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Hey, I'm Celeste! I'm a graduate in Computer Animation from RCAD. My interests range from cartoons, toys, & video games! Twin sister: @FoxinRamen 27 - She/Her

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Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦ @HallabongHero Thanks! :DFirst PokeGo shiny!! 💜🐛💜 halloween! heres a pastel reaper sylveon adopt ive been holding onto for a while (to post today) flat price,…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Ending #blacktober with this ICON⚡️⚡️⚡️✨✨🌟
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦「仕事に疲れて帰ってきて、玄関で変身が解けてしまった多摩のOL」 #地味ハロウィン #地味ハロウィン2020 #DPZ #メルハロアワード #モノハロ賞 #たぬきあるある
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Unicorn berets are finally here and I’m so happy with how they’ve come out! 🥺🦄 They’re up in my store now and inclu…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Happy Halloween everyone!! 🍊🎃 Here's a fun lil' festive piece of @FoxinRamen and I for my favorite time of year!!…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦トリック&トリート!! #ハロウィン #Halloween #ハロウィンイラスト #デジモン #デジモンアドベンチャー
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦deltarune // undertale // . . finally... it's all come full circle
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦I had a lot of fun coming up with costumes for the Super Ghost Girl gang, and I was hoping to promote the card more…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦God I guess having to get onto Magia*RecordEN everyday for archiving makes the game going offline- even with the 2-… ever just have an idea
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦had to draw somethin for #frogoween !!! (rly it's just an excuse to draw them in utena outfits HA)
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦-Deoxys- // #pokemon
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Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Happy Halloween🎃👻
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Happy Halloween to all! Here’s a pumpkin-infused cup of Sinistea - a friendly tea ghost Pokémon I designed for Swor…
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Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦31. Crawl 👻🎃🐱🕸 #HappyHalloween ✨ #Inktober2020
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦【定期】 犬神メイクのドール達が集うタグ作ってます♪ オレが見たいだけ(ドーン) #犬神家生まれのドール 見ーせてー\(≧∇≦)/
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✨💜Espeon fusion adoptables💜✨ EspeonxJirachi EspeonxGalarian ponyta To help pay off my refunds I'm going to offer…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Snagging this kids shirt in an XL and hope it fits... 👀💦 (Might make for a cute Xmas work shirt with my antlers!)… told me Pokemon*Go actually had my glasses color and- whaddya know she was right 8U Had some extra coins so… I love how you keep complaining that there's no yellow gyms around meanwhile the entire mall is yellow. Me… Celena roped me into another app again... *coughCuzOfDarkraiEventcough* Anyway snagged a gym last night after…この頃のシマー→→→→サイトワがいいですよね
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Kinda mad that Gallery mode won’t include the Live2D sprites & voices tho... Like just make the gallery the main L… Magia*Record closes tomorrow night... (tonight?) Might have to bite the bullet and stay up recording as much… Despair
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🍭Candy cuties🍬
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦i keep thinking about this
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦ハロウィン🎃というよりも、 コスプレしてカボチャの収穫祭って感じ?😅 #chuchudoll #ミニえほんのニッキ
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦UV展開ようやく終わりました。
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦大体必要だったパーツがそろったので、再度フル装備でターンさせてみました。
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Concept art by Mary Blair for The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949), dir. Jack Kinney, Clyde Geronimi and J…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ねんどろいど 初音ミク マジカルミライ 2019Ver. _____________ #goodsmile #ねんどろいど #初音ミク 初音ミク「#マジカルミライ 2020」 in OSAKA にて…
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Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦*points* AAHHH Boo drew my Lollipop Mouse!! She looks so cute!! Thank you for hosting the raffle!!! Q wQ 🍭💕🍭
Trick or Treat!! ハロウィンはこれからだ!!!
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦#キーボ生誕祭2020 #キーボ生誕祭 사랑해 깡통고철봇 생일축하해 키보 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦📛 #グッスマらぼ ブログ 📛 《#Harmoniabloom》用のソファー制作過程を前/後編に分けて公開中っ🙌 ついに布貼り!座面のクッション部分にはアレを…?! ▼▼▼▼ 段ボールでドール用ソファーを作る??(後編)…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Get your fright on this Halloween with the release of Angle of Death Robin (Black Silver & Red Gold) ☠️ by…
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two little cutie clowns for your afternoon ❤️🤡💙
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦8 ソシャゲ重課金廃人のメフィスト
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦The official South African MLP Facebook page has posted an image with possible upcoming Princess Cadance and Sunset…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦And here’s art featuring our human heroes conceived by Blue Exorcist’s @katohhhhhh and the legendary monster itself…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Unikitty's Disco Drop screen animation: Nightime Sorry I couldn't edit out the background noise! to make space on my phone so here's a couple vids I've been holding onto for a year from our Legoland trip!… I want to make space on my phone!!! D;Trying to post videos that I've been super procrastinating on but- Twitt won't let me post my videos!!
Got a day off from work so time to drive Celena to early voting and also finally get my library card!Kinda mad that I stayed up so late but- Promare was a fun watch! Glad I finally sat down and saw it with Sis I’ll…久しぶりにケモノ型ボディの子を出品させて頂きました! よろしくお願い致します。。 #でしアイ #TinyHermit
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Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦【マギアレコード 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ外伝×メガネ】 七海やちよモデルは知的なナイロールタイプで、目元の「ソウルジェム」は七宝で表現しております。 テンプルには「槍」や「衣装」をデザインし、深い青とシルバーで仕上げました。 男…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Mikey was super nice and lent Celena his DVD copy of Promare!! She and I want to watch it so badly but I was a do…😳 😬
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦メロメロ  サーカスで いっしょにメロメロしよ〜う♪
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦新商品情報!:「ねんどろいど おでかけポーチ ねお サーカス/メモリー」 グッスマオンラインショップ限定販売! ▼商品情報はこちら #goodsmile #ねんどろいど
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@FoxinRamen Bigg'un! 🐱the blind woman in love with medusa
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦かるぱさん好きそう🦌 【正版小鹿杏仁儿-快乐派对系列盲盒潮玩具可爱少女心手办公仔摆件】
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Raya and the Last Dragon felt like a bit of a missed opportunity to showcase the beautifully unique shapes and sens…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦彼岸花 白紅▫️🔻
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Cute new themed nutcrackers at work!! @KaotikalZaku Ahh that's the name I was trying to remember! Thank you!! ^ w^メイク中…🖌️ #でしアイ #TinyHermit
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Do I have any cosplay or costume-inclined mutuals/friends that'd rec where to get decent wigs? Or at least has good… @TJgallaha Just a few months ago I felt bad for almost buying a pack every other week for myself!!! (esp whenever w… and went to wa*wa since none of the regular big stores seem to have the 12pks in stock rn ; w;Saving my sticker for work later today! #SUPERGT
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦more pokemon fanart because... .. . . . . . alcremie. .. . . . .
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦【おしらせ】10月24日✨新しくなった「ピカチュウスイーツ by ポケモンカフェ」の店内装飾イラストを作画しました🍰☕ポットデスのおちゃかいが始まります…✨スイーツのパッケージなどにもイラストが使われております。是非お店で見てくだ…
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💖Cute & bubbly Pokemon idols💖
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦I need to quit indulging on Yetee shirts but they keep having good releases!! 🐙😭👌 was such a funny request why the HELL not
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Anyways Precure
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦I will never not be upset about what happened to fakir and ahiru, but im consoling myself with that tree episode an…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦real men fall in love with adorable tiny little ducks 🐤 #fanart #princesstutu #fakiru
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Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦ジブリ×Palnart Poc新作、「耳をすませば」ドワーフ王とエルフの王女のブローチも
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Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦my hand slipped..😳
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦Couture Filipiniana dresses by Filipino fashion designer, Cary Santiago. Amazing *___*
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦#ハンバウガーのパンの耳より耳より情報 みんな今日のお昼は何食べる? 金曜日は #カレーの日 「カレーなる皇帝カリードリヒ三世」は「カリー・ド・クラウン」から生まれる王様。まろやかな味は貴族の気品✨ 実は庶民派でくわえてるの…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦mega audino x wizardmon and mega audino x wisemon ko-fi combomon commissions
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Myou Doll new work Sandra, she is a 44cm lovely girl! She is available for a limited time only at a discounted pric…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦ @sylvuieon I felt this so badly... I enjoyed the pumpkin spice season well enough, but I had 0 motivation to decora…'s Tim Time! #BalanWonderworld #バランワンダーワールド #clipstudiopaint #art #illustration #drawing #artistsontwitter
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦すかぴー姿に癒やされるクッションが新登場! 肌触りの良いもちふわ生地でボリューム感たっぷりなのだ。 寒い冬もハム太郎たちと一緒に過ごしてほしいのだ。
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦清書してアクキー作りたいな
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦The monster high 2020 skullector dolls have been revealed!! Who do you like more? Will you be buying them? Are you…
Retweeted by ♥♠Celeste♣♦🤍✨🎀sk8r faerie🎀✨🤍
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