Not to brag but my new humidifier has a built-in essential oil diffuser. @billyeichner @funnyordie I would like to prematurely thank you for this.
@mamamaysa @noahxwitt !I used the phrase “dicknotized” in therapy today.the scene in Cinderella Story where Austin Ames chooses Sam over football and the drought ends bc it starts raining…
Retweeted by Catherine PowellIt’s very not chill that checking your credit score lowers your credit score.I sign all my emails “cp” and one just autocorrected to “cop” and now I’m worried it has before and I’ve never @ me when I’m high feel like @ChrisEvans was that guy in high school who could have gotten away with being a total dick but he respe…’re dating for marriage i’m dating for twitter content we are not the same
Retweeted by Catherine PowellI ate a full pizza and two bowls of pasta today and I’m comfortable with that.
Please don’t put car sounds in your songs I’m not an experienced enough driver to handle itGuy asked if I put him in the friend zone. I was like, whoa slow down there. I'll have sex with you, but friendship is a serious commitment.
Retweeted by Catherine PowellI made the mistake of asking a 22-year-old on a dating app how he was and it took him six weeks to respond.
@RyanFollese SEND PLZMy dear @kathryng kicks off her SECOND run on Broadway tonight and I can’t believe I have friends that cool??? Go s… have started Schitts Creek and I am sorry I ignored you all for so long.relationship goals: leave me alone
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@KelleyFox It’s like yeah cool but do you have a job now or am I going to be stuck paying for everything?me: i hate men tom hiddleston: *breathes* me:
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @DanAndShay @tiktok_us I’m already worried about thiswhen i don’t like a person, i look deeper within and realize i want to fuck them
Retweeted by Catherine PowellEEEEEEEEP AGAIN!!
Psychological studies show that men seek sex more avidly than women, but my text receipts show otherwise. times are a social construct..@noodlescompany now delivers to my apartment and so I will be fat soon.
@thomasfalcone DuuuuuudeWhen a boy hurts my feelings and then I remember I can tweet about it
Retweeted by Catherine Powellthe human asked what i wanted to be for halloween. and after some thought. i have decided. i would like to be cherished
Retweeted by Catherine PowellFor the first time in 100 months we won't be releasing a new issue at midnight. Thank you endlessly to our readers…
Retweeted by Catherine PowellCan’t share the text I sent @norahenick and @mlovascio about this at 4AM because it’s not appropriate., it took me five months, but I finally got last called at Red Door and I feel like an official Nashville citizen, now.
Me: *tweets something vague about men* 2-5 men I know: “Not ALL men are like this. You know, one time my cat died… would prefer to be hotter than i am
Retweeted by Catherine PowellJust saw a band dude I had a poster on my wall of when I was 14 on a dating app and you bet I’m going to shoot my f… straight girl has that one boy that’s just allowed to be mean to us. None of us are above this. We all have one.could you please do that thing. where you hold me
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @DebbyRyan Better idea: be the pet dragon
@stacymiche11e I relate to this deeply. I’m at 52 this year and counting.Semi-Related: Shout out to fan sites + update accounts. Y’all hustle and put in the effort when it comes to crediti…;DR: Don’t be a lazy dick and credit the people who create the content you stare at all day long. It’s literally your job.There are thousands of industry professionals following different music publications on Instagram, and if they see…, the very least you can do is give credit where credit is due. Every photo was taken by someone, and if it’s cle… photographers almost never get paid when a publication reposts a photo our artist posted. If it’s out in the… people tagged in a post? Click them all and figure it out. It takes 30 seconds at most to scan a few bios and p… you’re handling social media for a major pop culture publication, you should be crediting photographers out of h… addictive personality says hi
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I went on a date with someone with a private Instagram and no Twitter so now I have to like, get to know him based… i ever had sex with you i was just kidding
Retweeted by Catherine Powelli hate everything in a kind and loving way
Retweeted by Catherine Powelleveryone either has a cold or is deep in a depressive episode right now. if neither then congratulations , and fuck you
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Imagine. She's got her Avengers candy bag. She's dressed up as The Wasp for Halloween, escorted by her father, Paul…
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Retweeted by Catherine Powell✨ s p a c e cowboy ✨
Retweeted by Catherine Powell.@noahgundersen is very good at songs.
I wrote some emo shit about this wonderful woman and the two years I’ve spent following her around the world, but T… an insta story that someone tagged you in
Retweeted by Catherine Powellno i’m not participating
Retweeted by Catherine PowellPreview footage of me tomorrow:
me every second of every day even if i’ve done nothing wrong
Retweeted by Catherine Powell.@kalieshorr is currently drinking martinis with my mom in Connecticut and I have FOMO..@JuiceWorlddd in Nashville | 📸 @catherinepowell
Retweeted by Catherine PowellSimilar to Pete Davidson, I am ugly and only make jokes about my mental illnesses... Yet he is DOMINATING the datin…
Retweeted by Catherine Powell @emilyhainess Untapped marketThere are confidence boosters, and then there’s the boy you like sending you 32 fire emojis in response to a selfie.
These are the things I want people to like about me in order: in New York | 📸 @CatherinePowell
Retweeted by Catherine PowellDo we think I can write off the Golden Hour tattoo I just got as a business expense?