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@mariah_fancy LOL! @Forest__Blues This it! This the one! @Capo_Mansa Hold on... we not gonna act like Tamar doesn’t have the range lol. Because she certainly does. @Capo_Mansa Lol I’m thinking catalog and all. Why not? @Keen_Man Ok ok I’ll run with that one first @Capo_Mansa Lmaooo no? @SuiradJay 🤣 no?You know what... hear me out.. Tamar and Jazmine for verzuz @PapaPete_ Sksksskkskskss you gotta go 😂 @C_Omarri Lmao I’m so concerned @PapaPete_ We are not going back to that lmfao @KevyD_ Ok I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels this lmfao @PapaPete_ Lmfao I’m blocking you.This is so chaotic lol #VerzuzKeyshia is BIG mad lol. She gonna be handing out blocks left and right tomorrow. #verzuz👇🏾 it’s giving, “I’m going to bed.” @PapaPete_ Like it’s a while parabola going on in the world so I know she in that house @PapaPete_ It’s SO badI need an ETA #Verzuz @ignanteinstein Making sure it got all the trimmings @Terrell_Jarius_ Fish platesBaby they meant 8 pm CT
Love it @Smilesnlove21 BEEN KNEW
Whew. Chile. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel 🥴 idk how y’all do these 12-13 hours year long.Damn, The Obamas are so freaking MAJESTIC. I love them! 👑 ❤️
Retweeted by C-RichGotta be brighter days than working past 9 pm, on Jesus Dwayne.
@Terrell_Jarius_ 🥴🤣 don’t mind me
Let me pivot to Boruto since they’re back to the main arc. @ItsJide910 Oh nah! But definitely catch the last episode!AOT is giving everything I needed for the final season. @MorgLaMignonne Mf went off! @illustjuan She’s honestly brilliant @NoBeeetch Mannnnn seriouslyCraving some fried chicken frfr @NyasiaMonet His photo skills have come such a long way lol @C_Omarri Who is sitting through four hours?!Wait.. what? I was looking forward to the hour miniseries. @_jaytovah Lmao. Please rest.
@DRE3K She is disrespectfully talented lolJazmine’s “In Love with Another Man” is still top tier. @coolin101 So I’m always the “you look better in person guy” and I still end up feeling a way lol
@theerkj This the one. She could have stayed in the drafts.Ok spatial audio is such a game changer and I need Apple to integrate it to the music app.
Inject this into my veins @iamtheFLYEST Lmao it’s ok. You deserve to be irritated 😂 @justcallmemh Apparently it’s just a deluxe version of the old album with a few new songs. @iamtheFLYEST But yes. Agreed. @iamtheFLYEST *whispers* fictional. @kingray_m round those bitches out! @kingray_m I’m mad he has these chiclet teeth thoughTGIF! @iLL_Will91 A new oneWait DVSN released an entire album?!
@treymangum This @yanneskii Whew me towards my last job and those folks can still go to hell. @Jeffrey2Live Man, go to happy hour to further connections if nothing else. Everything ain’t that deep. @KevyD_ @KevyD_ *squints*Coffee and sex in the morning. 🎵 🎶
@ayyeyoashhh Whew chile it’s been a DAYAlright what I miss today? @KevyD_ Really hoping it’s ChloexHalle @iamtheFLYEST Wow... I could see it and would be here for it @SongOfTreasure Thought that was Darnell from girlfriends for a min. Sheesh @theerkj Oh this is IT!!!!Oh... my God...#ThisIsUs was everything.
@_jaytovah It’s the best thing I never knew I needed before going to bed. @KevyD_ It’s going to be everythingI mean... let’s be clear.. Apple just has amazing marketing to get ppl to dissociate the word laptop from MacBooks. somehow stumbled onto SNL bloopers on youtube and I’ve been crying laughing the last 10 minutes.
I read about something like this with Hitler back in the day... is showing her early part of the week ass today. @NyasiaMonet @MorgLaMignonne @dbleudazzled @SugarAndSpxce Cuz nothing else is going on in Atlanta/the country/ or the world. @Keen_Man Yes 😞
@ShawnZGatlin And the _th time I really feel I need it 😂 @NyasiaMonet I really be like, Chris leave the cocktails alone on Sunday.. you’ll regret it tomorrow. @_jaytovah Baby mine is in the mail, overnighted. 🥴 @NyasiaMonet Like what happened to me? 😂 French connection, who?Chile sign me up for AARP at this point. That, some good wine, shows, and a massage gun. 🥴 @theerkj We have the same questions I feel...Talking to my friend and really just realizing these 30 vibes start to hit overnight. I definitely don’t like or to… @yanneskii I used to be in Clairmont singing my lil voice out to this. 😂Jazmine’s new project made me remember to listen to “Brand New,” and WOW...still a gem.
I really do like minding my business... and that’s on Mary and them black ass lil lambs.I need this vaccine to be available to me so I can be outside again (within reason). @Darikeon Never. Especially if you aren’t home.
@wadrizzy Honestly, don’t blame you. @wadrizzy 🥴 @ayyeyoashhh It gave me goosebumpsAnd that needs to be on Mary had a little lamb. understand this about me.
The view is gonna be so much today. Lol. @Capo_Mansa @iamtheFLYEST Black women are the grace of humanity. Much luck to you 🤍 @teawithdannied Mama got a problem that she need to solve in therapy. Why go/let ya man go if that’s even the case 😂 @still713 This. Because our feeling are often ignored by the majority as it is. @BoredThumb This the one 😂 @ayyeyoashhh Very much true