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Just a girl in love with the Lord, tweeting about following wherever He leads.

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How many webinars have you signed up for since COVID started?'all have responded to this with so much love, which I honestly was not expecting. Thank you! My point is this:… @Centrist1976 I'm not sure! But I'm totally ok with it as it's drawn my attention to placing my worth back on my id… @StuartGardner2 I think it's actually that I'm slightly less exciting now that I'm living a "normal" life. And that… @pondering_this I discerned out, following the Holy Spirit. Who knows what Jesus will do with the future! @BWFeldy Some personal things came up in my discernment that I needed to work on and I discerned that God was askin… I left the convent a few months ago, I've lost quite a few followers and I think this is one of the greatest… @turnthepaige_42 I was convinced it must be a song about the loaves and the fishI was listening to Christian radio on my way to work and was very confused when I saw the song title "Unstoppable C…
@w2trvl Wait... it’s still 2020?! @FrCharles I lived with a sister who would reuse signs that said, “Please leave for Sr. Mary” but one of them had a… said it so often when I was in the midst of my discernment that I told my former novice formator that I was going… months ago when I realized that my life was going to start moving in a very different direction than I had… @rctechgeek Every day has a different color according to the liturgical season/any feasts of the day. Purple for Le… is Friday, right? Also, is it September yet?
@joe_pescespada Well,, I haven’t found anything yet lol. Every time I find a place I like, go to see it, and submit… @joe_pescespada I’ll be staying in the same 2nd smallest state. I work in the Archdiocese of Philly, but I like bei…
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us. #BlackLivesMatter @KristenFilipic @srseanm all I'm saying is that I am wearing some VERY red pants today. @srseanm I need structure to keep me disciplined!Send help I’ve become the type of person who dresses according to the liturgical colors
@FredWoodard19 I would suggest that following the precepts of a holy life is one big "Yes" to the love of God.When we turn religion into simply a series of prohibitions, we forget that the core of our belief is a radical, “Ye… @TeawithTolkien @Penitent_Son *running around trying to find my timesheet* @TeawithTolkien Oh my gosh imagine if we could all just take shifts at worrying and everyone else got a break
@EndOfDaysWoman THIS.Lord, have mercy on us.
@itsbrianmiller Acts of the Apostles is the greatest adventure story that is so convicting regarding the presence o… ability to try to see the best in people, no matter the situation, has long been something that I've considered… @debval2008 We use the same software!
Pray for me: the only qualification I have to help my parish resume public Mass during a pandemic is that I cleaned… @sister_cath I'm deleting my tweet because the possibility of hurting someone by it is not worth it to me. God bless you. @sister_cath She lost her job and is being berated publicly. She has not been allowed to do this. There is an expe… @sister_cath I am as outraged as I can be knowing that this is not a situation that I have experience with. I recog… @loafingcactus Praise God that your illness has been managed well enough that you have never gotten to that point.… @sister_cath I don't doubt at all that it was racist. But I was triggered when I first watched the video. And if sh… @loafingcactus I don't doubt at all that it was racist. But I was triggered when I first watched the video. And if… life hack: My teenage sisters like making fun of my lack of pop culture knowledge too much to help fil…
Day 73 of Quarantine: It’s my sister’s 17th birthday. She’s been blasting “Dancing Queen” by ABBA all day. Pls send help.
@Matt_Breslin “JESUS NEVER LAUGHED” ...except at your tweets, fool. @srjteclafsp In my limited experience, the ability to not take yourself too seriously is key to recognizing our hum… @diacanotom And it has helped me to be open to God’s grace on more than one occasion, thanks be to God 😊I’m convinced that a healthy sense of humor is required for holiness
@dmc42676 *sigh*
@jamtodTwit Nope, not for 2 weeks! Which was part of why I was confused that they announced it when they did. @EfficacyOfGrace That would've been helpful. It just totally blind-sided me and it's a holiday weekend... and this… @SisterLynnD When I looked up the programs, I was surprised to see that they are a combination of science, business… @TheHappyPriest I’m not making any huge life decisions right now, but I will say that I’ve already looked into feas…
@MaureensPDJ @caddington11 I’ve never expressed an interest in that direction before and I think for a lot of peopl… @SrAndrewFSP @SrBethanyFSP THIS IS MY NEW EVANGELIZATION STRATEGY. IT COMMUNICATES URGENCY. @AntoinetteLopes Just following the Holy Spirit. Never gets boring over here. @caddington11 I was 100% serious. I didn’t even think it was weird until I saw their reactions. @mollywithakay I’ve recently encountered some extremely loving morticians at funerals I’ve been live-streaming and it’s beautifulThings my family did not expect me to say at dinner tonight: “So I was thinking, I might go back to school. To become a mortician.”Did you know that that Father’s Day in Germany is on the Ascension? ...because that’s when Jesus went to be with His dad! #funfacts @SrBethanyFSP BUT ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE OKAY WITH THIS? IT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING. @AntoinetteLopes Or if you’re over 65! Oh my goodness I am so worried about our elderly parishioners who don’t seem… @joe_pescespada GOOD.JESUS LOVES YOU A LOT, OK? @rosende_art I put a picture under the original tweet! @chelleann74 Absolutely true! That just brings up the question for me why He would say to Mary Magdalene, “do not h… @SnarkyCath He absolutely could be! There are just a few things that suggest to me that it isn’t the case... tellin… @praying_today As I’ve asked around, that seems most convincing to me, albeit an answer that is clouded in mystery.…’ve had my job for a few months now and every time I walk into the church it still takes my breath away, hand sanitizer will not stain your pants. What did you learn today while social distancing?
@UberPT Absolutely! But to me, the Ascension and the whole idea of "it is better for me that you go..." suggests th… @foresthempen What a rip-off @redeemedrachel It’s just not my wheelhouse... curiosity is one thing, but I worry about getting stuck on matters t… @cateash It’s one of her other programs! I’ve been using it on my days off from running and I love it @SrAndrewFSP @DaughterStPaul One of the priests I work with says, “if we don’t use the modern means of communicatio…’all I’m sorry for tweeting off-brand theological content today. Tomorrow we’ll go back to regularly scheduled programming. @ora_et_labora_ @FrHarrison I would agree that He’s not limited by time or space, but if He didn’t subject Himself… @EfficacyOfGrace In the JPII example, does that work because JPII is outside of time or because God, the one answer… question to some replies: Is heaven outside of time? God is, yes. But is heaven? I don’t think so (but I… of the things I am extremely grateful for from my time with @DaughterStPaul is developing the habit of really p… @liztyley Thank you for citing the Office of Readings! That is immensely helpful. It helps me to cloud the question… @advodei @Cr_zYkiTtY "Today you will be with me in paradise but then I'm gonna leave again for 40 days but then don… @pathatch @redeemedrachel Absolutely. Asking the questions is a beautiful part of growing in our faith but on this… @redeemedrachel It's been bothering me for the past week and now I've decided to go public. @FrHarrison Can you please tease out a little bit of what this means? In other words, how do we make sense of the R… question for the Solemnity of the Ascension: If someone died between the historical Easter and Ascension (w…
@TheHappyPriest Laudato no.The trainer in my workout video kept calling one of the background people “Cupcake” and I was so shocked that it wa… is my contribution to the modesty discourse.I saw a sign that said, “Masks aren’t all you should be wearing... buckle up.” I now feel the need to say that ma…
@bego @SrAndrewFSP Ok, so it turns out the pool has been leaking. The diver went down to figure out where there was a rip in the pool liner. @SrAndrewFSP I gotta be honest, we have a pool but I’m very confused. Putting in a call to my dad.There are few things as alarming as looking up from your computer to see a man in full scuba gear in your backyard.… @AntoinetteLopes I’ve been trying the healthier lifestyle thing for the past 2 weeks and can confirm that it’s overratedSo, I was praying... and honestly I think that this kind of praise, given to God because we know it is true even wh… @theghissilent the grass withers, the flowers fade, but tweets are forever (Isaiah 40:8, new media translation)God is so good. *tweeted with clenched jaw and tightly clasping rosary beads* @smiller187 Go for it!
Zoom meeting at 3 to sing happy birthday to Holy Mother Church?I'm considering advertising Pentecost Sunday live streams at the parish as "the Church's birthday party" and having…
@Michael_Rokicki They need our prayers! @MissJennC6 Praying in solidarity with you! Ministry is sanctifying. @audgeymarie Instead of seeing it as protection against criticism, it might help to see it as an attempt to help pe… sending a message criticizing how your parish is responding in these days, say a prayer for your parish lead…