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Will🌑 @CEOofAkame Night Raid

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@FubukiSupremacy Of fucking courseJust seen someone lie to the tl saying switch is better than PS5, like bro just lied to everyone
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@yaemjko Missing out on a lottttt of primosSukuna vs Jogo #JujutsuKaisen #呪術廻戦 #JJK
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Retweeted by Will🌑 @K0r1tsudud3 @MarineSnow257 @ItDoBeLikeItDo Her vision is shown in the story already lol, she’s electro. Idk if you… @MarineSnow257 @ItDoBeLikeItDo @K0r1tsudud3 idk who else gets tagged @kizzbopyon @TheBrokenRonin Thought the same shit @TheBrokenRonin When Ogi saw Toji in Maki and she sliced straight through his head
@Boomboom_editz Nope, read the manga 💯 anime killed more than the manga @yaemjko @iKinKokomi Valid but invalid @iKinKokomi @yaemjko Well, give some reasons then @2gali1eo5 HuhI need wannabe anime critics to stop being so critical when it comes to series. I promise you, you will enjoy so much more shit @ItDoBeLikeItDo @K0r1tsudud3 @of_pizzza @WinterTormenta It looks so good on keqing @K0r1tsudud3 @ItDoBeLikeItDo @of_pizzza @WinterTormenta Yeah I already run superconduct with Eula and keqing but Ik… @K0r1tsudud3 @ItDoBeLikeItDo @of_pizzza @WinterTormenta It might be the wave with all my electro characters 😳 @Apex_predator55 Mornin @Bronpool_SSB I think she’s bisexual, but idk, I’d lean more towards lesbian because she never really showed any em… @WinterTormenta @K0r1tsudud3 @ItDoBeLikeItDo @of_pizzza 🥲🥲🥲 @K0r1tsudud3 @ItDoBeLikeItDo @of_pizzza @WinterTormenta Maybe. I might bench Xiao from my main team for her since s… @of_pizzza @K0r1tsudud3 @ItDoBeLikeItDo @WinterTormenta On god @K0r1tsudud3 @WinterTormenta @ItDoBeLikeItDo @of_pizzza Nah fr that shit sucks 😩 @K0r1tsudud3 @ItDoBeLikeItDo @of_pizzza @WinterTormenta That shit was fire. I wanna build keqing so badly but I fee… @WinterTormenta @K0r1tsudud3 @ItDoBeLikeItDo @of_pizzza Imagine not having itGood morningggg @SuperHighShagg1 Bro I miss Tatsumi, wave, mine, and Kurome 😭 can’t wait to see them again but it probably won’t be until EoSBro, this warms my heart so goddamn much 🥲, I teared up 🥲, Akame in white 😩 her say these names, I’m so glad they’re all being brought back up and are going to have relevance again. Lo… SHIT SUZU??? MY GOAT a 10/10 chapter we go, great chapter cover as always @ItDoBeLikeItDo @of_pizzza @anzu0130 @_maugua @kobenistears Yeah same. Idc to wish for any other Inazuma characters… @ItDoBeLikeItDo @of_pizzza @anzu0130 @_maugua @kobenistears Next banner after YOIMIYA is Baal, and then kokomi. So… @of_pizzza @ItDoBeLikeItDo @anzu0130 @_maugua @kobenistears Good luck to y’all, a mf like is about to spend $100 when Baal drop 😭 @firefistsara Unfortunately, idk @2gali1eo5 Top 2, love to see it✨ Top Friends 🥇 kizzbopyon 🥈 CEOofAkame 🥉 KiLO_202 🏅 lnohwa 🏅 mathias_jjk 🏅 dgdre3 🏅 mereoalena ➡️…
Retweeted by Will🌑 @hulkgamerspamz Boruto still up there wit them @ItDoBeLikeItDo @K0r1tsudud3 @uenoryoma @kobenistears @_maugua @of_pizzza Me when I see BaalGonna need the demon slayer game to have a shinobu skin wit her hair down got an HBO max update on PS4 and that shit is on version 50.40, goddamn 😭😭 @itszeke8_ @ItDoBeLikeItDo @uenoryoma @kobenistears @_maugua @K0r1tsudud3 @of_pizzza Yessir, love to see it @ItDoBeLikeItDo @uenoryoma @kobenistears @_maugua @K0r1tsudud3 @of_pizzza @itszeke8_ @ItDoBeLikeItDo @uenoryoma @kobenistears @_maugua @K0r1tsudud3 @of_pizzza If you mean how long she’s bee… @itszeke8_ @ItDoBeLikeItDo @uenoryoma @kobenistears @_maugua @K0r1tsudud3 @of_pizzza Huh @ItDoBeLikeItDo @uenoryoma @kobenistears @_maugua @K0r1tsudud3 @of_pizzza @EmperorGamer1 9/10 @ItDoBeLikeItDo @uenoryoma @kobenistears @_maugua @K0r1tsudud3 @of_pizzza Look at my wife 😩 @JoshawottYT Oh alright
@CH1LDEWALLET SameeeeeI play genshin so often I’m convinced that I can climb these peaks.
Retweeted by Will🌑 @JoshawottYT I hope you enjoyed it Do you know the artist for this tho?? Tryna follow em @BOOHUTAO Keqing and Jean @puccilucci It’s not super bad but it’s not good. It’s above mid tho. @BLEACH_FAN81 I’m just two behind on HGC, and I think imma buy Zero in a bulk online. But whenever I go to BAM, I g… @ItDoBeLikeItDo @pablodp606 @of_pizzza @K0r1tsudud3 I forgot about hers but omg that shit is so good 😭 @ItDoBeLikeItDo @pablodp606 @of_pizzza @K0r1tsudud3 Facts tho, but that Klee statue is fire as tho @ItDoBeLikeItDo @pablodp606 @of_pizzza @K0r1tsudud3 Yo those are cool asf, I’d definitely buy themI guess Baal doesn’t like Eula lmfao @Noicho_ Good luck with Baal @Noicho_ Just like with Ganyu, I got Qiqi from Ayaka’s banner. I was mad at first but I’m not even mad anymore. I g… @jaiytsu Amazing antagonist. He does an amazing job at making you hate him too. @AltMonogatari Haters gonna hateGood morning, here’s my AgK series collection so far (excluding the two Jigo volumes😭) happy I have a guaranteed Baaltoday, i 100%ed the genshin map :)
Retweeted by Will🌑 @ttr1n That was a joke btw, don’t take it seriously. Good job on 100%ing the map, I haven’t even cleared all of mondstadt 😭 @ttr1n Why tf did you 100% Inazuma so fast now you’re gonna be bored asfXiao is right there one: People with only sales as an argument:
Retweeted by Will🌑 @K0r1tsudud3 Okay I need an Endura version of this tho @of_pizzza Bro on god 🥲🥲perish
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@dgdre3 haters are sore losers i don’t make the rules!
Retweeted by Will🌑 @K0r1tsudud3 Idk where you’re at then 😂 @K0r1tsudud3 Well are you looking for the shrine or whatever in Chijun forest?? @K0r1tsudud3 When you do each set of ghost, they’ll each appear at the fox statues in a circle @K0r1tsudud3 Okay, you’ll see a ghost appear that looks like Kazari. She’s gonna do it multiple times. You have to… @K0r1tsudud3 On* @K0r1tsudud3 Which one you in??WEEK 34 Meteor Shower #BCweeklyTH #BCweeklyartTH
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Retweeted by Will🌑which genshin archon has the best ult ?
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Retweeted by Will🌑 @hellsparadis You gotta activate the quest in the menu and then you go to beidou’s ship in Guyun stone fortress and talk to beidou @ItDoBeLikeItDo @K0r1tsudud3 @Genshinmem @kobenistears LMFAO W @hellsparadis Go to the quest 😂Not even gonna reply to that, I’m so sorry for anyone who sees that shit