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@Boy1drr THATS FOUL @urkle9 Number 2 is the most cursed draft slot
@MahomesToKelce Yeah there defense isn’t great but tbf there aren’t any super great offenses in the nfc @MahomesToKelce Good but Seattle better imoIs FIFA still down 😂😂😭😭 @CFCLew_ Yup. Shite game @CFCLew_ Lenglet @spurs_legacy Been rewatching that shit this week. Soooo good. @lockdowndiggs @dallascowboys Fr lose out season @KampagnePapi Pretty sure @KampagnePapi They do have a 3rd wildcard team @RoadToSix Who’s 32
@spurs_legacy Lmao goooooo BIRDS @tillyksg W @BasketballIMO Kawhi closest time MJ and Tatum closest to Kobe @ftblpulisic No Digne @tillyksg U got any pics of the black? @HarryButAverage @MySportsUpdate Announce them getting the Cowboys off primetime @ThePackageJG @FieldYates Take notes idiots @dallascowboys @Froste @TristanGHill If streamers had to buy license for games then Among Us would still have 5 active players @PeakPrescott Depends what the offer is tbh and how good Gregory looks @simmonsbustt Agreed they made the most of a bad situation but shouldn’t have traded for him in the first place. @fymroo I’m guessing you just watched the red wedding lmaoooo @CurryDagger True I forgot where but I thought I saw a report they were eyeing wiseman
@CurryDagger 3 or 4 you’d have Wisemen as well right? @PeakPrescott I wish we had got Delpit second round. Ik he got injured but he was one of my favorite prospects. @_imjuschillin @PointGods Not over any of the seven I’ve named though @PointGods Funny part is AB was definitely on track to be top 7 he’s prob 8-9 for me. But to be fair I don’t know m… @PointGods Ok so I have Moss Rice Owens Fitz Harrison Jones Megatron As my top 7. @PointGods That’s one of the most painful parts of the dak injury. @PointGods I don’t think they should be paid but I don’t think the NCAA should stop companies from sponsoring them or giving them promotions @PointGods He was washed asf though @SportsCenter @roddywhiteTV This shit is so stupid @Itamar1710 Westbrook prob has the most variation on where he is ranked. Some people have him almost top ten and so… @liImorg Nah this is a VIOLATION @PointGods @SwishoMode The one I hate the most is when they are talking about something that is some hypothetical a… @Froste @JhbTeam Admitting to drug use? Get this man outta here @FBI @PointGods Man built like his own fans @mclaurinfor6 He’d be regarded as a top tier TE if he had a good QB @BasketballIMO I wouldn’t go that far but he was good @BasketballIMO Oh if you’re talking skill wise than yeah prob Thomas I was thinking on an all time basis @BasketballIMO Nah curry @ftblpulisic FACTS. REUNITE PULI WITH HIS AMERICAN BROTHER.
@BasketballIMO I liked it cause it means the Jets prob get Lawrence @PointGods Lmao I got baited @PointGods Why does mount start over Puli bruh @TheNBACentral @KendallFireV2 Lmaoooo all the celtics fans who insist their fanbase isn’t racist anymore @notwest94 @viviDaBraT @witch6irl Exactly, if they already knew each other before no big deal. If the college stude… @DiggityDun @witch6irl Sorry I don’t associate with predators @DiggityDun @witch6irl It’s the only reason you’d be so mad over my post. Must be into little girls. @DiggityDun @witch6irl -A grown man who picks up high school girls @viviDaBraT @witch6irl I only mentioned school to reference how they met. I think even if they are a freshman and a… @benpatterson33 @youhatedak @Squatchman05 @dmn_cowboys Yeah def not the question is are we able to lose our division @benpatterson33 @youhatedak @Squatchman05 @dmn_cowboys Yeah, I’d much rather draft Parson or Surtain if we have a top 5 pick though. @Anthony05921887 @NFL_Memes -Fortnite Mobile Trickshotter @benpatterson33 @youhatedak @Squatchman05 @dmn_cowboys The defense is a way larger issue than the o line @notchaselyons What if I told 21 year old you that you’ll still be playing WoW in ten years @DeevesIsYourBFF @ScooterMagruder Cause they won’t @DeevesIsYourBFF @ScooterMagruder The 4-2 browns and the Chargers who almost beat the Saints, Bucs, and Chiefs? @DeevesIsYourBFF @ScooterMagruder What two teams are the jets gonna beat bro @Drewseymour123 @PointGods Yeah I was thinking it had to be a team with a tie cause it’s hard to win at 7-9. Eagles have a shot this year. @TrystenHill @DezBryant We prob don’t go to Zeke as much if dak plays though @PointGods I wonder what the last time a team won their div with a losing record @Gallup4Six Needs to be some sort of accountability. Fine them or something. @SharpFootball Our whole team was hurt and we were gonna lose this game regardless but these refs really adding insult to injury. @IcyDimes IcyDimes says “White=QB and Black=RB” @Osa_1304 He’s a known racist so it’s on brand. @JoshClark1053 Trying to start drama to get relevant ?Might as well put DiNucci in. Worst case scenario he’s shit and we lose the game. Best case he’s pretty good and we… @TheDraftNetwork @TheJoeMarino @WakeFB Maybe in the second round for the cowboys I could see it. Prob still prefer secondary help. @ColinCowherd Not as good a pick as your first wife picking a new man. @wentzsimper Garbage tier account @witch6irl Depends. If y’all sharing hs classes it’s no problem. If it’s a college dude hanging out with a hs girl it’s kinda wierd. @DrewBaggerley @dallascowboys The good thing is we have the QB and Oline they are just injured. Plus we can aim to draft Surtain or ParsonHOLD THE BALL MUTHER FUCKA HOW HARD CAN IT BE JUST HOLD IT BITCH. is tremendously valuable to this defense and by far the most underrated player on the cowboys.Remember when everyone said Kyler was a dark horse MVPZeke fumbling every game like off the field you ginger bozo @Jbusch55 @ScooterMagruder Yes @DakZekeCooper He gonna win that shit and dak repeating next year 🥶 @PreacherJudah @NFL @realDonaldTrump You too bums @FBI @PreacherJudah @NFL @realDonaldTrump arrest mike nolan for biological terrorism @simmonsbustt This game ending in a 0-0 tie fr
@spurs_legacy I believe it @Nick_Herrera34 @DrewBaggerley They have looked lifeless against some awful teams our secondary can’t compete with the contenders @Nick_Herrera34 @DrewBaggerley No matter how much of a winning culture we have it won’t be able to turn our current… @Nick_Herrera34 @DrewBaggerley Getting experience is important but not as important as getting one of the top defen… @Nick_Herrera34 @DrewBaggerley Zero chance at a Super Bowl with this defense and Dalton @Nick_Herrera34 @DrewBaggerley I’m rooting for us to lose because I don’t believe we have any shot of doing anythin… @jaylonsmithDPOY Lmao what? The number one offense+ a great defense is obviously a contender @mclaurinfor6 McLaurin and Haskins @PointGods Got a fuck load of young guys. Weah, Reyna, Puli, Dest, mcKennie, and Sargent. Really depends if they step up or not. @jaylonsmithDPOY @PVO_Jit @tunenscotty @hasangothandles @Rafalbores @Forest__Hump @pieIcanela “Has been proven to cause autism” yo dumbass been had that shit @benbbaldwin If you told me during preseason the cowboys would be on top of the Saints and Viking I’d have been thrilled @geol_uk @Gaia_sLackey @artntings Damn you old asf 😂😂