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EVENT ALERT 🚨 On Oct 6, join @Cherie_Dimaline in conversation with Eden Robinson, @NORTHERNGRRL, and cast members a…
Retweeted by CBCSweater weather has arrived, which brings with it another cozy assurance: a slew of great fall albums. | @CBCMusic American Library Association has released their list of 100 most challenged books of the past decade, from 2010… Tampa Bay Lightning are the 2020 Stanley Cup champions, hoisting the NHL's championship trophy Monday in a near… @a_m_squire Hello, send an e-mail to .A prominent Arctic research mission is coming under fire for a dress code policy that has highlighted concerns abou… had the virus under control, now its biggest cities are under new lockdown measures. | @CBCMontreal
@caitlovesdisney @mcdonaldmacken1 Hello, there are no plans for season 3 at this time, but check back with us periodically in coming months.The Arctic Sewing Room is filling up with stunning works from around the North and beyond. | @CBCNorth B.C. twins mispronounced Da Vinci and took the internet by storm. | @CBCTheNational👇👇👇NOW STREAMING ON GEM👇👇👇 @nextstopseries chronicles the lives of young Black Torontonians as they confront the c… PM passed away Sept. 28, 2000 at the age of 80. | @cbc_archives have you been baking? 🍪 🥧 🍞 | @cbcbakingshow and the @cjffjc announced today two new fellowships for Black journalists. #cdnmedia ➡…
Retweeted by CBCWeak laws leave thousands vulnerable, former privacy commissioner says. | @CBCNews
A new baby orca was born to J pod off the coast of B.C. and these women got to witness it. | @CBCTheNational's your go to pasta dish? 🍝 | @cbc_life"My board book is for little girls and little boys. It's showing them different hairstyles that are based off of na…
@Bollockchops81 Hello. No, there is a BBC War of the Worlds production that is different. This is a Studio Canal… Mattmac, the blind Oji-Cree artist who writes, raps and produces his own music. | @CBCIndigenous @itscaylawithac Checking Cayla! @CBCCalling all writers! We've compiled a list of Canadian print and online magazines and journals that are open to sub…'s the news you've all been waiting's the complete lineup of this season's #BOTB competitors! ✨ ⛸️ 🏒 |…
Where's your favourite spot to take in Canada's Fall foliage? | @cbc_life @CraigDrebit Woot! In the case it's of interest, here's how to join the program's virtual audience: complex mission to rescue hundreds of pilot whales stranded off Tasmania's west coast is underway. |…'They made billions of dollars off us, off a mockery,' says the rapper and owner of Uncle P's. | @cbcasithappens #GlennGould's birthday, a survey that asks the perennial question: Which version of Bach's Goldberg Variations is better?
Retweeted by CBCToronto win secures final American League playoff spot under expanded format. | @cbcsports say Canada and its provinces are lagging behind on corporate transparency. | @CBCNB
Do you think a 24-year-old Catherine O'Hara ever imagined winning an Emmy Award in 2020? come cities in Canada often don't have a Japantown? In the first in a series of important history lessons (in…❤️ Canada's Emmy®-winning family? ❤️ Stream this Emmy award-winning show today: people have taken up growing their own fruits or veggies during the pandemic. With winter on the horizon, they… government's plan favours 'targeted action,' according to document obtained by CBC. | @CBCToronto
Trudeau addresses the nation on fight against COVID-19 | Special Coverage
Retweeted by CBCThrone Speech | Special Coverage with @RosieBarton
Retweeted by CBCHere are the works of Canadian poetry we can't wait to read this season. | @cbcbooks @MellonMelanie @MohawkGirls Oh awesome! How about... Workin' Moms next? @rdwaldon These items alone sound like something that would inspire a sketch from Baroness von Sketch Show. Enjoy! @MoksyCat This eclectic combo makes us think you'd enjoy the cringe-comedy Pen15: @thmsgrg Classic. We think you'd enjoy... Tall Boyz! @positiveupside Kim's Convenience for you (Mr. Kim would likely lend you a paperclip if you ran out). @Wee3Minis Big Men, Small Dogs for you! @katepaddon @Altoids Sounds like Workin' Moms would be a good fit! @mommapollock You can put the masks / wipes away for a while when you stay in to binge 5 seasons of... Luther! @elaura315 Perfect! We think you'd enjoy In Dog Years: @LisatheHoff Swarovski pen, eh? You might enjoy A Very Royal Wedding! @TeenPeoplePod @sydraecalvert We think you'd enjoy the cringe-comedy Pen15 @JuliaLipscombe This feels like a Workin' Moms bag. @mlgregoire @Fishermans_CA @ThePURCompany @TheBodyShop This sounds like a perfect combo to equal = Chewing Gum… @HarbourWest We think you'd enjoy the doc Big Men, Small Dogs! @lonelysocalwrkr Well, you'll need more candy, and that grocery list so that you can make your own creations from..… @qctranslator This combination (somehow) equals: DaVinci's Inquest @tworsandtwols We assume you're using that pen to create some excellent doodles while on transit, so... here's an e… @magentamermaid Love it! We think you might enjoy Escape to the Chateau: @dayne_patricia If you love the great outdoors, we think you'd enjoy this doc: @joelrobison_ We think you'd enjoy the cinematic beauty of Manufactured Landscapes: @HereIsNini You can use that pencil to write down your top answers when you play along with Family Feud Canada! @brendadiffley You'll need to use that lens cloth to clean your glasses from laughing and crying when you watch Sch… @EmileMehr We couldn't help but think of this episode of The Nature of Things: A Bee's Diary @bonnie_toupin The mention of sunscreen made us think of this doc: Snowbirds @marymovesyou How about this doc? Amazon: What They Know About Us @SandraMTrade How about this episode of The Nature of Things? @AnnamariaAlbo We thought you might enjoy this doc: Sickboy @ABSwebCanada @Leatherman Sounds like Dragons' Den is a good fit! @SooM70255705 Bag Lady? How about... Hey Lady! (warning: it's hilarious) @PajahP For some reason we think you'd like this doc: @WinterOneNight You'd for sure enjoy Big Men, Small Dogs. @historykirby We think you'd enjoy Kim's Convenience! @jessicaaloian Lol. Chewing Gum for you! @6ixophile No questions asked. For you we recommend High Hopes: The Business of Marijuana @traanhoolie We recommend Normal People! @ShaLynn02353106 How about... The Artists! @Ketchum_All We have so many... questions. But the randomness is awesome. And so is Baroness von Sketch Show. Enjoy! @Yasmim_with_M Alias Grace? @EmilyJadeMc Dragons' Den for you! @jakern41 Sounds like you're ready to get to work. We suggest: Power & Politics @DPR_MB Sure!! Except there's no cake 😥 BUT - there's the Great Canadian Baking Show, so... 🙂 @whitesheep15 This episode of This Hour Has 22 minutes! @ArushanaS All because you said gum... @jennapilgrim Oooh, Dragons' Den for you! @Hanigsberg You might be interested in this doc: @puppymcpooch Sounds like you'd love Travel Man: 48 Hours In... @julia85 We think you'd love Queens: @mjbrezinski The amazing details of this reply helps us feel confident you'd enjoy Baroness von Sketch Show. @Adrienne_Pan The randomness of this is amazing, and our suggestion is in your answer.. Pen15:… @emily15180760 Without a doubt: Workin' Moms. @hovergravatar The car keys are *always* at the bottom. For you, we suggest this cringe comedy web series: Pen15… @CoulSuzanne How about... Canada's A Drag! @Darke_Conteur Yes, of course! How about this short doc: Pandemic Elementary: @rafayagha Not exactly sure how to interpret that, so we just closed our eyes - scrolled the page, and landed on Li… us 3 things we'd find in the bottom of your purse / backpack / fanny pack / pockets (you get the idea) and we'…’s how you can watch today's throne speech:
Retweeted by CBCTeara Fraser, a pilot and the owner of Iskwew Air, says she's feeling honoured to be one of 18 women featured in DC… @sophnielubowicz Hey there, here's where to apply for the role: provinces experiencing significant increases in food costs that are outstripping the rest of Canada. |… @sturchyn @KimsConvenience Hey Sheila, season 5 will air in our Winter 2021 CBC Television lineup — so soon!CBC News analyzed data on all confirmed cases of COVID-19 collected by Public Health Agency of Canada. | @CBCNews