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1000 arrests in Chicago. Donate now.
Retweeted by Jamesa friend was arrested in atlanta last night for peaceful protesting. almost all others detained were black and bond…
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I was so so moved by this, so I’m sharing it
Retweeted by JamesMaster Thread of Places to Donate:
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Wow. So much support from all over the country + the world! We are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who has…
Retweeted by JamesBail Fund for Minneapolis!!!!!!! please retweet if you cant donate
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@jimisomewhere @LilNasX u should both do it @LilNasX james @haneswhitetee @adda_boi i’m about to facetime u @adda_boi paintball
@phoebe_bridgers is anyone selling an extra ticket to the kitchen show @matthewklassen @agarzizia @jinxedvibes go off matt @lilsamsquanch66 if it was a middle school lunch i would’ve had a tray that would’ve separated the fruit from the ketchup properly @brandonM90 @icedoutomnitrix he’s literally not even funny i don’t get why people like him @icedoutomnitrix this guy sucks never post him again @jinxedvibes there’s literally a video of me talking pinned to my profilethinking about the time waka flocka posted this video of me @callumharvey21 @TheEllenShow lmao @TheEllenShowthis grape just said fuck it and rolled into my ketchup so it could hangout with the onion ring. what an awesome mo…
@jerm_cohen cowat least once a year there’s a viral tweet about jackson’s age but i’m glad this one included john cena @urinedanger being cool @invalidprince let’s get it trendingthank u to all the moosememorial day moose @almondmilkhunni wtffffff <3y’all mind if i have a good weekYou still tryna be me and I'm not even from this earth ...👽2🖤®
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beautiful day innit @lilsamsquanch66 lil sas is the voice of america’s youthi can be wrong sometimes late giggling like a gooseat the end of the day coronavirus was no match for dick’s sporting goods
@youngfishgod i’m like a tatoo. i’ll always be there 👁just landed location: under ur skin @helen location: under ur skin @JhbTeam congrats james - james @positivitymofo 🤝 @positivitymofo no i already got canceled yesterday for getting too many likes on my tweetswho do u guys think will get cancelled today? i’m placing bets on jason derulo. the tiktok teens will find a way @lakeshowdonnie arnold is here to stay @SaeedDiCaprio that’s why it’s a power moveusing the same pic for ur header and avi will always be a power move u can dream it, u can do it. goodnight @ginadivittorio @goodbeanaltalt that’s what i’m here to do beans. to reassure @DarthLux a good egg that’s ready to hatch @pienar cheers pinar - jamesonly doing this so u guys stop comparing my likes to yours. it literally makes no sense to do thati’m 2 drinks deep and just did some math that i’d love to share. say u have 500 followers and one of ur tweets gets…
caucasian james canceled for getting too many likesShake all my Haters Off God bless You All 😂😂🙄®.
Retweeted by James @ipa_guy12 can’t believe my arm really looks like that @ipa_guy12 hahahaha @ericaaleigh it’s staying up ur goodwoke up holding my own hand. i really have love for myselfa reminder that 6 x 6 = 36. just trying to keep u college kids sharp over the summer. make sure u don’t stay up too late now - james @nxtvxkxng 😏😎😏 @nxtvxkxng wow that sounds really good. mules rock. i need to try something different soon cause lemonade rots my teeth @nxtvxkxng vodka lemonade, my drink of choice as of late. u? @nxtvxkxng yesis this right did i do this rightmy summer plans 2020: with the boys:
@haneswhitetee who says the gamer ranch has to be made up? let’s build @haneswhitetee feel like i’d thrive in the alpha house @tessplease i did notice thankswhen me and tony hangout i’m gonna pick up his helmet for him every time he throws it like this @adda_boi paintball time @nickobeazo oh these rocked @TheBigONeill ahead of its timesaw this in theaters for my 5th birthday with all the lads. we were all high on sugar. fucking epic @marisasansovini ok but what was his response @hrithikrai08 i think he would only tweet about 2-3 times a day. he wouldn’t be dedicated enough to reach 1M @mikebackwood my story isn’t over. i will become himif cole sprouse never became an actor i truly believe he’d be a twitter personality with 150k followers @jovoochie @Petebootyjuice1 pleasecaucasian james arrested in honolulu
I need to@get off the internet ✌🏾
Retweeted by James @maddiegracee__ and? @chloe0k i’d say they’re about equals yeahthe “this ain’t it chief” twitter era was super darkcollege grads are so lucky they have a legitimate excuse to be unemployed when i graduated college all i could tell…
@eloopannazus that’s not him. i’m just showcasing the effort i left on the field. u don’t forget itu don’t forget this kind of hustle ran into one of my soccer teammates from 4th grade at a bar over thanksgiving and he didn’t remember me. not a da… @slyons42 not at all slyons4how’s he doing? i need an update on my king @BigTucsonDad let’s go @doyalikebaileys e-boy james could’ve been huge. sad to see him gobeing an e-boy was fun while it lastedchanged my hair to a middle part in hopes that it would slow down lookalike comparisons and then i get this. i’m sh… @Clef162 yeah man i’m just bored @JohnnyBerchtold i’m pretty sure icarly did too. yes i watched icarly through sophomore year of high schoolbadger fans rise updoes anyone remember how much drake and josh would reference wisconsin? being from wisconsin that meant a lot