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96-year-old WWII Army veteran Pete DuPre played the national anthem on his harmonica last night at Madison Square G…
Retweeted by CBSNow that they have a few episodes under their belt as Uncle Tunde and Auntie Olu, we test #BobHeartsAbishola stars…
🎊 @CBS announces midseason premiere dates for @ncisneworleans, @CrimMinds_CBS, @YoungSheldon and more…
Retweeted by CBSThe interns are dirty, tired, and need 20 ccs of mom help STAT. Luckily, Carol is just the doctor to give it to the… ready for more #MacGyver— Season 4 is coming your way February 7! 📎
Retweeted by CBSGet ready. January 8. #CriminalMinds
Retweeted by CBSIt's getting colder outside but things are heating up on CBS with our Winter 2020 schedule including the premieres… thanks our nation's veterans for their service this #VeteransDay and every day. If you're a returning vet or th… to #NFL late game, #CBS Sunday schedule delayed 12mins ONLY in following areas: state of Indiana and southern F…
Week 10 of the NFL on CBS is here. Check out the schedule and stream your local game live today with @CBSAllAccess.… Reagans aren't holding off until the holidays to have tense conversations around the dinner table. Watch new ep…
Why did all of Jean-Luc Bilodeau's patients describe his bedside manner as "boney?" You'll have to watch to find ou… but we also ❤️ Auntie Olu and Uncle Tunde. Get to know @SholaAdewusi_ and Barry Shabaka Henley,…🏈 It's the biggest game of the season. Stream #2 LSU vs. #3 Alabama live today at 3:30PM ET on @CBSAllAccess. Try 1…
What are you watching this weekend? Let us help! Catch up on exciting new episodes of @BlueBloods_CBS,…
Retweeted by CBSCongratulations to @TheTalkCBS for your 2,000th show. Let's keep talking! #TheTalk2000 your @sesamestreet favorites dropped by the show last night for a very special opening 😍
Retweeted by CBS#MissionUnstoppableTV is celebrating #NationalSTEMDay to empower #WomenInSTEM and inspire the next generation of ST…
Retweeted by CBSSpend some time on the @swatcbs set with @shemarmoore, who chats about Hondo's backstory, Season 3, and all that ac… @abpf91 You got it! #CarolsSecondActOur reaction as well. #Evil begins NOW.
Retweeted by CBS @DisneyGirl18 @PatriciaHeaton @Kyle_MacLachlan 👋 #CarolsSecondActThat's all for now, folks! 👏 Thanks for watching #CarolsSecondAct, and we'll see you next week for another new epis… @loki_doki21 Only time will tell...! #CarolsSecondAct @abpf91 @Jeanlucsource @ashleytisdale 👀 #CarolsSecondAct @18RowdyNation Agreed! #CarolsSecondActMakes up for his earlier less-than-cute performance, no? #CarolsSecondAct you're loving this episode and you want more #CarolsSecondAct, get excited—there's more where this came from on…! A heart condition that serious could put Darren on the sidelines. #CarolsSecondAct
Retweeted by CBSRoast, clown—Carol does it all. 🙌 #CarolsSecondAct @1986Webber #CarolsSecondAct @KenzieCrenshaw1 @Kyle_MacLachlan #CarolsSecondAct @mattgriffinreal 10/10 doctors agree! #CarolsSecondAct @JKimmelG #CarolsSecondAct know what they say: there are no holds barred when dealing with a jerk nose. #CarolsSecondAct @futurewriter13 @ashleytisdale rhymes! #CarolsSecondActGet yourself a doctor that can test you and give you game advice 💪🏻 #CarolsSecondAct
Retweeted by CBSStay friends? Oh, please! Sparks are definitely continue to fly between Daniel & Jenny! I sense they'll hang out ag…
Retweeted by CBS#CarolsSecondAct @1986Webber She's down to clown! #CarolsSecondActWhat do you all think? Will Carol remain cool, calm, and collected? Or...not? #CarolsSecondAct @DisneyGirl18 Touchdown! #CarolsSecondActCarol plays to win. #CarolsSecondAct @Country_Gal93 #CarolsSecondAct #CarolsSecondAct like... 😂😂 @PatriciaHeaton
Retweeted by CBS#CarolsSecondAct time. I’m fired up now! @CBS
Retweeted by CBS @DisneyGirl18 👋 #CarolsSecondActIt's 9:30, it's CBS, it's #CarolsSecondAct—it's GO TIME! @iamtheBows Glad to hear it! #TheUnicorn! @Gianna_Simone We're so glad you found it! See you Thursday for another new ep of #TheUnicorn! @b24fowler Thanks for watching, Bryan—see you next Thursday for more! #TheUnicorn @myerinmama Thank YOU for tuning in! #TheUnicorn @WesleyCoughlan Thanks for watching, Wesley—so glad you enjoyed! See you next week for another ep of #TheUnicorn! @abpf91 @TheUnicornFans You sure will!Digits: Secured. Soda: Acquired. Episode: Over. Was it the best or was it the best? #TheUnicorn watched their night out, which we think totally counts. #TheUnicorn so did the whole bar! Well, actually...just those two tables. #TheUnicorn question! Which party would you all rather crash? #TheUnicorn't get enough of #TheUnicorn? Neither can we, which is why we've launched the official show Instagram right here… @Manifest828Logs #TheUnicorn @_Doo_Wop #TheUnicorn @howardwrites Why do I feel like they are going to realize guys night out ain't what it used to be? #TheUnicorn
Retweeted by CBSAaaand anchors aweigh...! ⚓️ #TheUnicorn @BobbyRiversTV We're sorry about the Dante part, but glad you've found #TheUnicorn! @edwardistheman We love that you love watching #TheUnicorn. Thanks for joining us!"The world is his oyster at his feet." -Forrest #TheUnicorn @gravystain Thanks for tuning in! #TheUnicornYes, that performance certainly looks "soothing." 😬 #TheUnicorn @thesundiamond We think you're on to something there! #TheUnicornNatalie is nothing if not prepared. #TheUnicorn Goggins aka Wade time baby! #TheUnicorn @CBS
Retweeted by CBS @myerinmama Sounds like a pretty excellent night to us! #TheUnicornYou know what's really amazing? #TheUnicorn, and it starts right NOW.
I’m not judging, you’re judging. #theunicorn Tonight! @cbsTV 8:30est
Retweeted by CBSTONIGHT are they friends? Are they more than friends? Check out @carolssecondact at 9:30 on @cbstv and yes we have…
Retweeted by CBSThe more NCIS the merrier! Stream every NCIS series on CBS All Access: #NCIS #NCISLA
Retweeted by CBSFrom their funniest faces to their go-to dance moves, get to know the cast of @YoungSheldon like you never have bef… you follow @evil, it may just follow you. @aasif @evil You strike a hard bargain, @aasif, and these bananas only sweeten the deal.Abishola and Kemi ❤️ the Windy City. @cbschicago will host a Facebook Live with #BobHeartsAbishola's @TheFolake and…"Most of our defendants have homes. Does that make them somehow better than the ones who don't?" #AllRise
Retweeted by CBSThe Kings have mastered telling character first procedurals. #Evil is no exception. Enjoy Evil Thursdays at 10/9c o…
Fresh, funny, and all-new—get ready to scrub in #CarolsSecondAct this Thursday at 9:30/8:30c on CBS. you #NCISNOLA fans! from @TheLucasBlack.
Retweeted by CBSWhat do you get when sports icons and comedians face off in wild physical & trivia challenges? GAME ON! A new show…
When Forrest and Delia are tasked with minding the snack shack, caloric chaos ensues. Catch new episodes of… @l_olayiwola #BobHeartsAbishola to follow the new @AllRiseCBS Twitter and Instagram handles? We'll allow it. #AllRise eyes on #AllRise. New episode starts NOW! 🎢
Retweeted by CBS @EMauraA The sock biz moves pretty quickly. #bobheartsabishola ❤️ watching #BobHeartsAbishola with you. Join us for a new episode in two weeks on 11/18 on CBS. @stef_j_30 Dottie's frustrated, alright. #bobheartsabishola @SahHtown #bobheartsabishola @abpf91 @CEbersoleFans @TheFolake But there are limits to Abishola's help. #bobheartsabishola @dreamgirl_steph #bobheartsabishola and Instagram. Show some ❤️ and follow the new account for exclusive content. road to recovery is paved with ❤️. #BobHeartsAbishola @1986Webber @TONYOK #bobheartsabishola @EMauraA Everybody ❤️ Dottie. #bobheartsabishola @sean3528 Maybe they are. #bobheartsabishola