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fuck the gender binary all my homies hate the gender binary
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️ @RLukeDuBois @Sierra_OffLine I like that at this time cassettes were still probably used for data storage too? @Sierra_OffLine @Sierra_OffLine I feel attackedEssential thread for those of us building our political education. When the people rise up and put pressure on raci…
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️ahem listening is a social construct but also a political tool to maintain oppressive power structures, see below… mean, the union square whole foods it 1000% worse than columbus circle. also i like grand army, even if it doesn'… @Sierra_OffLine an innovator !
@johnxela step mon henti @alexcorey04 oh I'm so glad to hear that. They cld do so much more to support their employees @alexcorey04 fuck! i just negotiated for half work/pay. it's so fucked up how they can do this to contingent facult… van Beethoven, German composer who wrote ‘da-da-da-dum’ theme of ‘Symphony No. 5,’ dies at 56
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️Gag me with a spoon. Wanna know how to make a thriving arts & culture community? Support the fucking artists…
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️a mix from april that i never posted. techno and such. gets fast and hard toward end. if you need an evening listen… have no sympathy for Amy Cooper, but I do want us to wrestle with what it means for us to continue to seek justic…
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️ @cnqmdi it's all so messed up @Jim_Jordan jump into lake erie, jim resign firstno surprise from ICE here - abolish ICE btw it's imperative - but i hope those with power in higher education can c… you have a little to spare, consider giving a bit to Jordana, a fixture of u.s. drum and bass, who could use hel… is all (scroll downthread, too) so bad: the way the government is using pandemic emergency to animate xenophob…
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️how will our colleges and universities protect visa students without forcing them to risk their health? @modernistwitch excellent donation to ty @BillyWerner @BillyWerner Is it... the only nyc kmart was one of the first places that i happened upon after moving to ny. no idea even why iwent there, maybe i was… @AndrewRusseth 🙌 @RaxKingIsDead @mattiekahn I...want thissome inspired interdisciplinary public media archaeology’m SCREAMING, how is this thread the exact intersection of my interests????
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️will this extend to slacs and community colleges? @nickmirzoeff no more monuments!actually quite perverse!Beyond BEYOND beyond excited to share the cover for BLACK FUTURES, the visual anthology made with co-conspirator an…
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️yeah... i mean, those names are racist too tho. we are living on stolen land of Indigenous people. it's not an hono… @artfcity @amywilson @hragv and a tip for raw (in my experience): if i am at home, i can slice them very very thin,… @amywilson for real - it would be hard to just walk home! not to mention the taste of stomach acid bubbling up. sor… @amywilson i do eat it but now i know how i can expect to feel, and take one of those indigestion chewable pills. i… @amywilson it was within past 2-3 years i think. never had it before, but also it's one of those things that you do… @amywilson sorry. i noticed it last year or so. i'd go out to get, like, pizza or a chile relleno, or drunk noodles… @jeffreymoro i swear they are just holding off to inflate enrollment #s @amywilson Like hardcore indigestion. I still eat them occasionally but now that I've mostly cut it out, it feels so obviously bad when I do @amywilson It's new and sad :( @amywilson Literally.... I recently discovered I have an allium intolerance, which means whenever I eat garlic or o… @lynne_bias Looks great!
@LetitiaMontana hope you're wearing a mask now @LMGM @Herr_Von_Banger @Drownedxo @robdeadtech hm i guess chains on cymbal, but like, slowlylol queer icon really @musicognition at several points i gasped as i got hit with a flashback. even little things like dorothy combing th… the nome king is a queer root hall of heads was particularly disturbing! but the whole thing is a psychological nightmare rewatched this and relived some repressed childhood memories @amywilson Was 1980 a cold year lol @SteelDangerous Wasn't just... At the embassy or something? @PullellaS It's a living @elonmusk Elon can I have $20,000People inside every dorm at Mesa Verde ICE detention center launched a hunger strike in solidarity with hunger stri…
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️ @bakedtapes How do I make time, move faster
is vegetarian dim sum house on pell ok tho @veryhotmomm they are wonderful @alexgreenberger We are BirmanFinally reading this thoughtful analysis by @lynne_bias for @thenation—on Nicole R. Fleetwood’s Marking Time
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️American exceptionalism is increasingly defined as the freedom to be shot or get ill and to not be burdened with th…
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️ @RileyFaelan @ElSangito bathrooms shld be free and accessible to all at anytime @johnxela @peterkirn were u on audiogalaxy @johnxela john stahp lmao @buckeyes883 @wkyc good stay awayreflecting on the irony that for success in academia, one must always already be “smart,” and never be seen publicl…
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️ @rsl318 so grim. you're doing so much good by the patients
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️Lakota land defenders have blocked access to the Trump rally at Mt Rushmore in the Ȟe Sapa, aka Black Hills! Nat'l…
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️Abramovic: I need $1m to create a performance art space to contain all of my unpaid apprentices that I will never a…
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️Bless Nan Goldin, who has turned out to be the realest one. Abramović could never.
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️
@jeffreymoro ah, cool ty - i looked into the tw**t d*l*te website but i do not trust it @jeffreymoro mmm how do you do that @RedThunderAudio it's good - better than the orig @RedThunderAudio yuh! @RedThunderAudio i guess it's an edit @RedThunderAudio guess this cover @RedThunderAudio do u know firetoolz? it's all great (and weird) @imLeor @fire_toolz @RedThunderAudio @shannonmatternpal is a p good visual artist too @jeffreymoro a good vibeoops ON primordial void; artist is Kentaro Minoura (!)digging this fuzzy techno album by primordial void shit to everyone trying to blame the protests
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️ @nonnarB @Indians lol okA Problem for College in the Fall: Reckless Institutions
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️ @ACTBrigitte it's good actually @knopps @billboard uhReminder - disabled people are an audience. Especially when you are writing about disability.
Retweeted by çḥⱥřľệṣ a. cavatica 🕷️ @twkovach you love to see it ! @Indians change your name @johnxela <33 @rsl318 counter protesting is bad i know i know but that's funny @rsl318 lol what! @RedThunderAudio @Sierra_OffLine eh, u know... what is time? boom boom boom 🎇 @Sierra_OffLine lmao happy holiday