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This is why I love this show does it to make mashed potatoes. @hervst Even better. See, we're learning. @alex Out today. Anthony Mackie stars. A bulked up Anthony Mackie.In unrelated news, the new season of 'Altered Carbon' is so far a bit confusing. But I'm always confused by space s…'s one thing when regular folk do it - fine - don't fucking research anything, but the media should know better.… it coronavirus is misleading & it's starting to bother me. The common cold & a bunch of other shit is coron… @craigums yes, the research team is trying to figure out why that isBREAKING NEWS: I'm being told that today isn't Friday and... hold on... "you still have to work tomorrow dumbass"…
Kinda sucks we're not talking about a new season of Daredevil. I don't feel like 3 was enough.I mean, just like real life is why I got kicked out of D&D can't tell if that ringing is in my head or coming from outside @MosheIsaacian @autonomousdotai I dunno. Hoping to review one and I'll let you know. I've used Miller chairs in corporate environments.Don’t panic. Doctors/ virologists I’m speaking to say 98% of people will be fine, even if they get Covid-19. They e…
Retweeted by Curtis er død allerede 🏳️‍🌈✡️🥪 @mcwm it won't make a difference and won't work on a beard so just bring hand sanitizer @xeni I mean, the good news is - by the time a vaccine is ready - he might not be president anymore. @thebourbonwitch cheese spread goes straight into the mouthbuy pharma stonks @Josiah_Motley don't get caught masturbating in that little houseKevin convinced me. Getting one of these @autonomousdotai Kinn chairs. and tattoos @sethporges Living in this state is always an adventure. Y'all just need to drive around Pinellas Park and you'll get your thrills⬆️⬆️⬇️⬇️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️🅱️🅰️[START] @LarryRosenthal I have never seen such a group of morons in leadership positions and I've worked for fortune 500 companiesHe'll pray the virus away. Watch, he's gonna gather a bunch of crazy evangelists and they'll prayer circle the virus @AdamSinger Yeah, people just have to remember to look local. This social media thing, people take in so much negat…
Only about 70 years too late. Also who the hell votes no on something like this?'ve got paid work if you know Hearthstone Battlegrounds like the back of your hand - send me an email with writing…
Retweeted by Curtis er død allerede 🏳️‍🌈✡️🥪Rewatching the mere 26 episodes of "Better Off Ted". It's not too late to bring it back. Networks like rebooting th… shit happens constantly to me listening to the silly Eminem tracks today @funranium no, it's not that loud and clumsy soundingwhat is that noise that keeps coming from the kitchenCan probably change that to "fact" I've dropped my fairly new phone at least a dozen times and haven't broke it so I can turn off the device protec… @xeni is great you do in life, just remember you Florida is gonna find a way to fuck this up good news, kinda. "Pew report shows Americans do not trust Facebook, Google, Twitter for election truths"… entrance music for @ewarren at the next debate as a warning to the old white dudes:, the old guard of old rich white men will be dead. Sure, there will be new old rich white guys - but fro… @rwizz_r @xeni Not just let - but fully support. Unfortunately, old rich white man support is still needed to win.… @deborahbrian @xeni Misogyny runs deep in this nation, to the detriment of society at large. I don't think Warren w… to rebuild this report that I just inherited while also watching pop music videos on YouTube is more dauntin… @xeni *tips hat* but also I believe it. I'm not about change in the sense of change for change sake - but we need t… would be a great VP.IMO the best thing the DNC can do RIGHT now is ditch every other candidate besides Warren and every other candidate… @xeni I am tired of loud, old white men in leadership. I like Bernie, don't get me wrong - but this country needs W… @JuliaAngelenPR @marcorubio Elon isn't a politician though - he's a tech guy. So that was inevitable, an awkward interview. @xeni honestly I'd like to see it the other way around but same there is no doubt in my mind that Warren would be a great President @JuliaAngelenPR @marcorubio when the press talks to these guys it always seems like pandering, I just wanna talk li… would love to sit down with @marcorubio for an hour or two and see if I can get him to I dunno, think logically.… Marco is on board. believe dreams are glimpses into our parallel consciousnesses in alternate realities... so by that hypothesis, my… @MSGiro yes I can @alex I just techcrunched all over the placeIsn't that a good thing?'t I just buy something online and not get a billion follow up emailsGrowing up my dad taught me to never believe anything I read - initially - and check sources. He had no idea that o… you'm glad @samred wrote this piece because it covers a lot of the thoughts I've been thinking about Amazon's grocery…"the shop's cameras capture your likeness and begin tracking your every step and action." WHY would you want to add… but I did and I'm not even watching would love to see one debate where instead of the candidates dragging each other, they all just get together and…
@martyswant I leave em in trash and maybe on follow up they'll catch my attention or my mood will have changed. I'v… @martyswant yeah I developed a system for this. I read the first three words of the subject line and just delete it I don't careChelsea can relax now, the loss is assured. Man, Davies is just pure speed.This is... not good. That fucking idiot is telling a ton of fucking idiots lies about the spread of a virus, idiots… have got to feel a bit frustrated now.I mean, how could you not want this kind of response from a person in government? What kind of idiot are you that y… a goal there for Mueller. It's coming. Should be 1-0 shortly.Bayern have got to score at some point.Yes, VAR is a hindrance in Premier League. That statement is correct. In Bundesliga, it works fine. @SugarJones oh shit you can lookit you, teaching me a thingThat's cause our president has a backbone about as rigid as wet jello. in time for the election I'm sure keep trying to drag the mouse up to the top monitor instead of to the rightyou can't set your monitor configuration for the cursor, to know that one monitor is above, not next to, the main monitor.I like to get on a scheduled conference call and be the only one on - then I get to start the countdown. If after 5… like to re-read my own art when y'all being nuts on here it makes me feel smart banana pudding with my mouthThe house that the GOP built out of Trump wall scraps is starting to show tears is horrible. The officer was fired, but only for not checking with a supervisor first. Either way, no matter h… @mcwm Bayern has been vulnerable this season - even though they will likely win today. Could be a great game. @mcwm oh yeah shit Bayern v Chelsea today just remembered!making almond milk in my mouth @apierno I don't think so. Maybe, because it's visual art and has a tone that runs in my head - but not really. I d… @iiiitsandrea @moodfoodsnacks are you suggesting I start eating paint againSomeone has never been to the combination Pizza Hut Taco Bell @apierno sometimes. like, if not for her identity, I wouldn't like anything by Kahlo, but in her case - her identit… @MissHurricanez protip - instead of duct tape, use rubber cement - it just peels off later and doesn't look so... middle Florida @mcwm I mean, the good news is that you are not an old or vulnerable child so you will likely live @mcwm oh yeah, it'd suck to live in a large city, say, NYC, right about now @MissHurricanez to be fair they were covered in strategically duct taped squirrel skins soLookit my son @MosheIsaacian with the profile in @Adweek #blessed #proud @KyleWalford luv 2 consume porn on my tiny ass phone and not one of my four 27" monitors but I'm not like the res… @MSGiro right? it was like, this is how the internet should beShould be a fun year.