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Jim Schwartz told @dkm14 he's not at Megatron's level yet 🤔 First 27 career games: Metcalf Mega… all remember Victor Cruz salsa dancing in the endzone. He shares his favorite guys to watch celebrate in the NFL… @BuffRumblings QB Hits Through 11 Games (Since 2006 - QB Hits era) 2015* J.J. Watt (42) 2013 J.J. Watt (35) 2020 T.J.… Power Rankings 👇 Power Rankings: (According to @PriscoCBS) 1. Steelers 2. Chiefs 3. Saints 4. Packers 5. Seahawks 6. Bills 7. T… Davis grew 6 inches after his sophomore year of high school. Imagine a 6 foot 9 frame with guard skills.…"What a week for Klutch Sports, Rich Paul, and the Lakers ... it's scary for the rest of the NBA." Instant reactio… Davis to sign five-year, $190 million contract with Lakers, per report
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQAll-time NBA Player Efficiency Rating (PER) leaders: 1. Michael Jordan (27.91) 2. LeBron James (27.49) 3. Anthony… Robinson has been a huge bright spot for the Jaguars 😤 Most scrimmage yds by undrafted rookie in NFL history… most explosive player in the NFL plays in Tennessee 👀 Most 40+ yard TDs since 2019: 1) A.J. Brown 9 2) Tyreek… who would you take in the Western Conference next season after all these moves? A) Lakers in 4 B) The field does the Russell Westbrook for John Wall trade impact James Harden's future with the Rockets? @sportsreiter br… @MagicJohnson @russwest44 @RealDealBeal23 Magic, can you confirm whether John Wall has one of the best high school… @boogiecousins DON'T FORGET time to remind everyone that John Wall has the NASTIEST high school mixtape EVER! Westbrook's lone season in Houston by the numbers: ‣ 27.2 PPG (3rd best of career) ‣ 47.2 FG% (Career high… Wall and DeMarcus Cousins are back on the same team 😈 Rockets trading Russell Westbrook to the Wizards for John Wall and a 1st-round pick, per @wojespn.
@steelers Closer to the goal #HereWeGo @JeromeBettis36 @steelers #HereWeGo Steelers just became the 12th team EVER to start 11-0 since the merger. ‣ 9 of the previous 11 teams made the… back. Bounce. GAME! Texas wins on a Matt Coleman jumper! (Via @LonghornNetwork) Mcsorley to Hollywood Brown and the Ravens are still in it #RavensFlock (Via @NFL) @saquon Remind them, Saquon! @PennStateFball @McSorley_IX @Ravens @NFLonNBC It's time! the Ravens turn to Trace McSorley at some point? His career at Penn State was legendary: ‣ 9,899 pass yds (S…
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQIt's time to give Stephen Curry his flowers ⬇ Curry is the ONLY player in NBA history to average 30PPG while joini… @JJWatt @_TJWatt !⃝ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝗶𝗺 𝗶𝘀 NOT 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗯𝘆 𝗼𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲𝘀Will the Ravens turn to Trace McSorley at some point? His career at Penn State was legendary: ‣ 9,899 pass yds (S… in line to win a playoff game this season? The Giants are 4-7 and in first place of the NFC East. The onl… Steelers have scored 91 points off of turnovers this season! The MOST in the NFL! #HereWeGo case you forgot: LiAngelo Ball was COLD in high school 🥶 (🎥 @MaxPreps) vs. Ravens. RGIII vs. Big Ben. Wednesday Afternoon Football. Let's ride.
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQWhatever you do, DON'T blitz Patrick Mahomes... Mahomes vs the Blitz - This Season - NFL Rank 14 Pass TD - 1st 9.… should we expect from RG3? @JJones9 says don't expect too much... years ago today... @Cardinals Stan Musial is named the 1948 NL MVP after one of the best seasons in baseball hi…'s PPG since entering the league as a teenager: 20.9 27.2 31.4 27.3 30.0 28.4 29.7 26.7 27.1 26.8 27.1 25.3…
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQ @KingJames @ShamsCharania @TheAthleticNBA @Stadium James has REUPPED! Frank Vogel’s gotta be happy 😃 "He's the greatest player the basketball universe has e… Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has agreed to a two-year, $85 million maximum contract extension with the fran… game officially is a go, per @AdamSchefter. Leonard and Paul George rubbed some Clippers teammates the wrong way, per @TheAthletic. • Kawhi and PG had p… Bills are 8-3 and the 4th seed in the AFC playoff picture, but they’ve got one of the best resumes in the NFL.… @AmyTrask You're welcome back anytime you like - and hi!Doug Pederson has been given no assurances he'll finish the season. Is a change coming in Philadelphia? NFL Insid… is the time for Jalen Hurts. It's not getting any better with Carson Wentz and the Eagles. @CBSSportsHQ |…
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQOn this date in 1975, @OhioStateFB RB Archie Griffin won the Heisman for the second straight year. He's the only… in your TOUGHEST Start/Sit questions NOW! Our experts will answer your tweets at 1:30PM ET on @CBSSportsHQ #AskFFT
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQHappy 37th Birthday to Aaron Rodgers! @AaronRodgers12 is THAT DUDE... He has the most pass TD in the NFL this sea… found themselves a star WR in the making #Skol Justin Jefferson is on pace for 1,335 yards this season wh… Eagles have drafted 𝟰 𝘄𝗶𝗱𝗲 𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗲𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘀 since winning the Super Bowl in 2017. Those players have combined for 𝟮 𝘁… @Dame_Lillard How Scar did Mufasa smh Doncic vs LeBron James after 2 seasons 👀 Luka LeBron 24.7 PPG 24.1 7.3 AP… two players averaged 25PPG, 8APG and 7 RPG last season in the NBA: LeBron James & Luka Doncic. They'll face… a 5-man lineup that would go 82-0 in the NBA🚨 CFP Rankings 🚨 1. Alabama 2. Notre Dame 3. Clemson 4. Ohio State Thoughts? primer on just how good Kyle Trask has been lately: 🐊 34 pass TD (SEC record thru 8 games) 🐊 3 TD in all 8 g…
@CJMcCollum @Dame_Lillard's PPG since entering the league as a teenager: 20.9 27.2 31.4 27.3 30.0 28.4 29.7 26.7 27.1 26.8 27.1 25.3… Wentz has declined and it hurts 🥴 Wentz stats last 4 seasons: '17-19 2020 W-L…'s how you get your first goal of the season! 🚀 👏 Mady Camara 👏
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQREAL MADRID 😳
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQH/T @heathcummingssrTyreek Hill is in GREAT company... WRs with 5,000 receiving yards & 55 total TD in their first 5 years in the leag…'S GO! @DevinWhite__40 @Buccaneers @DevinWhite_40 Devin White deserves it... White is 1 of 4 players in the NFL with 75 t… 😳 18 years ago today, Michael Vick literally walked off after scoring this insane OT TD! (🎥 @nflthrowback) @TheHoopCentral BIG THINGS?! Zion Williamson was the first player in NBA history to avg at least 20 PPG and shoot…'s @FFToday will be on @CBSSportsHQ at 1 pm ET. Watch it LIVE here:
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQMatchday = Best day 🤩
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQJustin Jefferson was the 5th WR taken in last year's draft. He took it personally and is clearly making a lot of te…
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQ"The biggest impression has been flexibility and scheduling." @MattNorlander on his Week 1 CBB observations. em in! #AskFFT days until the NBA season! Tim Duncan wore No. 2️⃣1⃣ and was a BEAST 💪 Only 2 players in NBA history with at l… years ago today, Wilt Chamberlain missed an NBA record 22 free throws. Wilt dropped 52 and got the W though 🤷‍♂️“It made me mad ... had a little chip on my shoulder the whole game.” @dkm14 says Eagles DC Jim Schwartz told him… @Seahawks @Q13FOX S/O the 🐐"I don't know that there's ever been a better linebacker." @DangeRussWilson on Bobby Wagner, who just went over 10… for those that had SEA -6.5 but if you followed along here you're feeling good 🤑🤑🤑 back at the 2019 NFL Draft 👀 JJ Arcega-Whiteside career: 12 rec, 214 yds D.K. Metcalf tonight: 10 rec, 17… Slay has allowed 141 yards to DK Metcalf tonight, that's the most yards he's allowed to a WR all season.… Metcalf ... HOW! #Seahawks (Via @NFL) Roby joins Will Fuller as Texans who are suspended for rest of the season
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQAnyone else notice an excessive amount of QBs in the huddle for the Eagles tonight? #FlyEaglesFly @K1 @NickChubb21 W Metcalf has 101 receiving yards and it’s only the 2nd quarter #Seahawks (Via @NFL) DK Metcalf vs the Eagles secondary has potential to be all sorts of wild #Seahawks days until the NBA season! Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor wore No. 2️⃣2️⃣ and he was a walking bucket. Highest PPG…
@CamHeyward @EAMaddenNFL 3:40 on a Wednesday is a go to the movies by yourself type of timeMoney Man Russ 💰 Best Cover % in Primetime Since 2000 (Min. 20 Starts) Russell Wilson 69% 24-11-2 Peyton…"He was having a career year." @JameyEisenberg shares his instant reaction to the Will Fuller 6-game suspension. @CBSSports #FantasyFootball leagues, this game will still count toward Week 12 scores if the game is played on…
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQmoving game back another day allows for more testing to be done to quell some concerns - if testing numbers go as l…
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQRavens and Steelers have been informed their game has now been moved to Wednesday, sources said. Ravens players hav…
Retweeted by CBS Sports HQBREAKING: Ravens-Steelers game postponed to Wednesday, per @AdamSchefter.Full 1st round mock 👇