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alex is finally leaving his door open so sonny is forcing his friendship on him @ArianaElyse 😛😛😛😛 @ArianaElyse don’t tell me what to do @itsyourboycrawf bro there is literally a keyboard in our living room @ReillyLamb Mirrors @ReillyLamb just gonna have to invest in a lot of mirrros @JackWilliamRtF that fingie is putting in more effort than I have at anything in my entire life @ReillyLamb the onlyfans money needs to be put to good use lolol
@localfratrat this is art @wubzzzzz It’s like you’ve never even been to shady @imnotbecca Thank u :))me, a potential home buyer seeing all the places I’ve been looking at buying over the past few months slowly start… @imnotbecca Pretty person solidarity @kelllicopter Probably just allergies 😪 @milkinhisbag Humble beginnings ✊🏼😌struggle, grind, shine.
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @userjaymes @D4DDYL0NGLEG5 if I have the corona I will simply continue playing runescape and not leaving my house @yojohnwhatsup I’m glad somebody understands @matchu_chutrain it’s been YEARS haven’t I suffered ENOUGH @AlexxArizona hey I heard u know sciencegood morning, I have acquired one (1) symptom hate to say it... but i kind of agree..
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @Prof_Hinkley Lips of an angle @Redoingmoi @AngelaLools @earthvisuals lolol sorry buddy
@GoodFriendJoey WHATI’ll suck dick before I serve Joe Biden
Retweeted by cody 🦝bernie come back wait
Retweeted by cody 🦝not voting for joe biden 💯
Retweeted by cody 🦝damn
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @joeygllghr thank you Joey, I tried this recipe and immediately acquired a sense of paining suffering that follows me everywhere I gohow to make bread if you've hit rock bottom and decided it's time to learn how to bake
Retweeted by cody 🦝this is.... good? @Coll3enG There’s treatment? @BayCheyann I didn’t even consider that I’m so sorry @Coll3enG I put the clap in please clapdo you guys think boomer would be proud of me for climbing this tree today @KokonutRum you’re not asking enough @Coll3enG almost as much as I love holding the record for most consecutive cases of chlamydia @Coll3enG but I love beach bunny @leafsnlifts Hey
@pissboymcgee @CaucasianJames I would like bocce ball and a 12 pack of rolling rock @userjaymes lmao, I’ll send them your wayCody isn’t home so I’m singing the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack loud as shit
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @rip_my_handle hmmm not my thing thanks tho haha @benjifckinliker ya know as cool as it sounds I’m not sure how I feel about itwildest thing since starting an onlyfans is all the dudes that want me to bang their girls... did not expect that onein flagstaff, is cold
@itsyourboycrawf a true throw back @doyalikebaileys @PReedXXX I refuse @ArianaElyse I just started watching happy! And it’s kinda dark and crazy but very entertaining @alyafterdark hiiiii @FrickinDelanie we outchearpeach redbull and blue faderade @hisanrio hiiiii
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@Skoog we are BONEDusing the passport thing on tinder to try to find my friends in their respective cities and harass them @AlexxArizona this is the truest thing you’ve ever saidthe duality of cat @ashweeh19 yes we can @joee3e I’m just trying to get my combat stats into the 80’s so I can boss with my friends again :((it’s so weird being such a noob again on RuneScape, feels good feels freshBecause Twitter needs a baby goat jumping in slo-mo right now
Retweeted by cody 🦝I made a tweet about target, this locked up in my house stuff is taking a toll @BeefedUpStud beans after darkness @BigTucsonDad tell glasses Russ that he’s cute @_lil_scoot_ This is me being Butt Hurt cause I lost 90% of my personalitywhite girls saying dudes lost 90% of their personality when the gyms closed like they didn’t have a minor conniptio… send hole pics for old school RuneScape gp @4UST That’ll be 100k 🥴
@joeygllghr this is a lookthis account is now dedicated to RuneScape and my cat for the remainder of the quarantine, thank you @joeygllghr @craymusic fancy seeing you here joseph @craymusic just a chance @ReillyLamb It’s all I used to watch on Comedy Central when I was like 12 @joeygllghr Hey bro wanna kiss @benjifckinliker “you’ll definitely find out“ 😭😭 I felt that @maxellinger Thank uI am so dumb and can not figure this out buts it’s ok, I’ll just watch tutorials or something @perez4az They’re on sale rn too
tag yourself, I’m internet prostitute @joee3e oh that’s sick I’ll throw it on my list @joee3e I actually love turn based more than anything haha @joee3e I don’t have a lot of experience with pc so I was thinking console! sorry I could have been more clear haha @Jacob_Avondet does online make a big difference? Like is their enough time to be worth it just in the main story haha @goodbeanaltalt did u choke on ur afternoon cofyI’ve never played anything from the monster hunter or Witcher series so those two are pretty high on the list rn, a… @sovaniella one of the best intros of all time @jbfan911 pigloo @KylePlantEmoji people who actually know what they are talking about being able to more than just suggest courses o… @BeefedUpStud @allergic_2_sex @NAWSTYJUICE we have the opposite leg to torso ratio @woodysbrain man restarting an old school account is so tempting 😭😭😭all I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks is playing video games so like maybe you guys could suggest some fun rpgs… @NathanAcorn @OprahSide Lmfaoooo @sarahnicoleryer I respect her so much @ReillyLamb welcome to the party 🥳🥳 @ReillyLamb You gotta respect it @iceiceaisiaa Haha noooo it’s jojo @katiewright Make sure ur divorce finalizes so we can be together