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cody 🦝 @CdyRnkn Scottsdale, AZ

Unconventional Pets, Cat Dad, My Mom Thinks I’m Handsome, Top 0.9% OnlyFans, Kinda Weeby

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@eswein19 RIPSaying “let’s catch up”: -boring -overused -makes me think of ketchup Saying “let’s get the band back together”: -…
Retweeted by cody 🦝ok it IS ADAM SANDLER LMFAO @MacMcCannTX oh my god
I don’t care what the artists original inspiration was, that’s adam sandler @warmfourloko absolute KING SHIT @kickeep *laughs in former Dutch Bros employee* @goodbeanjokes 🔥🔥🔥bet the dude who invented the word catatonic never actually met a cat @badboychadhoy Honestly that’s my bad
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @wubzzzzz sucks to be that guy lololI need to start making choices that will make future me happier lolbut also I feel like the one they are playing at my bar is a remix cause it’s not quite the sameI FOUND IT, it was the chorus of come and go by juice and marshmallow lolliving inside a giant bar of decorative soap >>>> new wave of stuff that’s like rap with almost pop punk undertones is pretty cool, it’d be fun to make a song ev… if I started a new arc as a soundcloud rapperDisney channel in 2003
Retweeted by cody 🦝so what if I made a fanhouse for my workout routine/as a way to support me and message me without having to deal wi… @TheRealBGSmoov LMFAO @jodieegrace too many noises in the bar and it’s always while I’m busy 😭there’s this song that keeps playing at my bar and it kinda sounds like sick and tired by mgk and iann dior but tha… @milkinhisbag @spaaceylacey bro this is cute as hell @emohilaryduff Turnover
@warmfourloko @jakepaul can i be ur hype mangetting dramatic sad boy rib tattoo tomorrow, I’m gonna gonna be so sexc
@eswein19 oh I’m retweeting this straight to all my followers so you get bullied for no reason again 😂have fun finding my belly button twitter
Retweeted by cody 🦝sorry that was the anxiety talking :)* @kickeep if Harry styles followed you it would be 18001 @matchu_chutrain when he has abs and is a raging hetero 😍 @rudy_betrayed it happened to me one time and It was just a kid I knew from high school who used to be in love with… @hhh_anna_hhh Lmfao god dammit:( @montanaisntreal luv u dude, hope the hurt gets easier in time 💛 @okok_veronica @OGBobbyGabriel hi friends :) @tiger_swift13 absolutely goatedsaitama (one punch man), rock and guy lee (naruto), captain obi (fire force), asta kinda but he gets cool swords (black clover) @mariokartdwi ok thank u :) @mariokartdwi the pain I felt from thisone of my favorite reoccurring themes in anime is “guy who is just as strong as characters with literal superpowers…
@OGBobbyGabriel it better be a forehead kiss @OGBobbyGabriel go to BED @Roysenotes god I wish this was me so badhappy thanksgiving
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @ducklikethebird you deserved it :) @itsyourboycrawf takes one to know one @nicegirlmeg baby birds gotta leave the next one day @thec0conuthead ilysm 😭😭 @LuckyLilLacey hell yeah she is @applesauceyanno yes do not tell anyoneso tell us about your little “Onlyfans job”
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @hkaspurrr omg I haven’t heard that name in YEARS @userjaymes I just met the new gf’s family and they offered me a thanksgiving joint, I love them lmfao @lunapleasant u can’t have her 😡 @lynndewitttoya if u find it lemme know, shes hiding her twitter from me 😂 @BeefedUpStud kiss me then @jodieegrace Thanks jodessss @elftitties I think so too 🥺 @solesnack_ THANK U💛 @ico_soundz thank u king, you and ur lady as well @BennyWillard yes you may ✊🏼 @userjaymes LMFAO mannnnn @yephph let me have this oneit’s not a bit, gf on the fleets 😳 @BennyWillard gottem 🍻 @milkinhisbag nice guy milkums
@badboychadhoy I WISH I COULD DO BETTER BY YOU CAUSE THATS WHAT YOU DESERVEAsk your priests and pastors how they’re going to explain touching little kids lol @pissboymcgee 🗣🗣🗣 who can relate @BigTucsonDad I hope he acquire many spoils such as the prized, stinky sockMy sweet prince has returned from his journey to “under the bed”
Retweeted by cody 🦝thinking about how I’ll do or say one little thing that’s kinda odd but probably not a big deal and then I’ll compu… @mangobbyy 5’11 dudes named cody are really dope I’ve heard @JackWilliamRtF fireballI be like 😗💦💦 oopsies
damn I really drool in the bong a lil bit lowkey @cloudeeuhh you get it @CdyRnkn
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @cloudeeuhh or maybe, he knew 2017 and the years following were going to be so bad that he got them just to hold us togethertbh I don’t know if I want to see a world where lil uzi doesn’t have braces, I feel like they’ve been holding toget… @itsyourboycrawf all I want is sweet relief (sleep) @legallyisisane honestly love that @pissboymcgee and scene @pissboymcgee The fact that you even bring it up makes you a beta male cuck you just wouldn’t get the lifestyle lmf… @legallyisisane Coward @Loeybug proud of you 😂😂 @tyler01010101 @bobbyteriyaki who would do that @aubviouslynot goals @okok_veronica wanna hangout :)one year ago I told my raccoon to attack @joeygllghr and he had to run in fear @tayallard @eswein19 Should we come visit Oregon or do u want to come to AZI am weak as FUCK lmfao @honeykombucha I deserve thisI’ll un-alive myself right this very moment you mean preg nogg???
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @kickeep This deserved better @dogfather @dog_rates I’m about to cry in the clubevery day, around 40 people DM @dog_rates to share that their dog has passed away. nothing we’ve said back has felt…
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