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I am a poetry author, a fiction writer, a voracious reader, and a tea drinker extraordinaire.

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@ThomasSanders Yes, please😍Me with Mal, Eros, and Deimos from @thegabecole's Into The Black. @thegabecole, I just finished reading Into The Black and I am writing to inform you that I am adopting Mal, Eros, a…
@NotLikeFreddy That sounds just as awesome! @NotLikeFreddy Tell me this scene is in your next book. I need more Paul Krueger books in my life!I managed to write a single sentence yesterday. "Elias Waker allowed the scents, sounds, and tastes to engulf him… @GeektasticLib I feel you, friend😅
@NicasioSilang @larazontally And that's if you are even lucky enough to get paid for your work.
@NotLikeFreddy I would also like to add Sci-fi to the Prologue Party. @DanteMedema Stranger Things Fraternity Mother/Daughter Attack on Titan Desert Kill Bill 3 in Space Steel Crow Capt… @hsr_writes Let me take this moment to highly recommend Personal Best (1982). This movie features one of the most s… Warren just took the stage in Seattle and said "the race has been called, and Bernie won - congratulation…
Retweeted by Cathy Watness @emilylhauser @veschwab You mean a politician was actually civil to their rival? I didn't think that was still possible!🙂if i do not experience a homoerotic sword fight with someone i have unresolved sexual tension with before i die i w…
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@RosieeThor Thank God!
@hsr_writes @FearsomeArts Thank you!So excited that my short story "Liar, Liar" has been accepted for publication by Fearsome Critters @FearsomeArts! @hsr_writes You have Stag's Run? Lucky! I adored Zaya Feli's book Teeth.“Congratulations you got the job!”  “Congratulations you’re passed the test!”  “Congratulations you're admitted!”…
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Retweeted by Cathy Watness @RosieeThor A Bad Deal for the Whole Galaxy by @alexrwhite.Oh so we broke 6k followers this week! Thanks everyone 💚💜 As promised, I’m giving away a signed copy of TARNISHED…
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@kuangrf I need this cover on Goodreads. Please, the suspense is killing me! @halleluyang It came out lovely, though. @halleluyang @halleluyang AHHH😱 Kill it with fire! @hsr_writes Can't wait to read it!
@garthnix @kuangrf @leonickolls @KTegenBooks That cover is awesome😮 @kzabrekker Raise your hands if you can't wait for the sequel🤚 @catherinermeyer Make sure you post pictures of the babies when they arrive!🐀
A whatchamacallit in different languages: 7. Thingamajig (English) 6. Chingadera (Spanish) 5. Himstergims (Danish)…
Retweeted by Cathy Watness @hsr_writes Sending good vibes your way👍🍀💚 @hsr_writes Dear, lord. At the very least send them an e-book or a PDF, but it is completely bad form to request a… @veschwab And then you realize you have listened to your entire playlist and have maybe 100 words down😅
@hsr_writes When I first read The Hunger Games, I could have sworn that Katniss' hair was blonde.
⭐️✨ARC GIVEAWAY✨⭐️ THE DARK TIDE is out in less than 4 months & it’s almost Valentine’sDay so as a treat... RT+F…
Retweeted by Cathy Watness @CeceEwing_ Cece, if you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend @GeektasticLib's The Disasters. It is literally ab… @CeceEwing_ So glad you liked @cspacat's Fence! Her Captive Prince Trilogy is also fantastic. @GeektasticLib Also, from hence forth any character with the name Alexander (first, last, or middle) is required to… @GeektasticLib I just finished The Disasters, and I am so angry it took me two years to hear about this book because I loved it!
@tithenai @veschwab Brawling? Please, they're obviously dancing a tango🙄
And just to demonstrate how bad I am with naming things, I present for your entertainment my working titles: Stran… think I may have finally nailed down the four writing projects that I want to work on this year. @EngleLaird @LGBTQReads @cjwhite Added to TBR. @LoriMLee Awww. I want a small baby dinosaur thingy😍🕷🕸⚔️ Birthday giveaway ⚔️🕸🕷 RT/F to win a FOREST OF SOULS arc plus your swag of choice: a Dead Wood necklace 💀 or…
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A fearsome lizard with a name meaning “reaper of death” is the first new tyrannosaur species to be identified in Ca…
Retweeted by Cathy Watness @zayafeli On Monday my local library will finally be done with updating their purchasing ordering system. The first… @zayafeli Ouch. I do not envy you that😨After seeing multiple tweets desiring more diverse Dark Academia, I have been inspired to attempt to write my own D… @thegabecole Hey, Gabe. Can you share what your current WIP is about, if you have one? @AmandaFBelfast @thegabecole @Love_EqualityNI @TRPNI And they are gorgeous! @MissDahlELama @thegabecole Can't wait to read it! @halleluyang Awww. It's so cute! @halleluyang Do people realize that deaf people exist? Are people afraid of reading? I am so confused. @zayafeli I need NOW! @GeektasticLib I just finished Spellhacker and I really liked it🙂. Just got The Disasters from the library. Questio…!!! It increases accessibility not just for Deaf + HoH people but also many folks with issues parsing and proces…
Retweeted by Cathy Watness @C0REZI @kzabrekker I am so confused🤔🤦‍♀️
Just finished reading Beyond The Red by @thegabecole, and I am SHOOK. @thegabecole Happy late birthday, Gabe! I just finished Beyond the Red. You wrote an amazing debut, and I can't wai…
@KA_Doore I just want my happy polyamorous ending. And for the dragons to have their vengeance. @kuangrf Tea. Lots of tea.
@alexrwhite OH MY GOD😱. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE😍😭 @KA_Doore Just finished The Perfect Assassin and I loved it. The only criticism I have is that I waited so long to… am SO EXCITED for this incredible book, so I'm gonna do a giveaway. RT this tweet and follow Tracy by 4/7 to ent…
Retweeted by Cathy Watness @larazontally Gorgeous kitty😺 @RosieeThor 🤣 @sl_huang @halleluyang Well, just added this one to the TBR🙂 @DevinElleKurtz @hsr_writes I WANT.Pokemon (but really big) the series
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Want to win a preorder of my new LGBTQ rom-com THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS (ft. bi rep, gay dads, inappropriate jokes and n…
Retweeted by Cathy Watness @halleluyang WORTH IT.
@casey_mcquiston @LGBTQReads I need this now! Tell me it is going to be translated😭 @zayafeli Might want to make an offering to the technology gods. @hsr_writes Which book was it this time?🙁
It’s my birthday today!!! 🎉 To celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway for a signed, personalized copy of I HOPE YOU GET TH…
Retweeted by Cathy Watness @yeebookauthor AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!😱 I am so HAPPY!!!!!🌈🎇🎆😍😍😍😍😍Just finished Tarnished Are The Stars by @RosieeThor. These poor characters, Eliza, Anna, and Nathaniel, I just wan…
@casey_mcquiston 🤦‍♀️ @NotLikeFreddy Especially since they could get it at a library or request that a library purchase it FOR FREE. That…
@alexrwhite 😭 @zayafeli They are so pretty😮That time a Nebraskan farmer asked members of a pro-fracking oil and gas committee if they would drink water that…
Retweeted by Cathy Watness @alexrwhite I need!🌈🚨 SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT GIVEAWAY! 🚨🌈 Enter to win a SIGNED ARC featuring a bisexual disaster and her useless le…
Retweeted by Cathy Watness @hsr_writes Happy late birthday! @CeceEwing_ I think you'll enjoy this one. Great queer rep including bisexuality. Also, a great start to a f/f frie…
@hsr_writes Do people just, not believe in basic science anymore? Or logic that literal kindergartners understand?🤔🙄🧐
New Novel Idea Exists Me: 🎶"I'm sorry, secret siren, but I'm blocking out your calls."🎶 And, yes, I'm about as suc… need to choose a writing project(s), but it is so hard to find something to stick to.😓 @catherinermeyer And the male rats' nails always hurt worse than the females'🙃
@christineexists @LGBTQReads That cover is so gorgeous! When I recommend The Devouring Gray to my friends I describ…’s TIME...for a lil THE DECK OF OMENS ARC giveaway! -sequel to THE DEVOURING GRAY -YA contemp fantasy ft. spooky…
Retweeted by Cathy Watness @RosieeThor @LinseyMiller Rosemary Harper from Becky Chamber's The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet.🔱🖤HEY WHAT'S UP NERDS IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME🖤🔱 Belle Révolte comes out in exactly 2 weeks and I wanna celebrate that w…
Retweeted by Cathy Watness @NotLikeFreddy And here I thought that I was the only one😅 @catherinermeyer Aw, new babies!🥰
@vianoniomoh @LGBTQReads Why am I just now hearing of this!?😱 Gimme!😭