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CC @CCRuns San Diego, CA

Ultra Runner 🐀🌎🦞 / IPA drinker / freckle tan model / nachos chef / ᕦ⊙෴⊙ᕤ

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@dom_inDurham @dom_inDurham Plz tune into my Sunday Morning Jeans Jacket Burning Show @dom_inDurham I didn’t know they were against the rules! @dom_inDurham Plz tune into my Sunday Morning Jeans Jacket Fashion Show @PapaPooPaPowPow Female Ghost Energy @PapaPooPaPowPow FGEBig Skeleton Energy @ Sunset Cliffs @jimmy202075 @purebrewing @Vitaminseabrew @tinasabouri You’re sweet FJ! 😊☺️
@jethrosan @katymcc YAY! You can skip the chat and just go for more miles! @Punchapalooza You are the best Leigh! 💕 @tyflyguy15 Your soup game is strong Ty! 💪If two people don’t laugh together till they wheeze and both end up with a coughing fit, is it even love?
Retweeted by CC @rdennisjr @SBBCBrew Beer friends are the best friends! @rdennisjr @SBBCBrew Love it! TY D! 🍻 @tyflyguy15 Awesome Ty! PA stylzzzzz! @michaeldean81 @chelleseyes 💯 👏
@ShimmyRunner @lclobrano @katymcc @IRun2BMe @runlikeagrrl @runnerlane @keithdunn @jlestos @arunningmess @lclobrano @katymcc @IRun2BMe @runlikeagrrl @runnerlane @keithdunn @jlestos @arunningmess @kevandrewlines @tai_fung @smartwatermelon Therapy IS strength training bb! @katymcc @IRun2BMe @lclobrano @runlikeagrrl @runnerlane @keithdunn @jlestos @arunningmess @kevandrewlines @tai_fung love running and going to the gym sometimes in the same weekend I love pizza ramen wings fries and beer sometime… @notyetfunnyguy @damnfinetweet @perlhack Spoken like a true celebrity @petrklimahelmet It’s going to be an excellent day for you Dan! @perlhack @damnfinetweet @notyetfunnyguy It’s a date! 🍻 @damnfinetweet @perlhack @notyetfunnyguy I think this makes you officially Now A Funny Guy! Congratulations! @drpaulsbates This is the greatest compliment I have ever received thank you.Summer Fridays are way better than Bummer Fridays amirite? Except it’s no longer summer Bummer @SeaTownFan31 Good morning Miss Cuteness! @CookTrainEatRce NJ but same same yes!So sorry for the rest of Arizona you're really missing outWhat are the odds that I'm the only person in all of Arizona who's eating Taylor pork roll sandwich right now.I’m just over here getting dressed up for my therapy appointment so my therapist doesn’t think I’m crazy. @PapaPooPaPowPow U R Fired! @SuckMyCrops Oooh I hope the reason you’re getting the test is the reason I think it is! 🌴If lefty loose-y, righty tighty doesn’t work, then what?
Retweeted by CCNEW COMIC!
Retweeted by CC @runnerlane @lclobrano @keithdunn @jlestos @arunningmess @kevandrewlines @tai_fung @katymcc @MikeyAsAService @lclobrano @runlikeagrrl @runnerlane @keithdunn @jlestos @arunningmess @kevandrewlines @tai_fung @katymcc @runlikeagrrl @runnerlane @lclobrano @keithdunn @jlestos @arunningmess @kevandrewlines @tai_fung @katymcc @runnerlane @CCRuns @lclobrano @keithdunn @jlestos @arunningmess @kevandrewlines @tai_fung @katymcc
Retweeted by CC @runnerlane @lclobrano @keithdunn @jlestos @arunningmess @kevandrewlines @tai_fung @katymcc @MikeyAsAService @CCRuns @lclobrano @keithdunn @jlestos @arunningmess @kevandrewlines @tai_fung @katymcc @MikeyAsAService @rdennisjr
Retweeted by CCGVRAT bbs! #FF @lclobrano @keithdunn @runnerlane @jlestos @arunningmess @kevandrewlines @tai_fung @katymcc Sir, No firearms allowed.
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You are worth someone making time for you.
Retweeted by CC @sooshie I fucked up!!When they cut Trump’s mic tonight I’m gonna cum
Retweeted by CCTurns out if you're lazy in HIIT class your coach makes you do burpees AND mountain climbers oof. @jrswinford I did Real World Problems Twitter in the summertime this is Complain About the Gym Twitter. @KRunsalot Lie Beside The Pool Class starts right after Giant Brunch! @jaybug555 That's my fave class tbhMe: {connecting to my gym HIIT class via zoom} My Coach: Clythie please get up off the ground this is HIIT class n…
@ShimmyRunner I didn’t see your tweets, we run in different algorithms...
Retweeted by CC @TheRappSheet @TheRappSheet What’s snow again? @TheRappSheet Muhahahaha 😉 @KenastonRk Nice right? @jlestos Make mine a triple! @jlestos 🥶 ❄️ Stay warm John! 😊☺️ could all use a roller skating party right about now!
Retweeted by CC @tkcom68 @ArcticRainbow_ @katesterloos @MelwiththeHair @Eloc_CiN @00MissMarie00 @Dopeypeanut1015 @Whatevah_Amy feels like heaven, but it can hurt like hell.
Retweeted by CCSnowed all day today. A good reminder that I should grab my snowshoes out of the shed before it gets buried by snow.
Retweeted by CCI just hit the 69th and the 169th heart on two tweets in a row did I just open the portal to twitter elite @Crazy_ButCute2 understand that you're outraged, but have you ever considered being enraged instead?
Retweeted by CCBut, have you considered properly layered nachos? -Me as a life coach
Retweeted by CCBacon is my love language.
Retweeted by CC @annmarieholdsw2 Beautiful Ann Marie! 😍Conversations that go from perfect to perfect with no end in sight.
Retweeted by CC @KRunsalot It’s worth it
@OCRunner @realdumbrunner I think the second guy thinks it’s Opposite Day. @realdumbrunner You for got the s on the end of kitten @AtomicKevBot It is beautiful and awful at the same time. The weather where I am is quite nice though right now. @KenastonRk @Aflgirl126 Sorry my watch is off.Arizona: Please enjoy the free nosebleed you receive upon arrival just for breathing our dry as fuck air.This was so awesome to watch unfold LIVE! Running for 68 hours! (275 miles!) Amazing work for @courtdauwalter and…
Retweeted by CC @suppermancer Mr. Darcy! 💚💚 Vinny suggests the pier for rotted fish guts and Newport Avenue in front of Hodad’s for dropped fries.What we really need is wider and shorter plates of nachos. No more tall towers of chips and toppings. Spread the to…
Retweeted by CC @itscedsworld @DBoogie VT is so beautiful @itscedsworld @DBoogie Hahaha you can hide outside! @itscedsworld @DBoogie You can get a tiny house in SD and drive up and down the coast all the time!
@itscedsworld You should prob sell and come live in SD with @DBoogie and me ASAP then.I smell like garlic and fresh herbs. Flirting*
Retweeted by CC @DBoogie Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine @perlhack Yes I think you’re onto something and please do refer to me as General from now on thank you. @perlhack What if my personality was Circus Freak long before I found out I am the great grandchild of Circus Freak… @Mega_Mew Absolutely yes!Am exactly split between wanting to know more about the situation and wishing I knew far less
Retweeted by CC"Shape up, or ship out" thanks but both options sound exhausting, I'm just going to have a nap
Retweeted by CCDog is my co-pilot. The puppy and I are doing Q&A for the duration of this road trip. Subjects include but are not… soon as the tweet format calls for your 237th @, it's over for you fuckers.
Retweeted by CC🚘 🌊 —> 🌵 —> ⛰ @KRunsalot @perlhack Hahah you’re all “Shhhhh!” @Aflgirl126 I have the very best ones please let me know if you’d like me to share them with you! @MonicaRicci You’re the best Mon! 💕