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doctor in the making • feminist • socialism activist • ally🏳️‍🌈 • plant based living • (him/he) • twitter jail survivor • 03/05/18

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@ChaoticEliza There’s definitely a market for that @ChaoticEliza Tiddy gamer is a good route too @ChaoticEliza Have your parents endlessly tell you that you can do anything and that you’re the centre of the unive… get turned off sexually when you turn me off mentally.
Retweeted by the veggie doctor🇨🇦 @dollivel Get itttt @femaleredhead Armie Hammibal Lecter @casssn_ The “YoUrE jUsT nOt TrYiNg HaRd EnOuGh” generation needs to fuck off @_gemini_feed Thicker than a bowl of oatmealunpopular opinion, but Superstore is better than The Office.
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@gabgrilll I found that after a while sativa just didn’t do it for me, only indica got me the high I wanted @gabgrilll Are you and indica or sativa girl? @manicpixedreem Prepare for Incoming “How about some white” jokes @NEGirl711 Listen! Every woman is different and every person enjoys/dislikes different moves and techniques. It’s a… @jennablossom6 If you’re into that spitey shit @jennablossom6 Get sumthin sexy he won’t ever see you in but knows you got it
Normalize dating sex workers.
Retweeted by the veggie doctor🇨🇦 @thiccshow Tried this recently, thanks for the tip @thiccshow Deal @thiccshow Sup
@mamaofvegans So proud of you bb @spicyveggiema My two favourite pastimes, cooking and eating😏
I just took one of my exes orders at my work and looked her dead in the eyes and asked for a name for the order as…
Retweeted by the veggie doctor🇨🇦 @oatmlkamericano @stxngx Look back at it @shelbyyyjjo Chiefs v Saints @jennamweston If he ain’t at it for at least 20 min, he ain’t shit @shash_____ @spicyveggiema @oatmlkamericano As soon as those borders open bb
@ChaoticEliza Neither does St. Pierre being a part of France but being located off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada @JuIia_Caesar That’s a big oof @laurenmitch98 Looking finnneeee @spicyveggiema You know my ass would be staring if you strolled in the ER @spicyveggiema Sorry B @ChaoticEliza Str8 people are wild @ChaoticEliza Definitely not some suppressed bisexuality going on there
@LagoDeEsperanza I wanted to see more of Ted and Tracey. They spent way too long at the wedding and not enough time… @LagoDeEsperanza One of my favourite shows ever, but the ending really stings. Doesn’t feel right at allY’all impeached Clinton for getting a blow job and lying about it but y’all can’t impeach a president that’s a LITE…
Retweeted by the veggie doctor🇨🇦 @squirrelfan So about as well as it could’ve gone! Love that for you @squirrelfan Was she impressed?
@spicyveggiema Make Em clapThe Salty Spittoon @casssn_ That bitch definitely “respected their cause, but didn’t respect the looting” in the summer
Notice how the “I wish they’d respect private property people” are quiet today?
@nessy_hand @laurenmitch98 I’m thinking it was the $$$ @laurenmitch98 I hate that the pandemic has made this movie relevant. It was dog shit when it came out and it’s sti… @JuIia_Caesar I don’t have a problem with the logos, I just don’t agree with all the colour schemes. The red scotia… @spicyveggiema Congrats on getting dick tonight @emmaec14 Did you tell them you do a bowl when you wake up? I heard that’s healthy too @emmaec14 Haven’t you heard? Only consuming coffee for the first 8 hours of the day is the new self care !!But no improvements. Otherwise their relationship is healthy. Is he wrong from wanting to leave due to lack of sexual activity?Cafeteria discussion. My colleague and his partner have been in a relationship for 4 years. During that time his pa… is something completely mundane that turns you on? For me it’s perfectly slicing through mushrooms and I don’t even like mushrooms @ChaoticEliza Because hearing that crisp sound of a knife slicing through good lettuce is erotic? @ChaoticEliza Queen energy
@femaleredhead I’m Canadian, so I’m safe on that front @xoxbea There are easier ways to say you’ve never touched a woman before, Jesushow I’m tryna be rn
Retweeted by the veggie doctor🇨🇦me deciding if i should smoke, masturbate, or kill myself
Retweeted by the veggie doctor🇨🇦Being at 0% ICU capacity means one bad car accident, one bad fall, one bad allergic reaction, etc. where you’d othe…
Retweeted by the veggie doctor🇨🇦 @spicyveggiema I want this for you @myssvegan Let me know if you need a pre-30 body inspectiongirls that suck fingers go to heaven
Retweeted by the veggie doctor🇨🇦 @myssvegan Happy birthday beautiful😍Happy birthday to my phat ass queen @spicyveggiema May your day be filled with blunts, tacos and good dick
All I have to say tonight ✌️
Retweeted by the veggie doctor🇨🇦This is the love I want pain I wanna put my shorty in
Retweeted by the veggie doctor🇨🇦 @MizzCreme Aaron Rodgers @voicedvegan I hope stafford signs a big ticket anywhere for Detroit @voicedvegan I’ve been saying this ever since the Megatron “catch” @spicyveggiema Just throw it back already @psychic_pussy69 Yes @xoxbea Poor Mitchy can’t afford to lose any inches @ChaoticEliza This is powerful @ChaoticEliza Wow😍
@spicyveggiema Okay that’s hot
@kellyscarpone I guess I should’ve included that the doctor at the clinic was my teacher, and I had already diagnos… @kellyscarpone Taking her to the clinic when she was adement I gave her HPV, but knowing damn well it was a YEAST I… @spicyveggiema @smkdsugar Does it come with wings, because baby is looking like an angelY’all should be jealous
And if something comes up and you’re late, let the person know. Don’t lie and say “Otw” when your ass ain’t even dressed yetOne of my biggest pet peeves about my generation is that no one cares to be on time. Being consistently late (for n… @spicyveggiema @smkdsugar GOD DAMN MAMA
@ChaoticEliza @MattWriggit How would you describe the smell Gwyneth’s climax? @baseballchickie Sisnce when do gremlins have a pretty smile and an out of this world rack?
Why is it that landlords think they’re in the only business where the risk falls on the consumer??Republicans: unlike you I'm not a sheep Also Republicans: the Lord is my shepherd
Retweeted by the veggie doctor🇨🇦My boy had his first threesome and got both girls pregnant...pain 😂
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@voicedvegan Because the UG Govt would rather pump trillions into the military than feeding starving people because… @spicyveggiema You know what pony tails are for😏
@myssvegan That’s what you get for having all that junk inside yo trunkYou can have a difference of opinions and both be valid. Racism is not included though.
Retweeted by the veggie doctor🇨🇦 @baseballchickie Boobs and baseball, my two favourite B words @spicyveggiema iykyk
@jessicakeogh Love it😍
I’m having a bad day
We don’t hate str8 for being str8, we hate their actions towards members of the LGBTQ+ community. #Heterophobic is… @spicyveggiema Peep the doobieObjectively speaking, you’re a fucking idiot. As someone who grew up without a dad, all I wanted was a man in my li…