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cody 🦝 @CdyRnkn Scottsdale, AZ

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@KushAlienss UR STUCK WITH ME SORRY @wydstepbrOoke I might’ve been fishing for cockliments30,000 followers? no, 30,000 people who wish my cat had its own twitter @wydstepbrOoke no but every once in a while my slightly above average schlong doesHI EVERYONE I’m doing Q&A for my next video while I drive back home for the weekend (bc I don’t have time to plan a…
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @cyberstephanie pls just a crumb @lindsaydemeola my phone was sitting on my chest so yes??? What the fuck that’s kinda cool @itsyourboycrawf fuck @itsyourboycrawf Legshe said “no scratchies yes nappies” @kendraaaleighh my thirst knows no bounds @huey_e bye have a nice day :) @kendraaaleighh I already told you I’m sorry @dxxnya but what if ur not using it @dxxnya can I borrow it, I’m hungry @cottoncandaddy I might straight up pee my pants @Gayrell_ THIS IS WHY I PANIC
I always take one headphone out when I’m leaving the gym because I get super anxious that one of the front desk peo… @BigTucsonDad oh to be a dog getting carted around by Russ @isaacofscott It’s been 6 YEARSthrough skilled detective work I found out it was some ignorant kid who had a crush on my high school GF while I wa… @monicaleww good @JiembaSands when I saw this at 3 am last night it ruined me @lyssaaaaac yeahhhh bad time @pant_leg AHHHH this makes a lot of sense, I’ve never thought about it like this @KylePlantEmoji yes but I don’t want kisses I want anime @poastsbymatt I’m sorry I’m like this but I just got some log in info so let’s goooooook the thing is I need a crunchyroll log in and I’m only being offered kissesI had to see this shit at 3am, it ruined my entire nights sleep lmao @dollpits I m dare you @bog_VVitch I’m sorry how can I make it up to umy brain did not enjoy this me if you have a crunchyroll account or you want to kiss, nobody will ever know which one @userjaymes he really came for me out of nowhere, random person on the Internet @aubviouslynot I hope soyo but for real over 100 new subscribers in 3 days, I wanna give you all a forehead kiss @NeptxneDubz I was just so freaked out they knew me in a random lobby but they probably paid up people playing clos… @KushAlienss I was more just shocked than anything lol @youngthug religion is bad sometimes, this is one of those times @JohnnyBerchtold sick sick sick, congrats 🤘🏼🤘🏼his gamer tag was catz fur days, and I’m assuming he lives in AZ cause he knew who my high school ex gf was, I’m no… WHO WAS THE MOTHERFUCKER ON CALL OF DUTY THAT SAID “NICE FANS ONLY FAGGOT” AFTER THAT ROUND OF SEARCH AND D… @matchu_chutrain hard, please
@matchu_chutrain Who does this happen to @stuartfiddle hey 😁 @thot_feminist it’s never too early for anal @Kenaiaaa link in my bio @thot_feminist I would show u my hole and my macaroni art @xotourliv I’m moving to Canada @freeyoursoulfit hey @realpolishjokes lmfao @loveislikeyouxo 🥺🥺 @ellie__goeglein I appreciate youI mostly just feel bad promoting my onlyfans on this account because of the people who don’t follow me for that typ…’mon
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @SpeedyReidy480 punching u in the arm at work this weekendover 60 new subscribers since Valentine’s Day so I dropped another 50 spots for 50% off 😝 @doyalikebaileys I’m happy for them @RalphaelDupree RALPHIE RELAX @kayli_shmayli yes @livjadel yes we, but someone hasn’t gotten their new place yet smh @livjadel hiii @Shen_the_Bird Shen 🥺yes I have been doing the Chris Evans booty blaster 9000 workouts thanks for asking
Since I have a background with flipping and falling (former collegiate springboard and platform diver) my main focu… @KushAlienss I would love toif someone tells me I’m a good driver I know they just want to bang because I am not a good driverit’s always show hole never show macaroni art I’ve been working on for the past week thinking of you @userjaymes man I wish I was that ball
if you happen to be out in Old Town Scottsdale for sunday funday I’m working a fun little pop up Bloody Mary bar at… @JackWilliamRtF so bad you have no idea @ReillyLamb we appreciated getting more than $50 in the server tipout for once, thanks lmao @doyalikebaileys AHHHH YOU GOT HONEYMOON, also you really be bakinplease be my girlfriends @poetatoeboi no @bucior_jakub you’re a medium drink from Arby’sPOV: your name is Arnold Palmer and I just sucked you dry @taylvr let’s go next week @CaucasianJames I used to have a capybara, they are pretty chilleating a half pound Arby’s roast beef sandwich thinking about @taylvr, maybe one day we will eat one together @kierstejam @ChipotleTweets no :) @goodbeanalt @tbcstan vouch @kierstejam @ChipotleTweets smuggle me drugs in ur butt, if I’m going to be a criminal I’m going all in @kierstejam @ChipotleTweets how dare uLet’s gooooo Denver! See you tomorrow evening!!!!!!!! Who is feeling the Bern 🔥 🔥 🔥 😊😊😊🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.
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@BoyYeetsWorld The wells at my bar are $10 and I can see the pain in people’s eyes when they order @PReedXXX looks like I’m fleeing to LA @Raeequaza ringtail cats @PReedXXX am I on the lam nowI was eating chipotle and they have that green jalapeño tabasco that’s kinda uncommon and my brain was like what if… @Andrewisog 😂😂 @snitchery DANGER ZONEI can’t believe Valentine’s Day is on Friday the 13th this year 😱I accidentally deleted this, im so sorry if you had to watch it twiceany naruto girls wanna be my valentine, PLEASE I’m so alone @xxxlanaax @4ORTY40 ily @wydsteps1s We already r @wydsteps1s haha hey @adam_lang11 ok you’re right I’m going to hide us forever @adam_lang11 I’m so sorry, next time I’ll be transparent about our relationship