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Claire Cavanagh @cavworld Totterdown, Bristol

Radiobot 🏳️‍🌈 for BBC Radio Bristol @bbcrb Hear the show weekdays between 3-6pm. Views are mine. RTs not my views.

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god I love Laura Branigan @Rnfrw ah @Rnfrw has she ever professed to being one ? @Rnfrw naTune into @bbcrb in 5 minutes to hear PC Rachel Walls from our Topaz Child Exploitation Team discussing how we are…
Retweeted by Claire Cavanagh @WhiteCherry Exmass ? @WhiteCherry would xmas not suffice?
See you lucky ticket holders in a few weeks for this beautiful evening filled with Christmas goodness!
Retweeted by Claire Cavanagh @keithwarmington @PatriciaWKelly @XmasSpiegeltent @bbcrb she was so brilliant
@laurarawlings @willguyatt He wasn't asleep, there's just more room for a machine with you outside @benpratershow @BBCWiltshire @WiltsWildlife This should be your profile pic it's art @laurarawlings Oh god. Drama!!What a glorious feeling today, talking to Gene Kelly's widow @PatriciaWKelly about him being the perfect man, a ver… @SteveH1982 floral tributes @speshmagiclady @TVsAndyClarke @bbcrb yes @TVsAndyClarke @bbcrb it needs a gay man's intervention @joe_lemer @bbcrb amazing @WhiteCherry It's very fashionable
@Kim_Biscuit ah yes of course @kathyclugston @BBCGQT @Botanygeek glamourAlso enjoyed listening to these when I was feeling peaky and even when I wasn't. BBC Sounds has come on, I now need…'t wait for this, rocks up on Netflix on Friday - just watched The Meyerowitz Stories too, also with Noah Baumba… @JHolmesEsq @bbcrb still waiting .............Is this the most depressing Christmas tree in Bristol? No lights, no cheer @bbcrb @WhiteCherry haha @bbcrb @cavworld @savechildrenuk @BBCSounds Missed it last night? You can catch up at exactly 2 hours 47 minutes in…
Retweeted by Claire CavanaghWoman of the year and hair of the year
Totterdown'll be on @bbcrb this afternoon about 5:45pm chatting to @cavworld about my 12 hour #Christmas DJ marathon raising…
Retweeted by Claire CavanaghLittle #Traffic update / #BristolNews #HotwellRoad / #BridheValleyRd blocked. Traffic turning round. Looks like…
Retweeted by Claire Cavanagh @JonCraig_Photos @brunelsbridge @bbcrb @Bristol_People @bristol247 taPopped in to @bbcrb to talk about my book (and, weirdly, my childhood?!) with Steve Yabsley. Took a photo with…
Retweeted by Claire CavanaghListen out for some Snow Queen fun on @bbcrb a little after 3pm today! ❄️😊❄️ @cavworld #merrybristmas @RedgraveTheatre
Retweeted by Claire CavanaghLove this look
@IvanJacksonUK So much for unconditional love.Oh and that's that boy's parentsStill happening. Still not okay @downsy 😄 @downsy eerily emptyFools. I would have handed it to Monica first of course. @CFrankpitt will she thank you for this Catherine? @hitchmanbea hahaaaaaaa
@Littlun007 TutMe with everything Rolling Stone article about Tina Turner who is 80 - er - yes 80 @chrisneill brilliant - so many lolzIf you want something amusing in your life, then I recommend this .... @chrisneill off of BBC Soundssssss - it's c…
@Bristol_Jane @BristolLifeMag @Heatherika1 I've heard of herIf you spot a copy of @BristolLifeMag when you're out and about, you'll find an interview with yours truly on the i…
Retweeted by Claire CavanaghForget Cyber Monday, we're doing Cider Monday on the show next week @bbcrb drink up thy...........etc @jopijedd shockerHelp!!! Flogging frozen branded food to small children.
@WhiteCherry V early doorsIs there any colour for the weather other than grey?
@Colin_England @thekillers @ashtongatestad @bbcrb Rubbish
@TamsinBookey My Christmas obsessed, Wham-loving colleague was gagging to see it and detested it @FreyaGLee @BBCGlos Well done babes @sweetcumin @laurarawlings congrats !!!Talking about the crazy demand for @thekillers tickets @ashtongatestad tonight on the show - weird how someone appe… Claires. My time will come.
@kathyclugston do you play uke with all your guests ? I love this novelty and may adopt it
Why doesn’t ITV put all its cookery programmes on an online streaming platform called ITVHob?
Retweeted by Claire CavanaghComedy and food, what a combination! Belly Laughs is back at restaurants and bars across Bristol in January, and yo…
Retweeted by Claire Cavanagh @jarroddickenson hahaMassive congrats to the brilliant @iamyola for being nominated for “Best New Artist” at the Grammys @RecordingAcad.…
Retweeted by Claire Cavanagh @itsginajones all true @jarroddickenson @bbcradiobristol loved that thanks Jarrod ! Beautiful trackSeeing this tonight @BristolOldVic and most looking forward to it'm listening to S Club and loving it. More on that later @beardedjourno Printed Goods Shop in Totterdown Centre, on Wells Road, run by 2 cool brothers, lots of original art…
@ChrisArnoldInc Hahaha @sweensween Is he going to be part of the leader's debate?Best thing about debate so far is Julie E's suit and specs. I approveThe set's like 15 to 1 #LeadersDebateIt's actually called Johnson v Corbyn! I thought that was a joke ! @callytaylor @Foyles Nice!! @AmyMorse_Writer That gif!!Ooh. I'm on a QBuster which is a bus from Nottingham but IN Bristol. Will it take me to visit my mate Bianca who lives in Nottingham?Got so many layers on and my rucksack and can now hardly move my arms feel like I interrupted something...
Retweeted by Claire Cavanagh @TamsinBookey love that
It's a shame the women can't play at their home stadiums every week - what a response from Spurs ! forward to this one ... 3 year old is wandering around the house in just a t shirt and shorts. I said ‘are you cold?’ And she said ‘nah.…
Retweeted by Claire CavanaghI love how unimpressed Roger Federer looks about this skit
Ok so yes this was my Friday @jhansonradio @bbcrb #ChildrenInNeed @thedensley Wow @westcountrybird Oh god
Next year... Cav-aroke. @Lilliemaenot I love this!! So cute @bbcrb @jhansonradio @mallcribbs Nice one!!! @CFrankpitt @theemmabritton @jhansonradio @adam_crowther @deanjpoolman @RMegi @bbcrb Thank you Catherine! @SS654321 @bbcrb @mallcribbs Amazing response. So generous @twig1946 I think she's brilliant. And kids love herWhen I saw the reaction of that girl meeting Jodie Whitaker on #childreninneed can't believe there was an actual row about a woman Dr WhoTHREE hours to go - and Pudsey is still going strong @mallcribbs 💪💛 You’ve all been BRILLIANT - let’s keep donati…
Retweeted by Claire Cavanagh @markolver @bellylaughs2 YaaaaasBig shout out to my main bear Pudsey, always keeps it real. #ChildrenInNeed2019
Retweeted by Claire CavanaghThis @bbcrb #pudsey #CIN live at @mallcribbs this avo and til 9pm !!!! @theemmabritton @adam_crowther @johndarvall"I said for you, Lord Delfont, it would be an honour and a pleasure."
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