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Girls which one are you going for? Vote & RT 🙏🏿
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @Greatman__ Ugly with no money ☺So proud of @stonebwoyb!! U really doing good lil bro. remember u walked up to me bk in school & said u cud do dis 🙏🙏
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡Fuck it works !! birthday to me😩❤️❤️ Say a prayer for me fam❤️
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡This morning I decided to take in tea(milo) Normally tea ain't my thing, my own be waakye and beans dems but sake o…
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @OkwasiaBiNti You fit work for marvel studios. Herh😂😂😂
Burna boy - heavens gate
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡Be mine, bih. #XXSavageX
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @YayraAnnette 😊
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡This lies dieer i fit talk some.Banku + kontonmire stew😍I get seven Friday watch Going hot 🔥 100gh p3 Buy give your man!!!
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @YayraAnnette Send your momo number lemme thank you 🤗Don't Dm me😑 I'm freaky weird in my dms👽 @YayraAnnette Are you my anon 😍 @cecilAdjorlolo anon has ordered two chicken buckets for you Kindly dm us your details and location. Thank you 💖WhatsApp status quotes>>>>greater than Twitter quotes.🦓
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡All girls are queens!! @_theferdinand Virgins then moff moff😂😂💔 @_theferdinand Boss😂😂 @Yoma5 The thing was too good to be true chale @Yoma5 What happenedBerma Looking Like a boondocks Character 🤒 ❤️🇬🇭
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I get seven Friday watch Going hot 🔥 100gh p3 Buy give your man!!! Friday 2pm Special gift for you guys! Watch out!! & click the link in my bio to get tickets to my tour! 💚😈
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡Chibom x Mirinda 😘😋💘
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @Jasszn @stiffchocolate5 2nd frame☈ @ekua_chioma @Lady_ann01 @Psmart0 Dark wallpaper *Celebrating 80 years of Tom & Jerry 🧀
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡This is the last batch of love I'm making in my heart😑 If this shih expires I'm making no more.😤All this love +affection and attention going to waste 💔If you want a date for Valentine's or someone to talk to on Valentine's while your friends are out with bae. Dm let… only the water was blue 😪
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡Abena is a truly evil name. spawns of the AntiChrist
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡Presenting: rap in paper Ghana 🇬🇭 🌍
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡#NewProfilePicFine girls all over eeiii😍 @pdee2131 I just dey manifest am🌚🌚
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡You made your broom spend the night standing 💔 Woke up this morning and still want to sweep with it💔💔 Heartless bunch😑My tweet on a billboard abroad. Maddd!!! @bosom_pyung @bosom_pyung adey go bed oo If anything my momo number this 0242389040 God bless👊 @Jorge21069710 @bosom_pyung I make hotAnadwo eiiii
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @bosom_pyung Send momo“Hey, heard of the standing broom thing? I’m watching this broom stand and realizing how I can’t stand the fact tha…
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡+1❤️🎉
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting...
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @jeffwellz I'm doing just that 😂😂
LOADING.. @stonebwoyb
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡oh she snapped. i’m into this.
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡Music is Spiritual.. Period!! #1GAD #BhimGovernment
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @NketiaAmpofoJun @NaaAkushika12 @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti @NaaAkushika12 @NketiaAmpofoJun @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti @NaaAkushika12 @NketiaAmpofoJun @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti @NaaAkushika12 @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti @Famez_vv @colomental_ @NaaAkushika12 @NketiaAmpofoJun @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti @NketiaAmpofoJun @NaaAkushika12 @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti @NketiaAmpofoJun @NaaAkushika12 @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti @NaaAkushika12 @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti @Famez_vv @colomental_ @NaaAkushika12 @NketiaAmpofoJun @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti @NketiaAmpofoJun @NaaAkushika12 @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti @NaaAkushika12 @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti @Famez_vv @colomental_ are wicked. Why are you sharing this video? Smh #ameyawtv
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡When Uncle Wray and his nephew hits🥺😈🥵 COME HOME!
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @NaaAkushika12 @NketiaAmpofoJun @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti not mine fault if I have a big breast . I say who dey eat😋😋
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @NaaAkushika12 @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti @Famez_vv @colomental_ @NketiaAmpofoJun @NaaAkushika12 @brasilvaGH @Alex_unusual1 @YawAbronyeh @NUFUO_mu_IGP @Views09 @OkwasiaBiNti had the chance to perform for my big brother @DBLACKGH and it was an amazing vibe there. #TumTumRepuBliq ✊🏿
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡A birthday wish from Temi is the best thing that has ever happened to me😭😭🥰🥰🥰 I'm rolling 😭
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡😂 wow.
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡Look up😍 It's a full honey moon💕Me listening to my classmates argue about their final exam answers being 20 or 25 but my calculator gave me 943.53
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡Eno be small volume for this song on Val’s @1RealJoeyB
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @KWABdexENA @rtwlz @Kobby_Giant77 Me too😑
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @KWABdexENA @rtwlz @Kobby_Giant77 Thought they used satellites 😮I know you’ve got me on Val’s day if no one got me❤️❤️
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @Pessy_jnr @AsieduMends Just saw 5cedis but okay?? @gyaigyimii After 2024 coins💀 @Greatman__ After the plenty loan we dey take from them. you still figga say the country be wanna own? @officialnairam1 is back😂🍻 #Marlians @Pessy_jnr @AsieduMends How much money per box ?? @Abena_Aries He was polluted with it 😂💔 @_kwasiakwa What August borns do you😂😂 @AsieduMends Mad oh @jeffwellz Check ein location 😂 @Abena_Aries Check his location 💀😂 @AsieduMends 38coins be 38gh??A Paper-mache of Ronaldo in the carnival of Viareggio, Italy 📍 Straight out of Pacific Rim 😳
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡ @akosua_savage @Fact go under all their posts and start "savaging" dem get numbers pass me.The canvas art on the wall is the most used canva in Ghana.❤️❤️
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡When you invite her over for the night then she removes her wig and washes her make up
Retweeted by C.XCIL⚡