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(She/her) Member of Helioscope, artist of MY BOYFRIEND IS A BEAR(Oni Press), and THE GHOUL NEXT DOOR(HarperCollins). Website:

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@AkshayB She's got one weird buck tooth now, and it kills me every time!Merry merry!
Have a cozy and comfy day everyone!! Its getting chilly so let's wear warm sweaters and hang out by the fire. 😊☕🔥
Retweeted by Cat Farris @jeffparker I missed himmmmm @ZackDavisson Yikes, what the fuck?? Letterers on translated manga titles do double time since they're cramming shi… @ZackDavisson @Jody_Houser @themikenorton @gavinguidry @JerryOrdway @GeekintheCity @georgembenson @sandy_jarrell your hand if you didn’t start in your field until your 30s 👀
Retweeted by Cat FarrisThe amount of engagement on a RT about Mancala is great. Love that. But can we keep the same energy for buying my b…
Retweeted by Cat FarrisDo you identify as a Yonsei/4th-generation Japanese American? You can help guide new research on the intergeneratio…
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🎉🥃 Our DIY zero proof cocktail kits were just featured on @eaterpdx! Reminder: A limited nu…
Retweeted by Cat Farris @ZackDavisson @timmyd93896231 @GailSimone That's precious! I...I suddenly need to buy a heated cat bed for Sally, haha. @TerriDrawsStuff @THEKarlaPacheco Ahhhhh I walked in too late and missed it! @culturepulp Yeah, for fucking real it did. @OhColeman @TangoCharlie Ron and I took a bet on showing it to my folks last Christmas instead of having to watch Christmas St… @culturepulp So many feelings while watching this. And a lot of stopping myself from shouting "It's not just wrong it's fucking illegal!!"I know you all love Enchanted Forest! Don't let it fall victim to the pandemic! @OhColeman I'm sorry, what now???Updated my shop with some sketches I had lying around (mostly War Degs originals) as well as opened up some slots f…
Retweeted by Cat Farris @RonDanChan @lesmcclaine Yeah, coming home and having to shower immediately, then wash everything I was wearing. Do not miss any of that. @GeekintheCity I'm sorry, friend.
@GeekintheCity Woof.☹️ @mrBallistic @Jody_Houser Ohhhhhh, woops! Yeah, whatever would have gotten crammed into an Apple 2C! @ZackDavisson That makes me die a little every time I see it.XD @mrBallistic @Jody_Houser Oh man, I remember 8" floppies! My copy of Oregon Trail was on one. @Jody_Houser What a fine pair of crones we are!😆 @Jody_Houser I'll see that and raise you "Betamax"Black Women reply w/ pics of you flourishing, being happy. ALL Black Women 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🌸
Retweeted by Cat Farris @bekkalyndraws KEEP THIS BOY!💖 @chalkyheart Damn, Valentine, that's horrible. I'm so sorry to hear you lost a friend. I really really wish people…
@OhColeman Seriously!Gaaaaasssspppp
Retweeted by Cat FarrisThe lady who played the alien woman with three boobs in Total Recall. @ohtiniestplanet Not possible! @MatthewBogart This is giving me anxiety!😆
@yoshisquared @RonDanChan So much good hair in that movie, even on random background characters. @RonDanChan @yoshisquared Ms Johnston was the true MVP in that film.❤️Also, ps: I still have a few of these originals left in my Etsy shop! down this was my favorite part of the book to do. It makes me so happy knowing other folks like them, too! @kirstythehunter @HelioscopePDX 💖💖💖💖💖 @Kerstinlacross @Plutarian_2 Yesss! It's the one my family always watches together on Christmas Eve! I hope you like it.
@Kerstinlacross The badger one? I've had him around for a few years now, I think. I'm just terrible at self promotion 🤣 @Plutarian_2 The one with Alastair Sim as Scrooge is A+!I just ordered a bear calendar and whale calendar. I'm a huge fan of my good friend Pat Race. Need a calendar? Alas…
Retweeted by Cat Farris @LuBellWoo I'm stealthy like that!😆Also, if you have a Star Trek fan to shop for I have a few things, too! you like pins of flaccid badgers, or tiny original art, visit my Etsy shop! @TerriDrawsStuff Oh, I get it. I hear it keeps Hugo's cursed energy from getting too close! @TerriDrawsStuff I always just assumed that was the HVAC system at the studio... @TerriDrawsStuff If someone asked me to think of the person in this world LEAST interested in candles, I would absolutely say you. @RonDanChan Oh my god you WERE wiping tears away damn! I thought the noodle soup just gave you a runny nose.XD @RonDanChan
Retweeted by Cat Farris @aainsleyyactual @Kerstinlacross I love it all! Give me every cranberry! @mariacfrantz @glantern43 @zoethorogood @JeffLemire @ShannonStamey @IgnatzHaderach @TillieWalden @DaveScheidt
PSA: I wasn't taking much other work while finishing Earth Boy, but I'm ready to start looking for projects again!…
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Another viral banger courtesy of the herd being psychopaths
Retweeted by Cat Farris @JoanneStarer Absolutely.Honestly can not get over this goofy AF pic of me as a baby. I’ll be frank— we appreciate your support, but we aren’t here to be admired or to get credit— we signed up for t…
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2020 @thisisnobu @alaskarobotics @MSNBC @NBCNewsTHINK Oh HELL NO @allysonwillsey OH NOOOOOOOO @PaulTobin Yessss seriously! @MaatCrook @MrTylerCrook Perfection! @ChickenSupreme2 Aw, Phil!💖 @ChickenSupreme2 Oh my goodness I love him!Good luck, asshole! @DialHForHagai She's a good one, that's for sure! Got really lucky.:) @TerriDrawsStuff Leda is looking out for her community! @ChickenSupreme2 Long girl!
8 years with this one. Honestly can't imagine life without her.
@Jody_Houser Wow, jesus fuck. I'm not sure we have a punishment fitting for these fucking ghouls.
@ZackDavisson proud of Ron. Each page of this book is a gorgeous work of art, and I hope folks will take their time to enjoy i… for @trashcanime !! This is their character Faustine ✨
Retweeted by Cat Farris @samandfuzzy Ahhhhh! New puppo! Congrats! @joaniejabronie Yes, I hope so too! You absolutely crushed the art for this! @rosabellachan I was definitely thinking for some folks this is a blessing in disguise.XDDylan’s Dynamite for the week is Aggretsuko: Meet Her Friends #1 from @Cattifer, @joaniejabronie, @adalhouse, and…
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@Helikhana ☹️Also extremely delighted to find out that my ferociously talented studiomate @CassieDoesArt did a variant cover for this! @OhColeman @joaniejabronie I hope folks enjoy it! @ohcararara I think a lot of it is just kind of using a timer to try different steeping lengths until you arrive at… @robintheherrera Aw, Robin! The universe just wanted to give you a badass scar for your birthday. I just hope the r… @ohcararara I've had a lot of luck doing french press this way: boil water, turn off heat and let it cool for about… guess this is my writing debut?? It felt like magic to write words on a page and then watch @joaniejabronie turn…'m hoping I'll feel different after Thanksgiving, and just like, cover the house in lights and shit. Feels weird though, man. Real weird.Kind of envious of all the people who are putting up Christmas decorations super early and having it bring them joy… @cullenbunn Dang, Cheerwine! That's something I haven't seen since I left Savannah.
@thejenna Oh my gosh, this might be too much power!My buddy Kel is having a sale! Get your friends and family some good werewolf stuff for the holidays! @rosamund Weirdly, yes?Subscribe for free comics every Sunday. No ads, no strings attached. Just comics for kids.
Retweeted by Cat Farris @ZackDavisson Wear a mask.
Retweeted by Cat Farris @Kerstinlacross Awww...