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KeyLos @catmadethat North Carolina

🇲🇽 🇺🇸 NC // Digital Artist & Designer // IG: @catmadethat // ☆ Work Inquiries 📩

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@KWholesaler They scope you out with an ocular patdown @jazzemu_ lmao you can tell when the lack of sleep started to set in @jazzemu_ Ah yes, let me play you the songs of my peopleMe waiting on the haters to apologize after we were proven right on Amazon and saved the public billions…
Retweeted by KeyLosNew profile pic #catmadethat of the artwork I made this year, finally graduating Dec 19th so I'll be making a lot more in 2020 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽… @XXL Bruh @LA_Torres88
@amit_who @overdramatique This is so hilariously fake, you can see the overlapping photoshop layersToday I lost my brother, because of the fucking negligence and stupidity of the police. Instead of negotiating with…
Retweeted by KeyLosI was replying to this now deleted tweet @cartoonbrew @cartoonbrew Disney is the largest animation production company. There's no need to be dismissive about people wanting them to do better. @tuuuwu @CaitlynMAcevedo @7Lalo10 You ever just @MARCELAtweets @catsuka @ButaGhibli This is absolutely horrifying
Thank you
Retweeted by KeyLos @cartoonbrew Thanks to every artist and animator that spoke up 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽A subsidiary of Microsoft has a contract with ICE?? wtf @BillGates @MuseZack The weathers amazing this time of year @IniquitousFish @Iron_Spike And you don't get worse at something you keep practicing, good luck!December colors's perfect study/drawing music, thank you @UematsuNobuo vibing for 34 hours with Nobuo Uematsu, I have no regrets #SpotifyWrapped #FinalFantasy @KEEPINGTHEBAND @tylerthecreator
As Yang sabotages his own political career @CANCEL_SAM I was wondering who was gonna drop out of the race next @CANCEL_SAM What is it with every politician's insistence on committing weird/creepy antics??? @neuroticalme @AnnieKNK Because self-care is important 😤 @MARCELAtweetsThe House Judiciary Committee is starting its #ImpeachmentHearings now. Watch the livestream of this crucial step i…
Retweeted by KeyLos @jonrod1700 I've been waiting to listen to reasonable doubt for so long @SmallExpLampRS @LandConn_25 @theneedledrop Yeah it's like a twitter comment, using overkill to make a point, ex: p… @LandConn_25 @theneedledrop Honestly, I agree. If you haven't atleast attempted making some music before, your opin…
Retweeted by KeyLos @LandConn_25 @theneedledrop Honestly, I agree. If you haven't atleast attempted making some music before, your opin… label: alright Abel, what did you have in mind? Weeknd: have u ever seen silence of the lambs? Record label: say no moreI like how no one ever mentioned how creepy this weeknd album cover was
Absolutely insane, I need to rewatch this movie @heddacase @voxdotcom Supposedly they ask if you can donate at cashiers to test and see if they need to raise the c… @HoneyByeol_ @miskeencore I posted this at the beginning of November and have been waiting in terror wondering if s… @GeishaYung @thisisntnhu A buddy of mine told me about
@bugmeyer Yeah I give it about a week till you start drawing those ears and cursing yourself @heyjenbartel From what I understand, it's supposed to be a facetious way of expressing your opinion and simultaneo… @manfightdragon @007 I'll only watch this if he has a fake southern drawl throughout the whole thingDang, I need to step my sweatpant game up @ellkay_ I'll say this in Spanish, "No"
Retweeted by KeyLos"Why does everything have to be so political?" Translation: why can't you just forget, normalize, and accept all t…
@iAmDos1 @LA_Torres88 @gianna_meola Wait, what happened in the 2nd panel? @ellkay_ I'll say this in Spanish, "No"These Star Wars Bros™ are hilarious smh, so now they're deporting people who are witnesses to crimes 🤔🤔🤔
#KnivesOut is brilliant, go watch it said I wouldn't retweet anything about baby yoda but here I am @KylePlantEmoji They had a couple good songs but there was a sanctimonious air about them that made me distrust emTierra Whack should be much more famous. A genius.
Retweeted by KeyLos @tooearnest What's wrong with organizing one's thoughts on their favorite anything of the past 10 years?This article provides great insight
2019 IT DOWNLOAD BOOTLEG BUY ITSUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS especially if they're as talented as @niiizyb aka Renzo Suburbn, latest album just rele… @niiizyb Bro it's amazing, it flows so well, I need to relisten to it a bunch of times to catch everything @phantomkoi @niiizyb When Isildur refuses to pass the halfling's leaf
Retweeted by KeyLosCongrats on the release! Bout to listen on the ride back @phantomkoi @niiizyb When Isildur refuses to pass the halfling's leaf
The Irishman, spoilers with no context @Jonahlobe There are literally too many of these to count
@ryanlangdraws Also it depends on how its done. The art of constructive criticism should never be overlooked @ryanlangdraws It depends. Some designs are better than others in that they better fit the criteria of the message… @jameson_pipes @deepcouch_ @theneedledrop Honestly, they should be in jailIt's a personal choice. One that you always have the power to decide and continuously evolve withDo you walk like them, talk like them? Do you carve your own path? Do you learn your history and express it? Or a mixture of all three?To others it's a way of feeling normal and being accepted by their peers. It's a way of culturally starting over, t… some, assimilation in the US carries with it notions of "selling out" to a country that destabilized your famil… people have the privilege of easily assimilating and others are never allowed to forget who they are, where th… topic of assimilation is different for every culture. @LATBermudez @latimes Your article is amazing, thank you for writing it. Did your daughter still take part in the s…'m all for this if the design works, flip phones need to make a comeback @gadget_east Struggling hard to open it tho 👀
Oh snap 👀 @Kolbjorn_Aklar @Variety For the uninformed, who is that?TRYPTOPHEST -- @quarterhorsebar SATURDAY :: Durham, NC [$5] Raund Haus Showcase featuring @GAPPAMIGHTY
Retweeted by KeyLosIf you missed #WatchmenHBO last night, don’t wait any longer to check it out. It’s an extraordinary episode, at lon…
Retweeted by KeyLosThe latest episode was excellent and heavy with topics that it tackled, sheesh! #Watchmen @Lin_Manuel: fine I'll do the show, but on one condition HBO: of course, anything Lin: I get to siiiiIIIIIIINNNGGGG @EW I knew I recognized him!If they let this slide, what does the United States become if the supreme court protects a corrupt president? @MARCELAtweets come get your creepy catI was just sittin here, minding my own, when all of a sudden I felt like I was being watched. I looked up and @IGN So .mp4s it is then @maruti_bitamin Dang, the kkk really has ruined any triangular ghost designs for me @ozm Slow and steady pace till this becomes reality
Was big oil behind the hindenburg disaster? 🤔🤔🤔In an alternate reality where the hindenburg never happened, this would already be a thingAwww yeah airship travel, make it a reality just now realized that the writers were talking to their GOT careers through this scene's dialogue dropping soon thank you rome and @WKNC881
Retweeted by KeyLos @finalfantasyvii You're gonna have to fix this 5 nights at freddy's moogle tho
Retweeted by KeyLosThat scene was better than the entire original trilogy fact that so many people in the comments of this post are so heated proves its validity @finalfantasyvii You're gonna have to fix this 5 nights at freddy's moogle tho @asterlumus @Arbys Tell me it's not trueNow that I've finally seen it, this animation is great