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"It brings people together and creates community where they might not otherwise have it," says choir director. |… a look into how Canadian families are really spending and stretching their money every month. | @CBCKids
@Lizziethewako raw or cooked? :-) @3RsAB Appreciate the share! @CBC.@mattgallowaycbc passed the torch to @Nanaaba of @cbcfreshair fame. She will fill in on @podcastplaylist until… @KatBarrell @meghanheffern Here you go Kat! @regina_foxie Guess they were all good! @kimberdray @cbcmarketplace Tx for sharing the item Kimberley.What’s your favourite recipe passed down through your family? 🍲 🥘 🍜 @zainabsc24 @CBCMusic @CBCKids Awesome Z! Thanks, as always, for sharing a special tune. @JANEMCARTHUR11 @RobinMazumder Are you an urbanite Jane? @TraceyLewington @CBCDetectives Glad you found the show Tracey! Tx for the feedback.There are currently more than 3,400 orphaned wells across Alberta, and cleaning them up could cost taxpayers billio… Little was hit last May but found some pain came not from the accident but from its aftermath. | @CBCNL
@pomme55754383 Sounds beautiful! @eoslove2014 @cbcmarketplace Appreciate the feedback Garry. @conniemarples Which artists do you like Connie? @adaptivecoach That's amazing - and very difficult. Good for you! @KatyRamosBorges Good for you Katy - the world needs volunteers. Where? @torokoi Wow - hope it happens - send us a picture!It’s not a beach picnic, it’s a chance to dine on the ocean floor. And it’s sold out. | @CBCTheNational @violet1967 Do you have a favourite bird? @ErinDudka Nice @RaianneMachado7 Where to first? @pepeetovalencia @steffan1955 Agreed! @schumphster @BruceTrail_BTC Awesome Lisa! Enjoy the day hikes! @Mel_Heth Ah, sweet!What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue? 🚲 🎨 🤺Fun activity for your little ones this weekend! | @CBCKids company says production part of 2020/21 season, the final one for artistic director Karen Kain. |…
@koocyecats It's a smile, it's a kiss... ;)sib! 🔥🔥you can stream all episodes of #UtopiaFalls on @hulu and @CBC Gem! 💃🏿 flames!
Retweeted by CBC @Jaynergeorge Makes you want to move your dancing feet! Great tune, Jayne! @LinkGirrrl Turtle Power! @RebeccaFergy A disco classic! @DNeilson77 Ok! I believe you ;) Nice one David! @bitswift_tech Oh no... ;)More than 60,000 Canadians complained of being contacted by scammers and some victims handed over life savings. |… @DougLlo42095613 So good! Thanks Doug! @TysonMontgomery Believe it's Begonia. Does that make sense?It's a fact! Here's to 45 years of love. 😂❤️ | 🎥: Kids in the Hall @Beth3cats That's a good way to get Friday going! @christiesuzy1 Epic! @The_HeadGame @originalasia Yes! @RaisedonAMRadio Nice throwback! @shalsawa @PaulSimonMusic Such a good one, Shalyn! An introduction to the music of South Africa for a lot of us too! @TrueGirlRoxx Ooh! Takes us back to the 90's, eh? @RKadySwift Tonight's gonna be a good time with that song! @rundem Big tune, Mary!Sam Rowley, who took the photo, was named Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He spent a week trying to capture his… @caravanstrong A good way to brighten up your Friday indeed! @babiestyles_ SO much Lizzo! @GareyMme Shake it up! Nice one! @KimRyanMakes Ha! Hope it plays for you in the very near future. @ring4_squishee Happy to hear he was part of you childhood too :) @barbaudet Goodness gracious, Barb! Thanks for sharing! @EllaC88 Yes! We'll have to give it a spin today :) @JayBee79057343 A wedding classic! And made famous by a band from Edmonton! @userinputted @BV3G That takes us back! Hope you give it a spin sometime today ;) @slewisimpson So much yes! @JarvisGoogoo @MsRebeccaBlack Nice! Hope it gets you going today ;) @pofwisdom Good one indeed! We'll be sure to listen to it sometime today ;) @Makeup_Momming Right?! Says it right in the title ;)What song instantly puts you in a good mood? 🎶 🤗 @haines_barb @cbc_archives He truly was a national treasure. Glad we have clips like this so his comedy can live on!The comedian visits the Laura Secord factory for Valentine's Day in 1977. | @cbc_archives @MelissaVogel15 @Skylaa66 So glad you enjoyed the piece! @elanacamille Beautiful work, Elana Camille! Thanks for sharing it with us :)Superbowl champ @LaurentDTardif gave a heartfelt speech yesterday at @McGillu. He said he's living proof that acad… @Kellicostigan1 Amazing pic, Kelli! A striking resemblance for sure! @creatornorth @cbcradio Hi Patti! It depends on your region. It airs at 1 PM Eastern time and corresponding times across the country @doupey1 I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Duane! @LenaMamaBean Hi Lena! So glad you're a fan of the show! Our upcoming schedules have not yet been released- stay tuned!'There is no more important relationship to me than the one with Indigenous peoples,' Trudeau says. |… @MejkMimi So glad you enjoyed the show! And thanks for the suggestions! @KostiukMichelle @CBCOttawa Because your neighbour looked like him or you could hear him cutting paper all day? @hotrox56 LOL That's amazing! Thanks for making us giggle, Roxann :) @JohnNelles @cbcradio As long as you don't accidentally hit the horn. @JohnNelles @cbcradio A tapping routine makes it so much better ;)"We're coming into the classrooms, we have the unique opportunity of explaining to them what a veteran is and then…
Emma Logan uses everything from duct tape to microphones to communicate with her teammates | @CBCNS @booscott10 He's gotta hang on to that treasure! @goughroad22 @CBCOttawa That's hilarious, Jim!She licensed her viral video to be in a South Korean movie and it turned out to be the Oscar winner Parasite. |… @TheRealAirnova There aren't any current plans to make episodes available, but our fingers are crossed too ;) 🤞 @pebbles_warmac Glad that you love the Mr. Dressup nostalgia as much as we do, Pebbles :) @Ryan_ERE_Labs @cbcradio Happy Birthday Ryan!Gerry Kowalsky, 97, started his career at a Kitchener Ford dealership in 1957 and is still working today. | @CBCKW't wait! 👏👏👏 'I love you' with these #valentinesday cards featuring pizza, friendship, and big hands! | @CBCTelevision
Retweeted by CBC"I've learned a lot about grief in the past three and a half years. Among the many bruising lessons is that grief n… @haines_barb @ArchivesOntario @worldradioday There's nothing like an old-time radio play to get the imagination goi… @GrumpyCaperMK Sounds like you're well on your way! Best of luck!! @gmeanwell @NPR @BBC Thanks for taking us with you, George! #WorldRadioDay @grapedevine @Madame_JB Sounds like you were an incredibly crafty little one, Tracy! Hope you took it with you through adulthood... @Madame_JB We'd say so too!Nana aba Duncan the host of @cbcfreshair on CBC Radio One, touches on what Black History Month means to her. @lynromanko @cbcradio Happy you find comfort with us, Lyn ;) @JesscaTracy9 Mind blown, right?!? @mpgriff @cbcradio Ha! That would absolutely throw you off a little, Matt ;)