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👰🏻 Consecrated Virgin of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings. 🙏🏻 A Sinner Striving to Become a Saint. 🏔 Montanan. 🌹 🕯

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The Regina Caeli virtual choir with consecrated virgins and candidates around the world will be live in 8 hours!!…
@CatolicaEdith @emdeardo Check your DMs. 😁 @CatolicaEdith @emdeardo I’ll forward it to you. 😉 @emdeardo @CatolicaEdith The USACV is sponsoring a zoom prayer vigil on Sunday evening as well. The details are on the Facebook page. @emdeardo @CatolicaEdith 😁 @emdeardo @CatolicaEdith I also usually get the cotton fabric but this is their performance twill which is water re… @emdeardo @CatolicaEdith I like a lot of their stuff and have for years but I never buy anything full price. @emdeardo @CatolicaEdith It is super cute! It was a Vera Bradley discontinued print/style combo so it was on a great sale. @emdeardo @CatolicaEdith I did find a cute mini backpack on sale that I ordered last week and it has enough room fo… edits are done! The video is uploaded and scheduled for the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. It will be on… have no idea where this thread is going but I am going to sleep before I finish the final edits in the morning.And now that over spent enough time staring at a computer screen and listening to the same song over and over and o… have been a lot of times recently where I’ve been really glad I live in MT. Today was a glorious day where is… five total crashes, I finally got it to load on my older computer and exported. Phew.... that was crazy!
Third crash accomplished. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️The file opened... it had saved. I tried to export again... and the computer crashed again.... I'm going to try lo… @hcenaoj Thankfully Final Cut saves automatically... usually.... @hcenaoj I *think* my project saved... but I have to get back in and check now... and I am really nervous to open the file again....My computer just crashed while trying to export a video file of the virtual choir I have been editing for the past two weeks. 🤦🏻‍♀️ @CatolicaEdith @emdeardo 😭 it still is just a hair too big even disc bound that I can’t zipper the purse 😭 @JMJsLittleLily Oh geez. This sounds just crazy. @sbesaw1 Oh no! Definitely praying.I’m not exactly sure what is happening in the world but it seems like something went down in Minneapolis. I’ve be…
@CatolicaEdith My answer is NO. I like the concept of Bible Journaling, just not over the text. Draw the pretty thi…
When you’re not feeling well and you can’t fall asleep but you know sleep would be just what your body needs but yo… @hcenaoj That one was really good. I enjoyed it. @emdeardo @hcenaoj I’m not sure how I feel about that, honestly. @emdeardo @hcenaoj Bacon ice cream? I have never tried this thing. @emdeardo @hcenaoj I like bacon.I’m in need of best period dramas on the streaming services. Please share your favorites. @ByzantinThomist @BVMConsolatrix He who drinks, sleeps. He who sleeps does not sin. He who does not sin is holy. Th… @ByzantinThomist Me! I highly allergic to alcohol as well so any drink would send me to the ER. The only two times…
@MrsRuvi That exists out here in Montana. They are called ranches with a main house and other outbuildings which us…
Hey. It’s @CatolicaEdith’s Birthday! soft pretzels are great at making rough days better and Mass in about 3.5 hours is also pretty nice to look f… can already tell today is going to be a rough mental health day. 😔This morning I fed the dog early and crawled back into bed. The dog is used to being fed at 5am which is too early… @hcenaoj Yes, Joanie. I will try.Last night I feel asleep while watching tv on my bed with the dog. The dog has never spent the night on my bed bef… @hcenaoj It was so yummy. @hcenaoj But ice cream? A chocolate Oreo shake? @hcenaoj Yes, Joanie? @laetarealleluia It is hard because the things I shouldn’t eat are yummy things.So now I’m laying in bed earlier than usual (and honestly have been for the past hour) while drinking a lot of wate… my stomach won’t like me if I eat that. Me: but I really want to. My stomach will probably be okay. My stom…
@FrHilderbrand Catherine of Aragon definitely deserves. She put up with Henry after all. @catholic_love The Wisconsin Dells? I haven’t been in years but I have great memories camping there and taking the duck tours. @emdeardo I have been amazed with how many people was mark’s improperly.One thing that never fails to make me depressed is paying medical bills. I guess the side note of good is that I… to Self: The toaster oven works a lot better if you remember to plug it in.
@JMJsLittleLily @CatolicaEdith I am slightly sorry for leading you to this rabbit hole, but I’m glad you have a dis… @CatolicaEdith @emdeardo It’s a good thing I love you crazy people. @CatolicaEdith @emdeardo with the country starting to open: Some people are ALLERGIC to hand sanitizer! Yes, the stuff that everyone… @CatolicaEdith @emdeardo I have seen way too many pretty colors to even pick my favorites. But I have regular one… @CatolicaEdith @emdeardo I already have 1.5 inch discs from a letter size notebook I got aeons ago... so, there!Need prayers. En route to the ER.
Retweeted by Amanda Marie @becca_jmj Then I would be able to stop searching for a good shampoo and a conditioner that I can actually use. @CatolicaEdith @emdeardo You people are terrible influences for my checkbook, just saying.
@emdeardo @CatolicaEdith Oh you terrible enablers! I will have to look at my budget tonight and figure out all the things. @CatolicaEdith @JMJsLittleLily soooo pretty! It might be a good thing that I get paid next weekend.... @CatolicaEdith But I don't really NEED it. I have one of the older ARC junior size notebooks already somewhere in my house. @CatolicaEdith It's just sooo pretty! And there are other color options! I might have to make a drive to Staples th… @CatolicaEdith Oh no... I let myself look at staples and I found this beauty.... 😬 @CatolicaEdith I love Annie Plans Printables. She has some lovely layouts. @CatolicaEdith @JMJsLittleLily And I may have bought myself a pack of pretty scrapbook paper with just than intenti… @CatolicaEdith Very true.... I have some disk bound covers and things from the original ARC system that staples had… @CatolicaEdith @JMJsLittleLily I need to just invest in a disk bound punch myself and this might be the way I end u… @CatolicaEdith I do have a pocket size TN that I use when I am not going to need my full planner. I keep basic mon… @CatolicaEdith I've been jumping between Happy Planner and rings because I like to add things. I haven't bought a H… @JMJsLittleLily @CatolicaEdith I agree that spiral bound can get annoying. I have used spirals for years and I was… @CatolicaEdith I definitely need the A5 space for work and I don't really want to carry more than one planner around @CatolicaEdith I've done bullet journal in the past as well as probably every planner available. I use a combinatio… @CatolicaEdith True. My planner now is an A5 binder so I can put in whatever inserts I need/want. @emdeardo They canceled Montana's a couple of weeks ago. Our county fair is still up in the air. @JMJsLittleLily Sadly... a bigger purse is needed as I love the planner I have finally ended up with after much switching.So that purse that I thought would be the perfect purse and I was so stoked about the other week.... my planner is… @MarzipanRoses Zelie @hcenaoj Cashews are the best nut.
@laetarealleluia And most of them list a super long list of side effects followed by "and in extreme cases, death"… @hcenaoj @Twitter How? Where? This is genius for certain topics! @JMJsLittleLily Buy makeup and wear it if you want to. I rarely wear makeup and yet I have some that I pull out whe… @TheHappyPriest @happleful Awww. Thank you. I hope to start making videos again in June or July. Things have been really crazy here for me this year. @CatholicLisa @kaitbagley Theology and Sanity by Frank Sheed.
I'm working on writing out some pages for my journal/planner of things to read when I get stuck in my depression an… @mamoon1223 @emdeardo @JoeyNT79 No problem. I'm glad to help explain office has gotten to 68* today and I am incredibly grateful for this. @JoeyNT79 @emdeardo We look to those in heaven as our elder brothers and sisters in the Faith whose prayers are sti… @JoeyNT79 @emdeardo Even in the New Testament, some of the epistles point to the prayers of the faithful and holy p… @JoeyNT79 @emdeardo Yes, we have the Holy Spirit through Baptism (and Confirmation), but we are still sinful and at… @JoeyNT79 @emdeardo We ask the saints and Mary to pray for us to God. They are already in heaven and so their prayers are more efficacious. I was looking for breviary covers this morning and the search led me to custom embroidered covers which look ama… @JMJsLittleLily I've been praying for you and your mom. ♥️ @JMJsLittleLily I am just seeing pieces from the edges and I really don't want to know. I just want everyone to be… have no idea what is happening on Catholic Twitter (and I probably don't want to), but can you all just be nice t… is again warmer outside than in the office without the boilers on... this is for you, holy souls in PurgatoryHere I thought I was doing well on my podcast listening but putting them all in a Spotify playlist made me realize… cat's birthday was last Friday and she is now 13 already! She gets "treats" each morning which are actually to…