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@DetBuckets For real @DetroitPistons @LCArena_Detroit @FOXSportsDet @971theticketxyt Please at least make it worth staying up for @JimMFelton Invaded Ireland cause they weren’t Catholic, then invaded again because they were too Catholichey twitter friends happy 420 of april to everyone which means smoking weed cigarettes
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im fucking crying
Retweeted by x-Whatshis Name.... Conor Bennett THAT’S IT @guardian_sport @Joeeeeeee_96 @AccidentalPLou Williams eating nachos in masterpiece paintings: a thread 𝗟𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗿𝗱𝗼 𝗱𝗮 𝗩𝗶𝗻𝗰𝗶 (b. 1452) 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙇𝙖𝙨𝙩 𝙎𝙪𝙥𝙥𝙚𝙧, 1498 Te…
Retweeted by x-Whatshis Name.... Conor Bennett THAT’S IT @DuncanSmithNBA It is I.... THE POPE @MLB For Christ sake just vote Vogelbach @kesselscored They can’t play together. Split them to start the season but see which one you can more for @UKTVPlay @PhilNWang @taskmaster @davechannel Sunday night when you remember it’s a bank holiday @TheSportsman Mike Ashley’s involvementRT if you could lead the Sixers in rebounding tonight
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Can’t believe #NUFC won the Balance Sheet Cup again. What an amazing runNeed for Seed: Most Planted @NFL @NFLDraft 32⚡️ “"We started bright": Alex McLeish's Second Scotland Spell”
Retweeted by x-Whatshis Name.... Conor Bennett THAT’S IT @PennyWise1983 @faipdeooiad I thought people were saying it was scenes like the league winning goal, and VAR was ro… @bigchrisholt It won’t exclusively be a positive for Newcastle, even look at the third goal in the Everton game, bu… @BBCMOTD Why are people lamenting the correct ruling of an offside goal? Isn’t that what VAR is for @SamiZayn Yaas drag us king you stunnah @WorldWideWob The proper way to eat pringles is 7 at a time
@jeskeets If sitting tonight means he gets to play either of the home games I’m fine with it. Winning 1 game is a series victory for Detroit @NewcastIeGoals Didn’t even beat themThe greatest deafest in Tottenham Hotspur history #MCITOT @GaryLineker You’re lying Gary Also, me: #JustSociallyAnxiousThings @EASPORTSFIFA @DeBruyneKev @kkoulibaly26 @OfficialRadja 82 passing on Schär is really harsh @AnfieldEdition @randallbell Somebody earned money by typing those words @Draconacticus @SkyNewsBreak “I love this taskforce, it’s full of spunk OH FOR CHRIST SAKE” @XboxIE_Official Where’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 though @EASPORTSGOLF? @LukeHarperWWE It’s a New Day, yes it is @ChronicleNUFC And they walked away immediatelyNow that @WWEGable is back on #SDLive, could we see him reunite with his father @WWEDanielBryan? #SuperstarShakeUp @KairiSaneWWE
@andrearene @getswitchfix Oh damn I’ve been waiting for one of those @Xbox @Spotify like everyone else my age, I was born in the 1990s. For some reason @Xbox PUT TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 14 ON BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY YOU BASTIDS @Pucksonnetca 🤔 @Xbox none of them are Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 so........ 🤷‍♂️ @Xbox @EsportsGears @ELEAGUETV PUT TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 14 ON BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY YOU BASTIDS @jimburnsdave @VGTomO We need more VGCU content like Bratters needs a hurricanrana off the top rope @MajorDysentry @kezamacdonald Xboxes are so easy to upgrade though. And you’d get 2TB for nothing these daysBut @rioferdy5, those players could get injured, and the Glazers have already put nearly too much OF THEIR OWN MONE… @alanshearer Cardiff Fulham and Brighton Newcastle now are huge games @themickcooper @themib Ringkampf vs British Strong Style. If Ringkampf win, BSS are banished from NXT UKIt’s an ode to @AyozePG @Envius023 @DuncanSmithNBA No early shower today @TomBrady He loves Tweetergramme @adamf2384 This might be your best workThe pundits like Jamie Carragher are right about #nufc involvement in the title run-in. Rafa Benitez loves #lfc. B…
Retweeted by x-Whatshis Name.... Conor Bennett THAT’S IT @austinwrestlin @SimonMiller316 How else are you going to feel the Viking Experience? @WWE @Xbox Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 or GTFO @VGTomO @Xbox And Tiger Woods games too @Maffewgregg Can’t wait for Jordan Devlin to become Twin Balor @scully1888 It probably would be powerful enough to emulate yeah. It’s then just down to whether Sony would want to develop it @Munsterrugby Dog brought all the intense-sit-ty, and that’s the main reason for the win @IGN THE NEWS BROKE BEFORE BEYOND @jmdornbush @PlayStation 3rd birthday Rafa #RBASANDTHEMATCHDAYBEAUTIESFOREVER #NUFC @rioferdy5 @btsportfootball @ManUtd @FCBarcelona @ChampionsLeague @TeamMessi Over there is where you get all the be… birthday, dads #NUFC #Patriots @ryansatin Roman, Brock or RondaScenes from Gorilla at #RAW last night @Maffewgregg @SimpsonsWWE #SuperstarShakeUp @SimonMiller316 @FightOwensFight @BellCentre
@NicolasHenkel You should get a tattoo of “Get a tattoo of ‘41-41’ on your ass” @WWE @TheDeanAmbrose @WWERomanReigns @WWERollins @WWENetwork @rogie91 @AlanColeman86 Think that’s the point Rafa and Lascelles are trying to say. No point in doing like Fulham… @SkySportsMNF @WatfordFC @premierleague Can we take Alan Smith off Arsenal games? @scully1888 I’d be well up for a remaster of the original trilogies. I’d love to seen them in the newer style of Lego games @DLeaguePod @MrMichaelLee The roster inherited by Mr. Casey is to blame there. Lacking in bigs to come off the bench and contribute @realDonaldTrump @Xbox MikadoAnthonyMartialsRightFoot @ChronicleNUFC Ah. It’s only auld TalkSport shite. Move along lads, nothing to see here @1892JP After years and years of relegation fights, and back to back relegations, their club is finally having a br… @CarmellaWWE Surely you can call the release party for your wine “Coachmella” @NaeNaeFacade @Or4Now @BullenRoss @LouisatheLast You act like chair hockey is a breeze though. Burns coaches that t… @DeludedOf Didn’t they say this last year?Anybody wanna talk about the irony of team tank telling everyone that making the playoffs, getting swept and droppi…
Bucks in 5. JUST GIVE US ONE GAME BASKETBALL GODS #DetroitBasketball #Pistons #NBAPlayoffs @PistonsThoughts Gonna need big nights from the bench to stand a chance. Langston and Luke gotta be firing @BossMoz @denniswmeredith @kevinmcgahern Vatican City Gaels jerseys are like winning Euromillions numbers in Coppers @TMulcahy29 @LostBoyNUFC180 Maybe not none of them, but Gary’s more the exception than the rule @LostBoyNUFC180 Sky really need to stop giving commentators and pundits games of their old teams, because none of t… @CousinVinny_ @TomBrady WHAT YEAR IS IT?“I’M BACK BABY” #TheMasters 🐅 @GallowgateShots As much as I love Houghton, I’d be way happier if they went downI see the Chronicle Takeover cycle is spinning again. Christ almighty #NUFC @ChronicleNUFC Fixed it lads @DetroitPistons @FOXSportsDet @NBAonTNT @971theticketxyt additions of Rondon and Almiron are quite key in his form. He’s no longer the focal point up front and isn’t ex… @thommc18 @NicolasHenkel I still think they should have held out in game 1