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A mediocre lady aspiring to bring life to others. If you’ve reached this account, please pray an Ave Maria for this lady, she needs it. Priv: @altdalatina

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@rcvanlandingham @Vrody_Jerome_ The most beautiful part of all this is the fact that the image can talk to you thro… @catholictessa Woah sis right back at u🥰 ily @HDCDimithriP Woah what a honor! That is beautiful, thank you so much brother 🥺❤️ @TavoRodrguez15 Thank you @DineiaCoutinho Tia diii, como assim?I could never possibly explain better than this. @jacelala Woah 😳😍 @orapronobisdeum This isn’t supposed to Be rude but maybe it was a deliverance the fact she dropped it 😂 @orapronobisdeum Why is she calling it lasagna like there’s not even a filling on it, pure dry pasta, hope my Itali… @HabsmanGNL Hey thank you!! Maybe one day hahaha @jacelala Woah look at u sis, aw man thank you I’m honored bc look at u wow 🤯❤️ @pellbabe Thank you 🥺🥺❤️ @lrelizabeta Exactly @aarb_1512 Amen lol @aarb_1512 She wear pants, she a keeper @orapronobisdeum Yeah I wear pants and I’m at college I’m sorry @deddecco @noyeahitsfineee Yes ofc @KingBolby 🤴 @NPC387149086101 I can’t stop failing tho @Ninaworsley Sis thank you 🥺 but no UUUU😤❤️❤️ @aarb_1512 Thank you! Is a Spanish mantilla( they are the bests)I’m not trad. I wear pants. Thanks for coming to my Ted talkI just want to be a proverbs 31 woman 🥺#NewProfilePic @laraccoltaa Hahahahha és la verdad @kaitbagley I love you @ronanns7 Agree @OnCrusade Just accept my love and affection ok
@JamesProven ExactlyOur Lady @noyeahitsfineee Is that you with my kid on the 4th pictureCatholic Twitter you have no idea how grateful I am to you. My faith got so much stronger since I joined you guys.… @feminineinspo Hey beautiful ur account is a place of feminine inspo, maybe isn’t the best idea to show us ladies i… guys God definitely has a sense of humorTfw you were supposed to go to Ikea but you end up becoming a 3d relic of Our Lady of GuadalupeGuys God was literally telling me He was going to show me something, that I was going to receive a sign of my praye… you put on the gps to go to ikea but you are Catholic &praying while a long driving and He guides you to a huge… @matheusbarrroos now. I’ll keep praying for all other intentions as soon as I get home. God bless @matheusbarrroos Aí meu deus que,,,, sim sou,,,,, onde que é ?????Accepting prayer requests, I’m not leaving here any soon
@lrelizabeta 👀 @sum_filia_regis 😑😑😑no,,,,, you actually ok @catholicjose I’m dead @sum_filia_regis But but but @excessivecommas Pain @OnCrusade That’s beautiful @GilbertCTweets I will not name my kid sorrow @badphilologist I wouldn’t like to put on my boys a Marian nameTbh I feel like I will be a boys mom but at least the first two I might be able to use @AnnieIsCatholic QueenI attend NO, I pray the Luminous mysteries, I wear pants a lot, I’m in college all my kids after Our Lady so I will have Guadalupe, Fatima, Lourdes ... 🥺 oh to be a mom @laraccoltaa Nooooo🥺 @guilhermariae Q,,,I need to get my Italian citizenship asap tho 🥺I just want to see the pieta and cry. I mean I just want to go to Italy and cry. I mean I just want to move out to… @kmcb_22 Are u a vs agel lost around the world @jaredmichaeli The husk is very thick that will be impossible, just if I cut out the husk a lil? Idk bruh throwing… @jaredmichaeli I have the normal ones @jaredmichaeli Dios mio yo no soy tan tradicional asi jajajaja @jaredmichaeli Ugh fine I’m just lazy to go there but I’ll throw it in the floor till opens so I can drink the juice @jaredmichaeli Si... y esto significa mas cocos para mi 😎 sin embargo yo no los puedo abrir @Richard_Vixen It’s not about the age itself, it’s about the situations the age can bring, because of the different… @javier_frtre 🥺 that’s very sweet thank you @jaredmichaeli Amen ! Bruh I gave him a rosary I hope that works @noyeahitsfineee Every second @noyeahitsfineee Moana yeah I cried ofc when the grandma died & when she was able to be wholesome in the end @noyeahitsfineee I mean which Disney movie I don’t cry y know @veesupremee I’m literally buying those balloons to do that on my bday because of this movie @noyeahitsfineee Big hero is on the list too @CVoeltner Oh I would love to, I’m completely open to God’s calling but I’m currently in love with someone in who I…, a letter for you. As I’m in state of Grace, the first thing I want to do as my heart is pure is to tell you… @NellyHusz That’s common on Brazil as well sis I can’t really explain but coffee is just as important as waterNO SIN GAAANGGGGGJesus told us that He came for the orphans, for the widows, for the poor, for the kids, for the ones in need.We all… I had a meeting with my spiritual director and we talked about it and we couldn’t stop smiling. That’s h…’m still amazed and I will never forget this day. His reaction pays the price of everything. This man was mental i… to help him. If I was there 1 minute before or after I would never be able to help him. People are getting… *never* thought a homeless would be there. He didn’t even look like a homeless.He was one of the most pure people… God made situation for me to drive 2 hours &when I got there I couldn’t resolve my issue but I had to deal wi… @veesupremee Yas🥺 specially the breakfast
@colleenabbeyy Yes pls I just want to gather 1928281 people and bake for them and give love and have human contact with tons of people @jaredmichaeli Well I’m pretty much in Miami but I will sound extremely “layabout” and gringa @BaridisRubirt Idk bruh just something with love and that they ask me @noyeahitsfineee Can you come to Florida 🥺 @jaredmichaeli Imma kill myselfI’m tired I just want to bake for my family
@veesupremee Aw sis! I’m sorry for your lost. Count on my prayers ❤️ @AnnieIsCatholic Aaaaaaaa sisss 😍❤️❤️❤️ @Futboller610 @HDCDimithriP This is beautiful, amen brother ❤️ @lrelizabeta Ure still so much more Chad than so many bois on this app @gillian_ava Aw beautiful u’re welcome!! I need this daily @Catholic_George @_natalie_olivia @_natalie_olivia If I was 15 years younger I would be literally crying thinking u’re AuroraThis is lil bro Raphael and he says hi :)Good Morning! “Do not let the past disturb you, just leave everything in the Sacred Heart and begin again with joy… @_natalie_olivia Living princesa @NellyHusz NO UUUU❤️