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NYTimes just sent a headline - Met Opera will remained closed for anothah year chilling message for Broadway and Comedy Clubs.
Retweeted by tom thecazz caswell @MAStateLottery Luna @kristinseltman It's the Jets vs Sharks all over again. If it's for wings ? Blue cheese for the win @DanielleMurr @CharlieBakerMA How about Comedy clubs / entertainment establishments ? These folks haven't been able… Monday, restaurants will be able to seat up to 10 people at a table, and can serve food at the bar, accor…
Retweeted by tom thecazz caswell @susie_qsie Maybe Guy Fieri and call it TTT ? @susie_qsie @OctopusCaveman If I meet any hot chick and her rap name is Lil-tetracycline IM OUT,eegaurdlee how great her lyrics are
@NBCSBoston @tomecurran He owed Pete one lol @amycnmt11 @sunrisemvmt @Elizbethperkins Yeah no one has the right after a certain time but would u want great medical care for woman ? @amycnmt11 @sunrisemvmt @Elizbethperkins And so doesn't the mother @kellymacfarland OMGGGGGG yes, it is when you and God make deals @WendyLiebman Yes and they sucked @amycnmt11 @sunrisemvmt @Elizbethperkins Well will you raise & pay for this child then if she does not ? Obviously…
@MAStateLottery LUNA @Keefe21 Who will be fired first ? it's easily going to be Patricia and thats the landing McDaniels landing spot @thebeatles No where man @susie_qsie With an Altoid in your mouth ? @RealRebelElle @susie_qsie Right, it's no longer 1794 lol @AdamSchefter As sick as PM Has been playing thier kicker is ICE , and he is the best in the league right now @AdamSchefter But in 3 weeks from now will the coach still be there if they keep blowing games ? @stephenasmith @Patriots @Seahawks @TomBrady No Stephen Cam was making vintage Cam throws and people forget how tal… @trickyniki Dahmmmmmmmm on the ole boobtube tv network,right ? @suecostello Fright Train Costello chugging right on through Success station hahaaaa @jessicamreyes Lmao right and the mullet doesn't help @davidalangrier Do not but Anything off of IG, every stupid item I ever bought has been crap @KennethWReid They could replace Elvis's picture with yours @SweetFeet_White Mr White, I'm just a fan of yours. I heard about your families accident and I simply want to conv… @amycnmt11 @sunrisemvmt @Elizbethperkins No government has the right to tell any woman what they can or cannot do w…
@MAStateLottery Luna @CNN He's probably called the holocaust fake news too but believes in a mythical spiritual leader what an asshole.… @CAJinSB Duhhhhh, as a child he hunted house workers with falcons @iamcolinquinn Noooooooo way CC ! But I would say it's easily 70-30 in the MOBTOP Beatles Fav. But post B's were s… @susie_qsie A finger banginging in public you ment? Right @suecostello I don't know but I think yes is the answer grasshopper-sue , so that being said snatch the pebble from my hand @altonbrown Any Major dude would but while sipping on Black Cows ! @suecostello For your meme, I loved that show. The creation / idea from Bruce Lee but he wanted to star in it @KennethWReid @JessicaKirson Was that for luck ? @CharlotteAlter President Trump pats himself for ONLY loosing over 250,000 Americans and calls himself a hero ? And… @KennethWReid Living at Hotel Reid I would be too @secupp Can we impeach Bill Barr and replace him with Bill Burr ? So we do not have to change the monogrammed towels ?Fuck him to the depths of hell forever. Retweet if you agree.
Retweeted by tom thecazz caswell @iamcolinquinn Georges -Beware of Darkness. But his " all things must pass " is the greatest post Beatles and one… @bonniemcfarlane @RichVos If you had to guess on how many people lost money on that prop bet ? Lol congratulations @TheGregHillShow @DanielleMurr It's the NBA they don't need coached, the players run the league @JimGaffigan We if we are going to continue eating pies & cakes ? Always sweatpants , the crumbs don't stick to our… @CAJinSB You mean Adolf Trump, his family is from Germany
@arappeport He gave himself a pat on the back for ONLY loosing 250,000 citizens @JenKirkman The entire Trump staff is like the cast of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest. The only smart one was Chie… @CAJinSB He's a bumbling magician that's uses hocus pocus and blames the audience why the rabbit was already dead before the trick began @CAJinSB @FoxNews It 1,000,000 percent came from a lab. YOU do not shut down oh let's just THE WORLD from Bat-Jerk… @UnfilteredVicki Who cares !
@DavidLMcDonough NBA is more fixed than WWE
@janellejcomedy @KFreehams and your Welcome @mayamanion Or the Fray, because there isn't enough sad in breakup music @chrissyteigen @kellyclarkson That looks awesome @CAJinSB Caputo needs a cellmate, I'm thinking Trump will be available in about 80 days from now @MAStateLottery LUNAThese are again words NOT IN TRUMPS vocabulary @jimandsamshow All sponcered by WWE network, your halftime entertainment is a MMA fight @LPizzle I'm curious is MUFFUCKAS a word in the venus dictionary ? @seanseaevans why are you not the spokesperson for getting rid of Covid19? Heat kills this virus and Ghost Peppers… @HeatherHegedus @boston25 @wutrain That's a great video, inspired and energetic @Scaramucci You played the crazy card yourself and got out early, smart move. #TrumpLiedPeopleDied @AVenezuelan19 I imagine that's how chicks with a great set must feel with thier flat chested friends ? Or just in… @pinkmagiclala Those eyes are captivating @ItsSamG Yesssssssss @CNN Because the Government is spraying some sort of chemicals in the air for some sort of experiment, to either sp… @WendyLiebman With that much power all men are insane,some simply hide it better. #TrumpLiedPeopleDied @TopChefA3 @PadmaLakshmi @tomcolicchio I'm not sure if you folks know that chef AARON GRISSOM passed away on Sept 8, car accident @MrSeanSullivan you know the word DUDE and come'on you got to be shitting me will be involved
@FeliciaMichaels Lmao. THONG @Steve_Perrault People still put on Hernandez jerseys on @nachosarah That's fucking funny ! @DaleKeefeWEEI @TheGregHillShow I would confirm that too off I could putt it off @cambridgegirl @universalhub 2 people were holding hands and making out with out MASKS ! this is going national @suecostello Nobody and I mean nobody puts baby in a cage @suecostello There is NOTHING slow about you Ms Sunshine lol if you have or ever thinking of getting a tattoo get o… @scottzolak Dahm a little ZoCheese pizza is the only way to measure greatness, if you order something else ,your just hiding something @YianniKourakis @MikeReiss I tottaly agree with you Because I'm convinced he owns a time traveling machine @MW55 What kind of ribs ? Are you a wet or dry rub guy ? @Met_CindyFitz @WCVB The screen is glowing between your smile and your dress @CAJinSB none of these words are in Trump's thoughts or vocabulary @JonoZalay Ouchie @RealMattCouch Voting for Trump @DesiJed Get in line sister, if I can on top the highest mountain and chant those exact same words @FeitsBarstool Get in line, there was a line miles long before you lol @Jennifer_Eagan @WCVB Of course there will be , this is 2020, and of course some idiot out there will find it offen… @UnfilteredVicki A little John Cougar Melencamp going on this morning ?
@CAJinSB A REAL PRESIDENT would worry about it but instead on how he looks or what he said
@marcmaron I'll bring over pastrys from Bovas in the NEnd #Boston @kathleenmadigan Anybody else on a reg network would have been fired for the crap Skip said. @DavidLMcDonough He had balls once, you nailed it Dave. @JewdyGold Duhhhh and what blows my mind away is you have audio evidence on EVERYTHING and his supporters call it f… @PadmaLakshmi No just a bunch of sheep who are willing to die for a false prophet. Herman Cain was the 1st and will not be the last @susie_qsie #Open is a great app @littlesteven_ug Blondie - Dreaming " when I met you in the restaurant, you could tell I was no debutante @susie_qsie Fells avenue blue