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How does our trio get invited to the twitch rivals duo tourney @FaZeSway yes @Co1azo @Edgeyy you look great bro dont listen to edgeygot some sleep last night, Misty tomorrow @EquitzYT LOL
@ShatterrFN LOL @50taruns you are truly the best person in this community @FaZeBizzle dont tripOPENS
on this note we need a highsky streamlife is a mindset and its all about how you look at it @prosecutorfn @Fnaticszn6 me and river bro! @riversan good one @PAPERCLIPXCII Wdym @kyrhha @SEBBY1X been my number since I was little @Envy_FN NICE @SEBBY1X god ign @diguerafn NICE IGN @OhReckz @G2Coop 100%
@dcawesomer @opsqt mf you got 40k earned @dcawesomer @opsqt r you on pc yet? @adinross Take care of yourself bro stomach pain is the worstwager comm goin crazy @HighSky holy shit this is so funny @MackWood1x WHO WHO WHOIf u constantly think to yourself that people get their careers handed to them on a silver platter you won't do any… @scrapzfn bad mindset @yungcalc happy bday bro <3
@Co1azo might have to steal this for impressions @symetrical GOD SONGI'm becoming a wager demon @FrayFN @DestinysJesus you can still so easily outgrind everyone, very few people actually are efficient in what they do @Lxdesman4 15k @xChexxy bro google translate fucked me ngl @Kn1pher lmao ilyand the japanese on the right says lowground kingI use Procreate and Photoshop for anyone wondering @cruboh I didnt come up with the idea of my pfp, there was a similar black and white one and i just edited it a lil…'m becoming a graphic designer, spent my morning making these @jaythofficial 4 concussions playing hockey 😃 @fakeifys @Strodlez He works hella hard and his content is actually pretty enjoyable ngl @Preavai 😍 @Preavai Thank you for always side betting on me @hentvv montages bro I stg they make you pop off of you get known for making good ones @PAPERCLIPXCII @jojiFN I am not living with a 14 year old LOL @xoonies Good lil trip, have fun bro @xoonies you going back home?I am now officially a Free Agent and with that being said I am looking for a new organisation to join before FNCS.…
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@zayt shut up bitchCODE CENTED WHEN BUYING SOCCER SKINS TONIGHT PLEASE❤️ @imsticksfn W @riversan goood morninggggg @Stretch Clix bugha Ron @JindoYt @zayt Too far bro @zayt Glad to see you reforming ❤️ @zayt FUCK SNIPERS @tropic1k @YourFellowArab Hbd king ❤️ @TurtleTavernTV use me as a dislike button @ripplefnx honestly just dm me and ill send u one this tweets not bangin brobest gif gets a follow @MackWood1x mackwood god mechs!!!!!! @IDropfn na is a diffrent breath
@YourFellowArab congrats bro ur a legend @tweaaks was gonna comment something nice and then I realized feb 30th wasn’t a thing 😡 @Remotehalo @Cromsywastaken This has to be the best reply I’ve ever seenIf you still live at home and ur under 18 stay the same age for the rest of ur lifebeing an adult is genuinely stressful on some no aids shit @TwitchAv use me as a dislike button @bankxxy @alygxoxo vouch for bankxxy @Co1azo You’re so good @FelixLive_ LETS FO FELIX @Kylxlol @skellyfnbr_ Idk bro I’m just tweeting what comes to my head @talk1x good brain @skellyfnbr_ you’re drinking koolaid my guy @ZappyFN_ 100% but don’t you think that the people that are unable to work during a lockdown should be payed by the… @szervi_fn @vyvahxo AB @skellyfnbr_ 1. I’m Canadian 2. China shut down for 2 months and they get 50 cases a day now @vyvahxo nah Alberta didn’t go on full lockdown whatsoever
@Stretch good tweet - im sitting here so excited everyone in these finals are so good @tickssss happy bday g @SpaydeOT 😃 @SpaydeOT we've got 3 minimum saved for grands @yungcalc headshot snipes lead to 20 min games with no pts ! 2 20 min games no pts both weekswow
im literally just droning because ive had to play for 3 hours on no sleep already @tabnae yep yep 2 5 min ques back to back @VetleFN my misty brotherLazarP being an exceptional role model are fortnite tournaments at 1 pm @gxnos @qtTurbo @kyushiqt 100% correct @Edgeyy don’t care + ratio + clix @zayt good comms get them outta here fncomp @zayt snipers @zayt baguette @itsJerian ofc babe 💝 @skqttlescuh "Stop being tox" @closr9 do itgenetics ✅the lil bros trio