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Has this been done yet? Because I just did this.
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderThe Bollywood-Trump nexus: a person and a genre that were made for each other
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderWe need @iowahawkblog to confirm. #DavesCarIDService point has been debunked so much, it is getting tiresome. Those nations do not describe themselves as "Democra… Sanders has never attended our conference and that is evident from his outrageous comment. Full statement…
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderWith the legacy military he will inherit, or the one after 4-8 yrs of his tenure? percent now reporting from Nevada. Rout. Drubbing. Shellacking.
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderHere's what Cubans thought of that 'literacy program.'
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderCrowd size: @BernieSanders rally vs. @realDonaldTrump overflow.
Retweeted by cdrsalamander @JoeSilverman7 inspired one of my questions on today’s #Midrats btw
@JRyanMcGehee you, as a Westerner, may fail to grasp is that this is (rather obviously) a *staged propaganda video*, meant t…
Retweeted by cdrsalamander#Whataboutism is actually a Russian FP narrative? Sure is, not just for twitter anymore, report overdue., in NYC 1/5 black students attend charter schools and a majority of white children attend private school
Retweeted by cdrsalamander#Midrats is live now with @russmil’s Dr. Dmitry Gorenburg to discuss Russia from a NATSEC perspective. Come join u… can think of an example.
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderWait. Who buried them?
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderWhen watching “Red Dawn,” who does Bernie Sanders root for most?
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderThis is why landmines are back in the news. Like artillery, the Old Gods or war are back, and they're angry. "Rus… in FL we know, by the experience of our Cuban & Venezuelan neighbors & others, what the kind of things happe… @Navy_Hipple @Doctrine_Man I think they mean ammo that violated the Geneva convention. Very on brand.Get your affairs in order folks,. Less then 2-hrs until another LIVE #Midrats with our guest @russmil to talk about… are due Monday. #DominateMeIn4WordsL’appropriation culturelle c’est un peu comme quand une chaîne de propagande d’une dictature arabe se déguise en mé…
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderThis never fails to shock me and only confirms the complete corruption of the UNHRC. It only serves to provide a f…
Retweeted by cdrsalamander @GraysonBurnette @ConsWahoo We may have to take that route, because right now, very little of this chapter is making it through the… @ConsWahoo It is being socialized at the Staff level right now, and is stuck in CINCHOUSE's level. It looks like a… the uber-woke left go after Chris Mathews for, really, no reason ... is precious to behold. He helped cre… one chapter of my misguided youth, I dated a girl in a modern dance troupe. This is the kind of stuff they wou… I have been saying for decades, I don't have to change fashion; eventually it will come back my way. Yes, 2/3 o… Russian politics on Midrats tonight at 5pm eastern time -- check it out
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderThis is a good tweet. Ship looks great. 2. Solid, functional naval uniforms for deployment. Leadership greets leaders in appropriate u… lack of self awareness by one, if not the, least impressive member of The Court is funny if not so sad. @Doctrine_Man Ungh. @GraysonBurnette Heck, spend a week in Bulgaria or Argentina. @Doctrine_Man Who paid for the home inspector? @GraysonBurnette As with almost all identity politics, it is about control. They want to break people in to blocks,… @Navy_Hipple is right: This is the most fundamental political shift of the past decade. The Democratic Party has abandoned…
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderMe too.
Retweeted by cdrsalamander @ComfortablySmug #NVCaucuses #NVCaucus #NevadaCaucuses
Retweeted by cdrsalamander @AzorInfo“Why would Vladimir Putin be helping Bernie Sanders. Of course, because he wants Donald Trump to win.” — James Carv…
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderThis isn't fair that all the quality women are meekly going unto the gulag. Is no one going to join is the forests… is great. there you go. Trump completely broke Tom. @GrayConnolly @cgberube I was trying to find excuses for Trump not being the nom up to the convention ... much less elected. I n… @GraysonBurnette There is only one. @Navy_Hipple Whataboutism is a canker of the intellect. @dmoney_mast’m having a mood.’re not really going to do this, are we? watching “Red Dawn,” who does Bernie Sanders root for most?
@elliotackerman Please read what I wrote, “ of the worst side streets in cancel culture’s bespotted discourse… ... Zoltan is running? @Taurevanime A 24-hr daySassi di Matera in Italy takes space efficiency to the next level. It also has the oldest continuously inhabited ho…
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderNew —> Grim portrait of a devolving security situation in the Sahel.
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderThe USMC’s next mascot, Chesty XVI is metal af. need an old priest and a young priest.
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderAsshatterific micromanaging infantilism aside, the most important takeaway here seems to be that CSMs are the third… @ambiturner1 PerhapsSeconded ... @CentreGround6 is one of the worst side streets in cancel culture’s bespotted discourse; not just that you are attacked for w… What a total stud. 2. I think one of the few regrets I will take to my death bed is never seeing baseball at a J… is nothing wrong with a Casio. @philewing will fight you for me on this (I have a torn rotator cup 9-months i… @Doctrine_Man Stick with me now...crazy idea coming... You see, in the civilian world, there are these people call… @JoeSilverman7 AKA ... Analysis/Commentary: Pentagon Announces Army 1st SFAB Deployment to Counter Surge in Violent Extremism and Russ…
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderDick Van Dyke became the guy he played in Mary Poppins 55 years ago. Lol
Retweeted by cdrsalamander54% of French people think the CIA killed Kennedy, 16% think the Moon landings were faked, 55% think the dangers of…
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderThey are called sonobouys. When they were discovering how to exploit the convergence zone in the 50s, they were the… in your late 20s gives you a whoooole new perspective on the qualities you find attractive in a future partn…
Retweeted by cdrsalamander @BDHerzinger @McCainJack I’ll believe that when @KirkLippold does.Take a minute to look at this video, each one of these tiny aircraft on this glass sculpture represents a USAAF air…
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderHe’s not wrong
The Navy embraces "optimal manning" - again - and enjoys all the efficiencies, as shown through inter-species inter… @1610captain Trade what you have for what you need.Pro tip: Jen is never the bad one. seem all soft, polite, and in peace fairly weak ... but when they close the book of peace go to war ... t… what they met at that altitude A heliom balloon 🎈 😳
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderThis person is a couple weeks from possibly securing the Dem nomination for President. What a disaster.
Retweeted by cdrsalamander @anccpt arrests hacker tied to @KatieHill4CA campaign after primary opponents were hacked.
Retweeted by cdrsalamander$121+ million going down a bottomless pit that will in all likelihood never be of use to a strike group commander a… @McCainJack I am thoroughly convinced that we have the same exact people briefing the whole parade of appointees fo… How many times are we going to drink from this chalice of wrong? "The challenge is increasing lethality while… Singapore conquered & the Philippines besieged, Japanese troops are pouring into the Netherlands East Indies,…
Retweeted by cdrsalamander1. I've been watching this all day, and the fact that @andrewdbrooks has not made a CA "Bear" pun yet leaves me sad… trying to get that bear in Monrovia 😸🐾🐈
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderThey see me dozin'. They hatin'.
Retweeted by cdrsalamanderI can hear 60 million Italians screaming from here. @jkuehn50 @WWATMD 1 of the best things pointed out to me as a young man; when people say "They're too busy" to do s… / #KNM #FridtjofNansen #F310 passing #MountBatten Plymouth inbound @HMNBDevonport shortly after disembarking…
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