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Conor Bennett @CBennett_12 Ballysaggart, Co. Waterford

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@GallowgateShots @antanddec @PistonsThoughts You can’t Cam a guy, you gotta go the full Camby. No surrender @DuncanSmithNBA Healthy Reggie Jackson helped to no end. It’s going to come down to weather you can keep Reggie and Blake healthy @SumBlaqGuy @eh_kees @eh_kees @SumBlaqGuy @Joenufc1987 I mean, he did used to get the clubs to announce transfers late so they’d miss the daily papers @JCordae @PistonsThoughts @BULLETlN Yeah but the soccer streams has been dodging copyrights for months, so maybe this was next @ChronicleNUFC All your favourite numbers, right here @JaredDudley619 @PistonsThoughts @zay_turna Josh Smith? @UpUpDwnDwn @WWE @AJStylesOrg @Sheltyb803 @mrbriankendrick @AriyaDaivariWWE @FightOwensFight @infinite_scream @SkySportsNews Ooh, I bet it won’t be must watch @lazchance It’s okay, he’s only going to be playing with LeBron “Singlehandedly won the Eastern conference in 2018… @SkySportsNews Unlucky Sky, ye’ll get yer guy eventuallyHence the crisps @sportbible The blue and winter T90 Aerow IIs are the nicest footballs ever created @soccer_sauce Club going to comment. Good one @ppounder @JimWhite I hear Sky Sports are going to pay the release fee for Chelsea @eurogamer What's behind the current wave of time-loop games? @GallowgateShots 14 days. A veritable fork in the road for the club, and nobody has any idea what’s going on
He’s gonna do it, isn’t he #USOpen @FriendsWrestle Elizabeth’s dad has been robbed here. A standout guest character @ccchtti @PatriotsSBLIII He did it, then did it again, the mad bastard @JonnyGabriel Excuse me, he scored the winner of the 2003 FA Premier League Asia Cup final shootout. That was heartbreaking for all involvedSomewhere around Moe / Ralph @ZarZarBinks_Zax Lakers fans Real Madrid fans 🤝 Demanding for another star when one arrives @SkySportsNews @ManUtd Voted no just for the fun of it. It’s all just light entertainment @shamshammgod Imagine the explosion if the trade was announced Thursday night when the Lakers were on the clock @NewcastleFansTV The other 5 being Man City, Arsenal, Spurs, Liverpool and Man United, Chelsea having given up due to their ban @TaylorandBesty It’s so hard to care atm, and the tough start to next season won’t help nerves if ownership doesn’t change @seanmac67 @MunsterGAA 3 teams on 4 points so score difference between them, Limerick have the most, Clare have the least @scully1888 The EA Sports Big Collection Def Jam Vandetta Fifa Street / 2 NBA Street / V2 / V3 NFL Street / 2 / 3 SSX / Tricky / 3 @thezsmooth Nintenmo Nintendo Nintena Nintenár Nintenbhur Nintena
@DuncanSmithNBA @wojespn National Basketball Association is the fucking best drama series @AdamSchefter No, KembaBig Bourbon street Bois #DoItBig @lazchance Kemba with the other three is water buckets @SimonZebo @wojespn @SportsCenter Him later @PistonsThoughts @wojespn and GOOD NIGHT @wojespn WOJ B O M B @ANobody83 @Advil @NFL And went into Arrowhead and delivered a game winning drive in OT @WWERDream Riddle @Cultaholic The best part of this episode is where @RossOnRasslin says Shane is feuding with Roman on Raw, and Miz… @Thecountrynerd @jimburnsdave @RobThez We don’t really speak like that either @OriginalFunko Father Ted @SkySportsNews Over under for the new contract at 5.5 million? @MagpieChannel_ Wouldn’t mind it, if the puma logo was the light blue of the sponsors @hockeynight Still a long way to catch Murray’s 22 all time rookie playoffs wins @PFF_Sam @TomPelissero Scots Gaelic
@PistonPugsz Dusting off all my Kyle O’Reilly memes for next season @KaiKawasumi @agentbizzle Yeah, I think the future of E3 is everyone having Direct style presentations in the week… @Patriots Still, prepare your anus in DecemberNah here, seriously like? @chocoplusplus @BlockRumboyz @Rumboyznet @AdamSchefter @McClain_on_NFL He’s an assistant gm and assistant coach. At… @canucksplace Here’s hoping @scully1888 @MckKirk I’ll take “Revenge of the Pish” then @BoHorvat Now you need to tell the brass to make that the regular alternate jersey. You know, with all that power you’re going to aCquireKAWHI DANCING RT FOR PROSPERITY FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR
Retweeted by Conor Bennett @dankilleen94 @UTDSAF @MirrorFootball @DiscoMirror Well he was one of two players Pep singled out when they lost, a… @WWERollins Maybe it’s not Becky, maybe it’s his laugh @UTDSAF @MirrorFootball @DiscoMirror Yes tbh. Will be number 1 central midfielder going into new season, granted it… @Sporf @diarioas @Cristiano @Ibra_official @Torres @neymarjr @hazardeden10 @Guaje7Villa Get a trophy for that? @LukeHarperWWE One week closer Luke @jimburnsdave My question is general Burns encouragement. Whatever rant this question interrupts, just let him say another line @Munsterrugby Not messing around with these coaching hires. I love it @jeskeets You’ve had 24 years to sleep
@ToonPolls Will post the same text in dozens of replies @DanaWarriorWWE Just a reminder, this woman is a part of the current creative team... @Canucks @Canucks How many votes do we need to get to scrap that crap above and make this the permanent alternate jersey? @Cultaholic To be fair, the shouting match should have been with Vince, not each other @XavierWoodsPhD @GeorgeCaulkin @bigchrisholt @NUFCTheMag @NUFCThreatLevel He’s gonna get the best out of Mickey Addedon @NUFC @premierleague @Arsenal Garry Monks Black White Army @scully1888 I still hear that crap in my nightmares @ChronicleNUFC None of them in the clubs current state @Jordan_Devlin1 @RavenCreed_ @mothfromdaflats @Real_Valkyrie @sean_guinness_ Time for a Dublin show I’d say @TriciaLockwood Did the cover shatter like glass because someone not called Linda picked it up? @randallbell St Etienne and Toulouse is delayed because of Karen‘s complicated McDonalds order @jasonschreier The hoops I had to go through to get an interview with Bowser. I say through, it was on top of. I s… @NUFCThreatLevel “I spent all the clubs minutes from our package on phone calls to the Sheikh in Dubai, so we weren… proper sham @PremierSportsTV @primevideosport Thanks @primevideosport Are these the same ones you have in Ireland then @PremierSportsTV, or will the midweek games differ? @NUFC @premierleague @Arsenal Gordon Strachan’s Black White Army @NUFC @premierleague @Arsenal Malky Mackay’s Black White Army @NUFC @premierleague @Arsenal Graeme Souness’ Black White Army @NUFC @premierleague @Arsenal Ally McCoist’s Black White Army @NUFC @premierleague @Arsenal Martin Jol’s Black White Army @NUFC @premierleague @Arsenal Sol Campbell’s Black White Army @NUFC @premierleague @Arsenal Tim Sherwood’s Black White Army @lee_ryder We won’t beat Norwich away. Promoted teams never lose first home game @NUFC @premierleague JokeBig 6 team at home first weekend ☑️ First home game for newly promoted team weekend after ☑️ Big 6 team weekend aft… sake #NUFC @NUFC @premierleague Spurs at home, obviously @richeisen Meanwhile, in BC
He didn’t sell Newcastle, It was never for sale Now we’re stuck with Dwight Gayle @CNarr07 Top bins