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@CoachEnigma @CoachEnigma agree w me that our team is bad @kasTheKidd shut up kas
if im ever q'd with you. dont EVER tell me to stop tilting/say its all good. shits gonna make it worse for me and you.ppl question why we lose the game and then ignore me calling out plays. ok @maymayVAL @mistmie WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Naturres so who won? @GODfr0st ik rank means nothing, im talking abt my skills lmao it still feels like it needs a lot of work to be cau… tho i hit imm2, i feel like my skills r still diamond level. and i have no idea how to fix it @adorbse damn. me n who:/ @mulancholy1 YOURE HOTTERwhen?
Retweeted by kaylie @stayVLR @graphuu RADIANT INBOUND @ktbugy @anginuhs GRRR RUFF RUFF @kasTheKidd @CoachEnigma KAS STOP UR MAKING IT WEIRD @petaIsfromarose @maymayVAL she hasn’t called me either 🤷‍♀️ kind of fake @petaIsfromarose LMAO FRRRR LIKE WTFi need friends so i can stop relying on maya texting me back @emmuhlol mommy milkers 😮‍💨 @kasTheKidd yes ofci can’t LMAO @Soulwxyz @maymayVAL LMAOOONEW PEAK WOOOOOOOOOOOO @xxclaiire1 TELL ME WHEN AND ID BE DOWN. BUT LOWKEY IM GRINDING MY MAIN @xxclaiire1 hey lolany good black friday deals i need to know abt? @keikyoa get it.
@maymayVAL mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry. mommy? sorry.i’m down bad on the tl but trust me I AM NOT DOWN BAD !!! @yongledd @maymayVAL i mean, i am too🤷‍♀️ @maymayVAL u like boys @maymayVAL we have two CLEARLY different taste in guys. u like boys i like men. @kiwiramune same. @1Sokaki HACKER 😡😡😡😡 @mistmie @maymayVAL was supposed to be u.i really want a girl duo bestfriend type of friendship :>
Retweeted by kayliei’m so happy with how far i got. starting iron 1 and now being immortal, it’s kind of crazy.. @XSAlKO you’re so pretty @kuhiro416 oh ok @kuhiro416 i’m friends w a famous personoh no @maymayVAL remember ur subtweet? @CoachEnigma i know ur thankful for mei wasnt playing good in any of those games.. but somehow I have teammates with BRAINSim kind of up good rn wtf @emmuhlol @HitBox_Hiros ILY @hikarival @HitBox_Hiros THX U MADI @AeroValorant @HitBox_Hiros 🙏🙏LF opportunities :3 ⋆17 ⋆female (she/her) ⋆immortal 1 ⋆controller/flex (senti) ⋆heavy scrim exp/some tourney exp d… @emmuhlol @HitBox_Hiros vouch vouch :Di am now currently LFT! (●´ω`●) ♡ ➳ female (she/her) ➳ immortal 1 ➳ duelist, sentinel + skye ➳ heavy scrim exp, n…
Retweeted by kayliei lost maya already LF NEW EGIRLguys who send pics of their food deserve to get their dick sucked
Retweeted by kaylie @sobersushi01 @minigolfing123 i’m sorry festive sarah. @sobersushi01 @minigolfing123 … sarah??? @sobersushi01 @minigolfing123 sarah… @senaachu i mean if u want to 😮‍💨 @lialovesyu i’ll break ur heart lia 😘 @Roseryy__ prolly @maymayVAL okay mommy 🙈🙈🙈 @keaIani me tooill break ur heart @elluhval uwu @elluhval mommy ur so sexy @924suzy meow meow meow meowthankful for all the boosts and freelo this thanksgiving
Retweeted by kaylie
@maymayVAL i played viola lol hey @yongledd @maymayVAL stopwhat r some good christmas presents for moms? @the4Shot you too nam @kitkatalol damn. me n whowhat zodiac signs r u guys 🙈 @Yazzyxz @CoachEnigma bro no @elluhval i love you 🥰🥰 @kayvalorant @AeroValorant he asked me for mine too b4 LOLbest feeling is when u both flirt with each other jokingly but you know both of u actually mean it
Retweeted by kaylie @s3xylatin0 what… @CoachEnigma i boosted ur unrated mmr @maymayVAL i love you mommy mayathis the girl that int’s ur comp games @Yoshii_TTV happy thanksgiving :D @justjungi no @1HUNNYU this is why ur bitchlessim trying to claim prime gaming shiti linked the wrong riot acct to my amazon acct and it wont let me unlink it. anyone know how to? @petaIsfromarose this is unfortunate @KhaydenPhanh i think this will work @Australissss 😭💀 nah bro what @fairyfps @cwaudiia you guys r so pretty awhanyone comp? immortali really want a bf B- do i rlly want a bf or am i starved of love and attention F-
Retweeted by kaylie @RityCreative @maymayVAL YES PLS @maymayVAL @yongledd LMAOO WTF @qtMintz it isn’t33. don’t have a fav store32. last person i texted was my dad @doktorshef U CANT?
@petaIsfromarose @maymayVAL exactly like wtf @xxclaiire1 @kalyourpal1 i can’t believe that she acts like this. blocking.HOW TF IS @maymayVAL GETTING GUYS IN HER DMS?? hello?? i’m here too😭😭😭