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Lobbyist for Big Vagina. Author of INVISIBLE WOMEN. Literary agent: tbohan[at] Speaking agent: hannaholdman[at]

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I happened to read this by @amandaripley this morning & it's a good companion piece to this letter, along with the… @freddles @ScrivenerApp Thanks! :)“others post ax emojis next to my name [in the NYT slack]” - how is threatening a colleague not a fireable offence??'s also a good illustration of why I and others have been calling not just for sex-disaggregated data on covid c… is a really good piece on the dangers of publishing data without contextualising it know if there's a way to auto-alphabetise keywords in @ScrivenerApp? Seems weird that there isn't but I can't see any way to do it... @findingerix i would prefer them to base their policy on the best available evidence rather than public opinion on any given day.(before anyone starts shouting at me i am pro making them compulsory and am already wearing a mask in shops etc because obviously)didn't gove just say the other day that wearing face masks wouldn't be made compulsory? does this government actual…
@SHighgraves it does if you click the link at the bottom to continue readingThis is also really interesting -- particularly in the context of a conviction in certain sectors that universities… arguing about cancel culture right now should read this essay @nathanmart i can't HELP itAre YOU pissed off about the lack of research into women's bodies? You can help! @GynaeGeek is researching the impa… expensive travel insurance, no pet passports, possible roaming charges, red tape for business: the government'…
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@TimHarford just listening to @BBCMoreOrLess - it’s not just the postal ones! I never got my results & I went to a… @nathanmart it, and I cannot stress this enough, u @nathanmart 😍 @HannahAlOthman @jack_sommers Cannot second the strength training recommendation enough. Signed an also injured idiot who didn’t know either
"Men demand to be treated like normal police officers and yet they want uniforms specially designed for the male bo…
Retweeted by Caroline Criado Perez @DrMLChivers @SubaruCanada No because an average female car crash test dummy does not actually exist. @CarolineHirons Also...the guy doing the eyebrows doesn’t have his mask over his mouth?? @CarolineHirons Stay sweary! 😍 @KiliZac Cabinet committees.It’s a mystery why this govt’s economic strategy keeps forgetting about women 🤔
For those of you who haven’t got a clue what I’m doing here:🔬 The Smithsonian American Women's History Initiative has announced its call for scholarly proposals for the 2020 v…
Retweeted by Caroline Criado Perez @Matthew__Adams she had to have a little opp, she's fine now, just can't scratch off the stichesI think we can all agree this has been an excellent use of my time is a HUGE loss to UK feminism. During her time as CEO, Sam transformed Fawcett into a dynamic force to be reck… @JoelSnape 😇 these people think we can’t read?
Retweeted by Caroline Criado Perez @jack_sommers Urgh JACK. I did not need this information in my life @LizTray 🤷‍♀️ But if you can get your beard trimmed you should definitely be able to get your eyebrows and eyelashes done!Ok I now feel very silly because obvs she’s mega famous and everyone already knew who she was 🥺Omg she’s on twitter. @CarolineHirons you are magnificent 😍 @LizTray You’re not allowed to take the whole beard off. Just trim it at the sides. It’s completely nonsensicalHahaha I had watched it on WhatsApp but just clicked thru to insta to find her and the video name is amazing 😂’s a video btw - watch it!)Oh my god this woman is magnificent. This is her “I’m sorry WHAT?” face at the announcement of that no facial treat…
@FloJVGschwend @Covergalls @Build_ADream @HallettGroup @ImperialChemEng Hurrah! Who was it with?Absolutely DAMNING. And the worst thing is, we *knew* this would happen. The government was warned. It just chose n… is my new favourite writer -- just so SMART and with zero time for your bullshit 😍 @Sal_Robins @LucyAppa @CambridgeUgly @NicoleJochym @DaniOliver wrong way round - I wrote about this in IW :) @tormod46 the problem is that even with these, many don't go low enough (and in any case it's not the only reason s… this right here is a huge huge problem. A lot of women do this because seat belts are so uncomfortable (becaus… up on The WOW Podcast with @JudeKelly_ ! The First 2 episodes are available now featuring @GillianA,…
Retweeted by Caroline Criado Perez @FrancescaDonner ooooh! wow god that feels like a lifetime ago @JulesPolonetsky @MichaelaCoel ha, no it's episode 9, don't worry! you won't miss it :) @aliceross_ that is BEAUTIFUL and I'm really tempted to buy it alongside this that i just bought on the basis of an… @Covergalls @FloJVGschwend @Build_ADream @HallettGroup @ImperialChemEng did this ever get anywhere? :)is anyone collecting sex-disaggregated data on this phenomenon...? @Boby_BiQ oh. my. god.ok i know we're all laughing about the tactical diaper bag for fragile men, but, um. are women who don't have babie… got round to doing another edition of the old newsletter innit
Retweeted by Caroline Criado Perez @JonnElledge @NewStatesman wasn't hidden for women, Jonn 😘 I’m sorry this is turning into a bit of a me fan account but omg how did I miss this!! @Doc_Pozzi
It’s an absolutely brilliant show btw even without the gender data gap stuff. That was just the whipped icing on a… there I am just watching I May Destroy You like everyone else and then suddenly @MichaelaCoel starts talking a…"...A breath of fresh, if infuriating, air": such an honor and a compliment from the inimitable @CCriadoPerez in he…
Retweeted by Caroline Criado Perez @ProfLindaScott Thank you for your brilliant book! 💪 @AliceMCastle aw, well this has lifted *my* spirits, so thank you! :)finally got round to doing another edition of the old newsletter innit @CCriadoPerez My PPE is a XS man’s size & that’s the smallest size they have so I need to roll up the bottoms four…
Retweeted by Caroline Criado PerezI support freedom of expression. A lot of people I disagree with also support freedom of expression. If that's co…
Retweeted by Caroline Criado PerezNew article out today in @nature! Women are most affected by pandemics — lessons from past outbreaks. Amazing co-…
Retweeted by Caroline Criado PerezI mean I was as pissed off about Dominic Cummings as the rest of the UK, but why that was a front page story for we… mean, it’s not beyond me. It’s because we think of anything about women as a niche story. If anyone wants to know… much use if the PPE doesn’t fit. Any time mainstream outlets want to get on this would be great. Meanwhile, the… @strategistmag I know I wrote a book about this :)(Well no one except for those who benefit from racism and misogyny continuing untrammelled)And by the way, the worst response to this is to simply not have the AI do the labelling @Google. That’s the equiva… this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many hidden algorithms that make decisions about *your lives* t… most depressing thing about this story is that this came as a *surprise*. The tech world is walking us blindfol…
Remember when I never got my covid test results back and I ran a poll on here and only 50% of people got their resu…’s my rave review for @ProfLindaScott’s Double X Economy, in yesterday’s @ObsNewReview. Get a copy on…, say, those wild & crazy beauty salon workers 🤪This is really surprising because, famously, drunk people are really good at risk assessment.
@CampaignTim @sohosocietyw1 @planforsoho @CityWestminster @clarelynchred Oh sorry when you said toilets I thought y…
Retweeted by Caroline Criado PerezI am really impressed with how the @Join_ZOE app is disaggregating their data: goes beyond sex and into periods, me…
@CCriadoPerez Kerchunk! I've been waiting for this.
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Retweeted by Caroline Criado Perez @APaca1974 this is fantastic!No shit. "COVID-19’s deadliness for men is revealing why researchers should have been study… ANYONE know who wrote it??found it! you wanted children you shouldn't complain about having to look after and educate them 24 hours a day, 7 days a…
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Today marks the launch of The WOW Podcast with @JudeKelly_! Download the first two episodes now featuring…
Retweeted by Caroline Criado PerezOh WOW our new podcast is out. Including @GillianA @CCriadoPerez @layla_saad @pocobookreader - its like a WOW festi…
Retweeted by Caroline Criado PerezCurrent theory is that nudes is the name of their pet birdShall we text them tho @camp_vh @HarvardBiz My first suggestion would be to not look at military leaders for inspiration during a humanitarian crisis...
@jack_sommers Folding mountain bike