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@AriBrostoff Wiggling the cord @rachsyme Oh my godThe moon has a veil!!Are they all very talented potters? for pinafore chic pink and blue. The satin mules. It’s just perfection. @evankindley More rabbit less owl 🥴My aesthetic is Mrs Tittlemouse’s Morrisite box bed. @evankindley Yes, I do! It’s not exactly what I mean.I might have been between these beds too long, but is this not the most concise and perfect description of the proj… @jfurta_ Okay 2% but still @gabrielwinant I also had an adorable, older gay linguistics professor! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @jfurta_ I don’t see anyone else bragging about their Dr John/ Lemonheads combination. I am the 1%!Formalist. iPhone + bedstead purgatory ...Who are the best formalists (not sociological readers) of children’s fiction? ESP early c20? Look at this: @xlorentzen @michelledean I will go watch a movie when I get out from between the twin beds 😩 (I also would like to… @zunguzungu Aaron, I have my ideas. (He is a genius is the idea). @bdmcclay @xlorentzen Now I need to go check on design for living!!!! @michelledean @xlorentzen The ocean cannot help Twitter @xlorentzen @michelledean I mean, Twitter or L.A.! Same rules apply? @michelledean Please don’t! / I wouldn’t blame you. @RachelFersh Guess what idiot I am? I bought one. There are three children. @johnwilliamsnyt This is fascinating. I want to read it alongside heartburn! @cwellmon Brain drain in Europe and U.K. began, too: more expat workers. @carmichaelsk Can we sue our former selves for maggot pan? @kvanaren 35, my guess @gabrielwinant But on the other hand!! @dchiasso @frynaomifry Someone wrest the 1,000,000 words from my cold, anxious grip! @dchiasso @frynaomifry I know this must suck but I feel like my angst about SENDING things has got to be counterproductive in the long run 😬 @John_Birdsall “Us versus them” — what a lot of monsters are in charge here.—> @gabrielwinant And another thing! @ARoseCasey I think you’d enjoy The Small House at Allington or The Eustace diamonds @ARoseCasey Dickens. Or a Trollope.“Psychoanalysisy.” ❤️ @kathylubey 💚 @akbarjenkins Same
@lizzieohreally Peekbo is very gentle— all the Ahlberg books are. We also really like Octopus Oyster Hermit Crab Whale @brouillettese Oh this is a great idea @carmichaelsk It’s so pretty, your holler. @AriBrostoff Why not both!?!? @joshshepperd Perfect band, perfect singles, perfect aesthetic. @joshshepperd Coctails! @morganfahey Produce obv iPhoneI am reading a syllabus for a friend and can I just take everyone’s class? I’ll be quiet I promise! @internetalena Also made well. Why?! @morganfahey Rich kids should not productive Gordon Gecco aesthetics. @morganfahey Truly everyone is awful. @heideggrrrl @laurenoyler Also makes her both a mother and not. Structurally. @proseb4bros @bookforum Always read Jane. @Rumaan Good god stop!!!! @laurenoyler Heartbeat ultrasound 👀 @frynaomifry I need a vacation from my vacation from myself! @winterjessica @sarahlovescali @laurenoyler Happy my children’s birthday to me. @abbygailm08 @rachsyme Hiking boots! @frynaomifry ☑️ @laurenoyler I have been writing about this and it’s *bizarre* given the (very recent) history of pregnancy knowledge. @winterjessica @sarahlovescali @laurenoyler Jessica I want to read this book! When is it coming out? @GiffordJames Have you watched Hot Fuzz? @victorianclare NOOOO @triciamatthew Wow what a list! @jaycaspiankang Targyle buds™️ @jaycaspiankang I did it too it’s absurd but I cannot live without this SUPREMELY comic object. We can hang on the… @willyblackmore Samesies @Bloomily @kjavadizadeh Justin Tackett’s work on telephone will be helpful. I think he has published some of it! @jaycaspiankang Jay. It is REAL. @jaycaspiankang Can’t wait for my Alexander Julian mask @jaycaspiankang 💯 @kjavadizadeh @stephaniedk96 Heh heh @stephaniedk96 @kjavadizadeh 😩 @kjavadizadeh Kittler! @inlandemperor (Really horrible) @inlandemperor The entire lethal weapon series 😖😖😖 @proseb4bros @rachsyme Yes. Mine was the week after school ended. @tallsasian This looks interesting! I don’t see who you discuss after Said— (abstract cuts off). Marking to look later! @evankindley @brianrejack @shmepshmein @GillyWhite8 @johannawinant @janaprikryl I am excited for this review!!! @evankindley @brianrejack @shmepshmein @GillyWhite8 @johannawinant Default poetics position I think @kjavadizadeh @GillyWhite8 @johannawinant @evankindley Love @GillyWhite8 @evankindley @shmepshmein @johannawinant No no you definitely are not loosssssssing it (sibilants) @GillyWhite8 @evankindley @shmepshmein @johannawinant Yes I just typed quickly while heating my... children Mac and cheese 😬 @GillyWhite8 @evankindley @shmepshmein @johannawinant Mistyped ha @GillyWhite8 @evankindley @shmepshmein @johannawinant Wait I meant not! God— it’s all vowels I mean! @johannawinant @evankindley @GillyWhite8 Yes. I also think this is a great intertext for Auden! @evankindley @shmepshmein @GillyWhite8 @johannawinant Balboa is so sibilant. Cortez is sharper. I think the poem is… @evankindley @shmepshmein @GillyWhite8 @johannawinant Yes I know! I just mean the scansion demands Cortez as does the consonance @kvanaren 😈 @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @johannawinant It’s for Poetry, tho. Which supersedes all. (See: Grecian irnz). @dan_sinykin I was complaining about this to @hujane @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @johannawinant Cortez in cockney English also doesn’t have a hard r... like cor blimey! @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @johannawinant No, I mean, it works for the meter. @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @johannawinant (It’s a metrical grab) @evankindley @GillyWhite8 @johannawinant Yes! @GillyWhite8 @evankindley @johannawinant I don’t think it’s a mistake— it’s also a flagrant example of the cockneyism of rhyme no? @evankindley @johannawinant @GillyWhite8 The mistake is perfect. @johannawinant @GillyWhite8 Alas! I wish I had known! That’s a SPLENDID idea for a panel. @alex_g_torres @johannawinant @GillyWhite8 I didn’t know!! I sincerely obsess over this poem. Let me know when you doing it, I’ll come watch! @GillyWhite8 @johannawinant Oh wow Johanna! I want to know!! DESMESNE! @johannawinant @GillyWhite8 I have this problem with chapman’s Homer: what a perfect poem can do!