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Mom just asked my if I had TIK TOK on my phone and proceeded to send me a video about how China is stealing our information @yungcalc nope dont remember @Brecci this my drip bro @EpikWhale happy bday bro @HaanzeR send? @HazThaGreat i agree @HazThaGreat good stuff haz
@Edgeyy lol you fucking suckfortnite gonna add more engines before they can fix their current one @StableRonaldo @NRGgg lets go bro congrats <3#unbanwaffles#Unbanwaffles
Retweeted by Liquid Cented @BryceHall Noti @snirot @favsfn @DBreeFN Ngl just went through TikTok to find some dumb shit just to post on these tweets @Arkhram1x @DBreeFN No longer associated with this behaviour changing my bio to @TheAlphaCord so rude @Arkhram1x @Lxdesman4 @HaanzeR @rehxfn Not to suck rehx’a cock but he has an irl life and does in fact go outside w the boys b… @Acornfn NUTSSScaption is a joke, bughas nuts @bugha no fucking wayWorld cup all over again
@TSM_dellzor theres no chanceI have my wall on q and i feel like my movement is so bad when i try to take a wall and or retake to the left, are… the last 2 days of solos on less than 5 and a half hours of sleep each night gonna try to go to bed early an… @WafflesFN I wish you a wonderful day Regards, Delta Mike. @roqzfn honestly wish i didnt have to play semisGOING BACK TO BED GNNNNNNNNNngl all i wanna do is stream fashion shows9 hours of my mental being tested for $350 👍🤡🤯😐💀
Retweeted by Liquid Centedguys i forgot i had shockwave LOL
like this tweet if fortnite is badgood servers fortnite lol @TSM_Clouds Good luck bro I’m ready to shit on youSend catty in finals? Just wanna get top 50 and get off @ClixHimself top 75 didnt give me pts 2 gamesstream finals?LETS GO MY AIMS SO GOOD @CosaNostraBravo @AssauIt ?? @AssauIt they multiply by the second bro theres literally hundreds of them @Frystsama LOOOOOOOLgoing back to sleep fuck solosthey remove the pump, they cant fix servers, they cant fix catty loot and they also announce solo fncs with snipers…
Retweeted by Liquid CentedSolos in 6 hours gn @bluzro Tyyyyy @bluzro What’s east @blakeps bro same @FallGuysGame i didnt get one can i please have oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @osperatie Tweakin @EpikWhale :(God Res ----> 1920x1080 600 14% ----> 800 20% @ClixHimself ggs @Ceice one of us needs it to place and the other doesnt 💯🥇in Aqua Nyhrox cup and 🥈in Bugha cup ($4100) my hard work is paying off man im so happypleaseeeeeeeeeeee
If EmadGG has million numbers of fan i am one of them . if EmadGG has ten fans i am one of them. if EmadGG have onl… @MonsterDface EmadGG is a BEASLQD_V3_LIVE //
Retweeted by Liquid Cented @claystehling uh @frapaii no way lets go @frapaii dead ass? @favsfn Whales gonna steal Jules every game bro :/Epic please do something seriously there are so many people cheating like deasass do something
Retweeted by Liquid Centedwhat sens and res should i play for tomorrowBugha Cup Drop @Acornfn @bugha no way @Avery_FN LOOOOOOOOOL
Sleeping for the next 4 hours see you after solosI’m not playing solos today fuck thatTac > ChargeThis soft aim shit is actually so stupid it'd be cool if epic actually looked into all this and made a statement an… @StableRonaldo sry bro didnt mean to leak.@StableRonaldo signed to liquid @TSM_dellzor tyty @Eclipsae not cool man how do you not know what happened... not cool @HzExtinct1 LOL ily @HzExtinct1 yo @L2Coop @Edgeyy no we only got vault 2/6 times @chay5e_ @ExactlyFA so cringe fr bro1st in Aqua and Nyhrox cup ($8750) FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOO
lol @zzcheery shitter @paper_fn bro ur packin @ThiccGrease @svizify @SerpentAU i have 140 @ThiccGrease @SerpentAU Because if you don’t top 5 a World Cup you’re never getting 800k in earnings @SerpentAU 800k @FairlyBans @Fa3ltiscool I agreeAuthority contested by 2 other teams gonna be a grief 👍 @Mavolant @JoyousYT @Edgeyy @aliensfn Ly congrats on qual @RocaineG @Edgeyy not a tactic just stating facts @Edgeyy WE BOTH HAVE 150K EACH IN THE BANK AND DONT NEED ANYMORE MONEY WE'RE BOTH RICH DONT CONTESTsending authority in finals
Retweeted by Liquid Centedthis is the worst format ive ever played @FNCompetitive @syrgetic ofc but the format is horrible
@norcalnugzz @andrewFN_ rip career @hSnackbar fac reset it before i came east bro @Stretched inhouse bro @yungcalc facts @StableRonaldo more ad money
landing here for solo FNCS goodluck @zayt