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@LuxeNarciso maybe I willmy car battery died at the drive in movies last night which was fine because then I got to watch my gf act out the…
@COWBOYJUlCE SHMEATwhat does this mean @oreo ????
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @_ericcurtin @Oreo 😦😦😦all jokes aside his name IS actually Garyeveryone please take a moment to appreciate the snail my mother has created out of shrubbery in her yard I’m too tired to sleep? great job brain, what’s the fucking point of thatcan u guys tell I like her be honest @MattPostSaysHi top tier fit
@aprilarson HAHA NO, still simping very very hard 😂ok we’ve been dating like 17 weeks you can move in now @momappreciator @diskpix @denise_ven people tryna say I’m going crazy on Twitter 😤 @alyssa_schoener alyssa schoener redemption arcwhat are we getting into tonight friends @momappreciator ur both shaggy and handsome @ReillyLamb big dreams 🥴 @ReillyLamb oh shit I might not be a good fit either then, I’m retired @ReillyLamb they actually told me you’re fired and I’m the newest bottle service girl @ech0astral @glickzac this made me wanna replay fallout 4 @overr8ed_ Yeah absolutely 🥺
@mark_mck96 thank u king 🙏🏼dope to be fair, i can’t fall asleep with my arms or legs touching each other and it separates them perfectly and is… am a grown ass man sleeping cuddled up with an avocado plushie every night, if a woman ever says she won’t try to change you she’s lying @jbfan911 yes @FireBeets @VinMan17 is this trueLETS GOOO @nateandmufasa kodaline could absolutely do high hopes @freeyoursoulfit that’s true frick @ginadivittorio huge girls rock moment @ValterSkarsgard not a chance valtyneed more of this @4UST Need a tasset drop tomorrow at bandos so bad @badgirIkiki wtf that’s so badass @freeyoursoulfit i’m going to Hawaii in a month I need to be bronze @CdyRnkn tanning and not wasting a minute of xp... king
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @4UST out here making cannonballs like a mfer @benjairish I lost the little elastic band, but as long as I am leaning back they stay on my face pretty easy, coul…
the right person will make you fall in love with yourself, too.
Retweeted by cody 🦝hi team @nateandmufasa without a paddle?me: she calls me her little windmill friend: like the blink 182 song? that’s so cute me: no it’s cause sometime… @codyko @getlaidan Cody’s who were collegiate divers are sick as fuckdouble majoring in Gender Studies and Finance so i can be in women's business
Retweeted by cody 🦝weekend long, sleepy time @viaranked he be tootin
@hannahgordon_ Thank you hannah :)nice butt where did you get it from, the nice butt store? lol @autumndelta he is not a fan of belly petssonny time @emohilaryduff Me too @sarahschauer they say the last thing their victims ever hear is “wee woo” @andddiiieeee hmmm not ringing any bells 😂
@CorinnaKopf MERGER @themeredith I want this for youhealthy levels of jealousy bf, sexy everyone’s in love with her gf @keefler_elf it’ll be alright manOh the guy's name is Vision
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @sydneyelainexo had to see if we were still mutuals @tarynlynne__ yaif I ever posted this caption I imagine I’d gain quite a few onlyfans subscribers
@JohnnyBerchtold OH SHIT ITS JOHNNY THE MADMANWhite dudes be like: you gotta meet my buddy Johnny, he’s an absolute madman @GoodFriendJoey @swagmastarpaul @NexpoYT it looks just like him
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @poeticgenius19 it goes back to filler for a while after that so it’s definitely hard to push through @poeticgenius19 naruto and sasuke fighting momoshiki in the first main arc made it worth it to me, one of the dopes… @KylePlantEmoji @itsonlyaubrey hey guys :) @_HeroHunter ty king 🙏🏼
Wakes up for work gf hasn’t gone to sleep yet bf
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @helen Yes ma’am, @a1animaltalent on here and @/crittergal on IG. She posts way more of the animal stuff than I do :)Oliver isn’t sure about how he feels about football #HappySuperBowlSunday
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @helen I feel like the wombat lady and my crazy animal mother would be friendsbig tiddies, lil waist have a very serious confession to make, I have never tried tortilla soup @keefler_elf me too @SafeWebUser felt this oneI can't sleep because i'm literally insane
Retweeted by cody 🦝the day I step on the scale and I’m over 200lbs for the first time I’m gonna do one of those hulk hogan shirt rip thingsi fixed the misplaced comma then uploaded the wrong one anyway, here's the correct version just because i already m…
Retweeted by cody 🦝I wonder if my cat knows that he’s just a little guy
Retweeted by cody 🦝 @KylePlantEmoji man I need me one of thoselife is so good sometimes
should I tell my mom there is a bear behind her @miss_savannah93 @barbiebrookeecc @spencer_jacey @jbaaaaaby1 @itsmeheythere 😭🙏🏼any homies that know Hawaii really well dm immediately plswhatever state that is on the right looks a little too much like tr*mp for my liking, I think we should sell it @milkinhisbag You dropped this @brinnie_bb join the club
stability? lol ok that even sounds made up @itsyourboycrawf King 🙏🏼 @emohilaryduff she is v cute, I just exist in her presence
@jmariannne thank uuuuu💛 @cj_mccain dude right?? 😭 @kara_posey 😁💛