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geek mama, RN BSN, I sew. Persevere. sewing project & pet photos;

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Mayor @tedwheeler, if you are going to peddle this as humane, you at least owe attention – your time, your conversa…
Retweeted by cbglacier @ellesanto @GoodishIntent It will happen, mine are 17 & 21, they shower & do their laundry, have clean rooms... exc…
@devynn_marshall <3
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@H_MitchellPhoto Release the Whiteboard.
Retweeted by cbglacier @steph93065 @pjbreenphoto Many folks on Twitter have called angry whites who express hatred of non-whites, brandish…
Retweeted by cbglacierFrom PDX-area ER worker: "All but one patient [I saw] today was COVID+. None were able to get enough oxygen from ro…
Retweeted by cbglacier @lesbrains "We Gotta Get Out of This Place"
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Same & I’m not even in inpatient anymore
@DanaDelany @EricGoldlust @Kikiofren That’s what I get for not looking up IMDb ;) @DanaDelany @EricGoldlust @Kikiofren Oh!! Thanks for the connection clarification! I wish #ChinaBeach was more ava… @EricGoldlust @Kikiofren It’s about a medical unit during Vietnam war. Main character was a RN #ColleenMcMurphy pla… @Kikiofren @EricGoldlust Aaron Sorkin worked on ER which was created by John Wells who also created China Beach. I… @Kikiofren @DGlaucomflecken Big influence on my decision too.
@Kikiofren @EricGoldlust I was already an adult when ER was on, I went back to school & graduated at 41.… you imagine these anti mask people taking the beach at Normandy, or rationing their food to support the war effort?
Retweeted by cbglacier @Kikiofren @DGlaucomflecken Big influence on my decision too.
@SAghdashloo @ExpanseOnPrime Looks like @jasonpal_art #jasonpalmerart ??A Zoom Thanksgiving is better than an ICU Christmas
Retweeted by cbglacier @devynn_marshall @Tonim16_ He was & will always be immensely proud of you.... I don’t believe in much but I believe… student loan debt and also cancel student LUNCH debt while we’re at it what a cruel country
Retweeted by cbglacierWe’re like 1 million cases away from this guy intubating you in a hospital storage closet, so wear a mask please.
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If you think that virtual Thanksgivings are impersonal and cold, virtual funerals are far worse.
Retweeted by cbglacierSo we can bailout banks, auto, airline, and insurance companies due to deregulation and rampant greed But we can’t…
Retweeted by cbglacier1 million cases in 6 days
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@TBZhaanFan Willingly always my friend even with purple feathers up my nose ;) @KickBrainTumors Yes, RNs @DanToEarth1 @evenoxmyx @KickBrainTumors Thank you!! @TBZhaanFan Which is why you are my very favorite. I have laughed with you better than anyone else. You help my heart @ravenscimaven That I have space ships & autographs tattooed on my calf,,, unless of course I’m at a comic con in m…
This Dr @choo_ek she cares more than we deserve & will save your life. Her & all #hcw need you to stay home, stay s…
Today is the day to begin quarantine for those who are gathering with friends and family who are also quarantining!
Retweeted by cbglacierThe issue isn’t beds or ventilators. It’s people. In many states, there already aren’t enough nurses/docs to care…
Retweeted by cbglacier @verybigpiss @tonyver45 @DGlaucomflecken they made hooks for them from the stylet
Goop is especially harmful as they wrap up medical lies and conspiracy theories with a feminist ribbon. Take charge…
Retweeted by cbglacier @Galumbits @vartian I know. My brain screams when I have to agree with people I previously hated. @ecilakcub @ThatEricAlper I only have 3 vintage, but am expecting my great grandmother’s from my dad next year. I’m only a #VSMdilatante @ecilakcub That fabric! <3We need a national lockdown now. Mandatory masks. No travel. Curfew. Everything closed but essential services. Gove…
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@ABC @jcdvore #Ike100 Ike turned #100yearsold July4 he was at #pearlharbor @ansonmount My condolences on your family’s loss. My best friends dad was at #pearlharbor he turned 100 July4… the past, some of you have asked if there's a way to be updated when I've published a new piece, and I didn't ha…
Retweeted by cbglacierAs if I couldn't love @staceyabrams anymore <3
@MamaRhea2000 @DrJenGunter But film & TV sets can get tests every 3 days...I fucking love Dave Grohl, you have to say #fuckinglove when you gush about #davegrohl ... as long as your not a ch… @DrJenGunter just pre ordered it & bought The Vagina Bible as audiobook! @Galumbits @hierophantess <3Can the Dems demand a recount in ME, KY and SC?! I mean, I find it hard to believe that Collings, Moscow and Graham…
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I won't be president until January 20th, but my message today to everyone is this: wear a mask.
Retweeted by cbglacierNever. #1700hcwdied trying to care for the #238kdead! Must be nice to have to fucking hunt down things to worry about. Don’t fucking mind me over here working to… @GoodishIntent Tie dye & vaccines for ALL @the_rbf @GoodishIntent Good I need to complete my holiday set @cmariek @GoodishIntent @Starbucks Yes save the refresher & coconut milk for us truly committed lib-moms ... I like… @vartian This when vote by mail is great. Prior to it I don’t think I ever voted for anything other than president… for asking, but our current receptionist pulled off one hell of a booking this week so we’re going to stick…
Retweeted by cbglacier^~^ Rater Advisory. For those planning on using the Four Seasons Total Landscaping as your background be advised t…
Retweeted by cbglacier @MatthewRhys Hope your birthday is shiny @TBZhaanFan I'm so sorry, they'll just have to do it again post pandemic, bribe them that your friends will send gifts
@AliceEvansGruff @DonaldJTrumpJr My answer to that; don't you think if we were rigging elections Mitch&Lindsey&Susa… The goal isn’t “the way things were before Trump” because things weren’t all that great then. The goal is…
Retweeted by cbglacierNever same people who said "It can't happen here" and then "No one could have seen it coming" will now say "It wasn't…
Retweeted by cbglacier @PearlsFromMyrna the best foods are butter delivery devicesI have a sliver of hope, might as well put it to good use. Join me in supporting Donate now to win the Georgia Sena… is for you, you know who your life in such a way that the entire planet doesn’t dance in the street when you lose your job
Retweeted by cbglacierMute or Block? @KelliMc73092747 @realDonaldTrump I don’t think that means what you think it means, it’s not racist because you, me… @AliceEvansGruff @Patrick64784903 People, children dying of flu, covid, the truths & numbers coming out of all this… @Patrick64784903 @AliceEvansGruff I think less than 4years, I think in a year if he was reelected there'd been mass… pandemic plan “will be built on a bedrock of science” Sweet, sweet words #BidenHarris2020
Retweeted by cbglacierIt’s the complete sentences for me
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From a pandemic perspective we need to pretend that the transition of power happens on Nov 8.
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Retweeted by cbglacier @realDonaldTrump Waiting on your perp walk you fascist #orangeplaguerat & your pos familyAmazing Mandalorian sign guy at the celebration in McPherson Square
Retweeted by cbglacierBlack and Indigenous populations have the highest COVID mortality rate (more than 3x white Americans) of any racial…
Retweeted by cbglacierHealing requires disinfecting the wound, not ignoring it. And holding those accountable for inflicting it. This em…
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Retweeted by cbglacier @AliceEvansGruff It’s about time. They should have been the last 4 YEARSThank you John Lewis Thank you Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Retweeted by cbglacierKick her ass out the door! Second Man is Jewish. The Vice President is the Black and South Asian daughter of immigrants. The President believes in science.
Retweeted by cbglacierWe can celebrate today but we have a long way to go to fix this mess & real work to change what’s wrong, & there is… he needs to pay for all those who died & imprisoned @tweetsoutloud @marythechief Shiniest of BLUE birthdays to you both!Now fu-covfefe @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by cbglacierCelebrate responsibly — wear a mask, outdoors, 6 feet apart, hand sanitizer. Live to see inauguration.
Retweeted by cbglacierHere’s the entire clip of @VanJones68. It’s beautiful and heartfelt, it will always be how I remember this moment a…
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#ElectionDay needs to #nationalholiday thank goodness I’m not in direct patient care today @KelliMc73092747 #keepyourgodtoyourselfI snort laughed. Thank you @PearlsFromMyrna late.
Retweeted by cbglacier @Comey You put us here you fuckwit.
Retweeted by cbglacierOh fuck ALL the way off with this. Where are you when Patriot Prayer shows up armed to the teeth ready to start som…
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