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Cartoonist, Printmaker + Educator: @comicarted Podcast: @drawadialogue Newest Book: THE BREAKAWAYS 🐶⚽️

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@jugheadbabie Great! Did you give them a quote? @Julia_Wertz It's appeal is one of a Jerry Springer variety that I never had @jugheadbabie Good stuff?"A Border Run Around the Planet" by me is now available at Also, please consider donating…
Retweeted by Cathy G. Johnson @transbitch My favorite thing, not having to come up with unique content lolRead this important piece of reporting by my friend @dispoems 🙏 Change the stories @KaneIcarusLynch @RISDalumni But the very conceit that there ARE rivals in creativity is also very disturbing. @KaneIcarusLynch @RISDalumni Yes. Either didn't survive the financial strain and moved on to another career, or the… am not interested in a future where we envision less creative people in the world as a good thing. We should be e… unimpressed by the webinar I saw today organized by @RISDalumni, on the topic of a creative practice during cr… love this comic!! @june_lastname Thank you u__u @june_lastname I've just been shouting HELLO to everyone through my mask because I'm not a cool personThank you very much!! ❤️⚽🐶*screams and screams* @SuitedDevil Only lobsters! I only just googled a few days ago why lobsters should only be sold alive haha @JustinMcElroy They don't even CLEAN spills, they just FIND the spills and then beep incessantly and a human has to come and clean it! @superscriptohio Looks beautiful! @MollyOstertag I got so so mad at that haha what a horrible thing to say @foam_spice Seekonk near the Target! @MarnieGalloway Hello Marnie! This has been a very difficult time. I also feel strangely helpless, because the thin…
@superfastmar 🐶You can now download a wonderful book I had the honor of making the cover for! @superfastmar LEFOU @tobytobyjones I love this lol @jugheadbabie I was about to explain to you how to make a clothesline because I thought you were handwashing like m… @BeefcakeFactory I was very worried about laundromats, so many Providence residents don't have machines. We're handwashing in our sink. @JEHANCOURF I need to watch Lady and the Tramp every day tho RaviWish me LUCK 🙏 most of my cartoonist colleagues I am an all-traditional artist which means my studio is in a constant flux of chaosI think an isolation project I'm going to tackle is getting my studio to make more sense! Tackle boxes of half-fini… @epershannd @lilylamotte OOOOHHH!!!!I filled up my car at $1.73 a gallon the other dayWe are now taking preorders for a COVID-19 Anthology by Queer Prisoners, featuring comics, artwork, poetry and essa…
Retweeted by Cathy G. Johnson @fandompope Yesss!!
@jugheadbabie @superfastmar @Bee_Informed It should be transformed into a lava lamp @GraceGThomas That's amazing that's amazing that's amazing!! Congratulations!!!! @Gingerhazing He IS a prince!!! @Gingerhazing I have NO concept of what this cat is going to look like when he grows up @superfastmar The Garfield fish bowl! I helped pitch in buying that for Maki's birthday haha @Proprietous It seems very nice! I wanna catch the little virtual fish! @fujichia They are completely sold out everywhere and I keep looking for one and then I'm like, what am I DOING, I… you know I have so, so, so many Animal Crossing words blocked, and the sheer amount of stuff that keeps coming… @jcg007 @drawadialogue Thank you for making a wonderful book!I talk about Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe and Fights by @jcg007 in this month's episode of our podcast…
Retweeted by Cathy G. JohnsonCan't Access the Library; Still Paying Student Fees Blues by @dispoems #shredfinityag
Retweeted by Cathy G. Johnson @SuitedDevil @AITA_reddit I loved this one hahaha a T-SHIRT? HEAVEN FORBID @superfastmar How did this go!? :0
@fujichia Thank you! @elevenafter Xoxoxoxoxo @fujichia What pattern are you using? The first one I tried was too small for my nose! @zornadoclara Amazing!! @remoteryan This is beautifulRIP to the great Bill Withers 💔💔💔 Our 3-year old loves singing along with him
Retweeted by Cathy G. JohnsonReally just had a wonderful illustration class. I'm going to be scheduling more remote @comicarted classes, if you… @grease_bat Queer rep in mainstream media is a rough one lolI talk about Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe and Fights by @jcg007 in this month's episode of our podcast… @FStewartTaylor I got Elizabeth lol! @MarnieGalloway Donna was my number 2! Dynamic! @jugheadbabie Raj is the most likeable big bang and I think that's a very nice comparison lol @superfastmar Lol I got Leslie Knope for my number 6 character @superfastmar RRREEEEEAAAAALLLLLL
@queer_reader This looks great! @mindoez Community garden?? :0 @safiyajn I'm very excited for the cursed content 🙏 @superfastmar it's unconscionableABO Comix is doing amazing work! <3 @ship_witch Awww babies!! @burrit0lingus Being a cartoonist is such a mindbend bc you end up drifting into production mode so much! Comics take so much work!Final call 🙏 I get my mail to a PO Box, so I have to drop by the post office anyway. I'll be wearing a mask and giv… @CatSWrites @AWeaverWrites Last time I was outside (a week ago) the golf course was PACKED and none of those old du… @tnwhiskeywoman @MarnieGalloway Those are all rural spots on Minnesota!Hello! I'm dropping by the post office today, so if you order from my store this morning, it will be in the mail th… morning! 🌞 @shannondrewthis Same same. Every other day I'd get a touch of a panic attack which would trigger my asthma and the… @rebeccamock @ehetja 😭😭😭😭an angel!!!
@ehetja @rebeccamock It's a VERY short tail though, she has little tail qualities @superfastmar WaaaaaaAAAAAAHHH 😭😭😭😭 I tried giving Timey a ball and he likes it but doesn't play like this waahh @RaynardFaux @marinacjulia LOLOL @mountain_goats Wonderful!! I'm so happy!!I was saying goodbye to @marinacjulia on the phone and I said "I miss you guys" and by "you guys" I meant all of humanity. I miss you guys! @fandompope XoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoA Lot of Feelings - 04/01/20
Retweeted by Cathy G. Johnson @rebeccamock 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 @ship_witch I LOVE IT😭 @robochai I relate to Claire on a Midwestern level but probably need to admit to myself I'm more of a MollyOur Rhode Island musician and artist coalition statement on @ABC6 news last night
Retweeted by Cathy G. JohnsonI have tons of Scandinavian cartoonists' work in my collection, since I do have family over there. The art style is… I saw this get posted and immediately went OOOHHH!!!! And then I started reading the review and… @_GinaGagliano @HarperFoxy A classic!!! ❤️Another day is done. I have spent the past few weeks reminding myself slow down, slow down, slow down. It started s…
@ChurchofFear Do...non... illustration...alumni count @tobytobyjones HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @nilaffle I use a potato masher instead of a pastry cutter hahaha these look delicious!! @transbitch I am so sad 😢 @superfastmar @peachtravis you show me someone making gn's that is not a madman @superfastmar @peachtravis I went and got a master's degree while waiting for my contract you know @superfastmar @peachtravis STILL???? @michael_deforge A CLASSIC @hunktears Hey if you had a box of Prairie Home Companion shirts this is probably tthhheeeee oonnnlllyyyyyy waaayyyy to move them