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TacoPanda @CEOofRukaGang United States

Creator of #RukaGang, currently pushing #SayuSquad. I post almost exclusively romance anime and manga. I post bangers every once in a while

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This got me acting up 👀 @Lunaursaa dont forget your pre and post work out sandwiches @Overbro_ dont look at me @EmiliaShiori I've always been a monogatari girl I'm in sandwichmonogatari @ani_the_uwu_ you on your own with this one @EmiliaShiori Me @ani_the_uwu_ Bet @ani_the_uwu_ Who has 30k in their pocketOhayo say it back no Otouto Maji de Dekain Dakedo Mi ni Konai? Thank me later @Itsjustmarinow hey @ani_the_uwu_ @LovedBeingHated ayo I like this one use itGood Night @Overbro_ whats even the point @Overbro_ smh @Overbro_ isn't this like the 3rd time this has happenedHow pathetic you gotta be to pretend to be a random girl on the internet? And that twice already after you blocked…
Retweeted by TacoPanda @DesshiW @Overbro_ @Josh_szn2 In March I only had 101 followers @Overbro_ @Josh_szn2 It's true I only had 100 followers at the start of 2020Quantum ranger 🗿 @Overbro_ @Josh_szn2 You used to have more than me @Overbro_ @rod_flare Lmao but why though @Overbro_ @rod_flare Lmaooooooooooo so like in a week or 2 @Overbro_ @rod_flare I'm juicing all of her banger tweets and shes a girl I cant compete with that @Sip_of_Mercury True @rod_flare Nah I'm washed these days @rod_flare A true clout god @rod_flare You got that crazy growth
Retweeted by TacoPandaAss and thighs so clear ❤️❤️
Retweeted by TacoPanda @Baltazar_ddt Black haired one
Pony tail Quints @Astral52 Nah TacoPanda too iconic @Astral52 But ruka dosent eat sandwichesAbout to throw hands @Lunaursaa Its $50 a month @LunaursaaSandwich onlyfans coming soon yall watched peak fiction yet?
Retweeted by TacoPandaKeeping this pfp until it becomes iconic @ItzAr_tYlol She my favorite lmaoAyo #RuebenCrew @Overbro_ Ishigami a classic but the new one is a breathe of fresh air @Abykvn Wooooo mind me just dropping some facts’ll say it again for the people in the back
Retweeted by TacoPandaHave yall watched peak fiction yet? Ruka age debate is over
Retweeted by TacoPanda @deadboyshit Lmao @EmiliaShiori I saw that lol @Lunaursaa Go to sleep longer the coiling, the better. Everyone knows what's coming. #ethereumclassic $etc #etc #Bitcoin
Retweeted by TacoPanda @ani_the_uwu_ youre welcomeGuys if you haven’t, vote for mau!! Overbro took the lead. RT so mau can take the lead back 💪
Retweeted by TacoPanda @Overbro_ @LordRadiance @_maugua youll be fine @Overbro_ @LordRadiance @_maugua you gonna win anyway so its okgo vote for @_maugua
Retweeted by TacoPanda @Overbro_ @_maugua I was payed offgo vote for @_maugua
Retweeted by TacoPanda @Seiyaalc yes @ScarletRain44 morningOhayo say it back @ani_the_uwu_ that's cap but ill still retweetTime to create an onlyfans account with cosplay porn
Retweeted by TacoPandaLook at how innocent she looks like🥺
Retweeted by TacoPanda @ani_the_uwu_ Morning ani @Overbro_ I only got a few hundred @Abykvn Ok @Seiyaalc @UtdLeon_ No @Lunaursaa Make a video eating a sandwhich @Seiyaalc @UtdLeon_ 😳Erotic Sandwich roleplay @Lunaursaa Ohayo have a sami @Sippin_Cocoa'll be dming people sandwiches @ScarletRain44 Night Night my children @Lunaursaa @Lunaursaa you did this you reminded me of Rueben @ahhfishdinner @Seiyaalc @Lonelyotaku9 you dont have a choice here @ahhfishdinner @Seiyaalc @Lonelyotaku9 eat the damn sandwich @Seiyaalc @ahhfishdinner @Lonelyotaku9 Needs to be slapped by a sandwich @Seiyaalc @ahhfishdinner @Lonelyotaku9 I think this guy hates sandwiches @ahhfishdinner @Seiyaalc @Lonelyotaku9 You want a sandwich too? @Seiyaalc @ahhfishdinner @Lonelyotaku9 just dont eat it spit it out when your done @Seiyaalc @ahhfishdinner @Lonelyotaku9 one sandwich wont hurt @Seiyaalc @ahhfishdinner @Lonelyotaku9 you still need to eat it @Seiyaalc @ahhfishdinner @Lonelyotaku9 Nah capHehe you really down bad
Retweeted by TacoPanda @Lunaursaa Did someone say bread? do you mean you dont like mami? @Seiyaalc @ahhfishdinner @Lonelyotaku9 @Seiyaalc @ahhfishdinner @ahhfishdinner @Seiyaalc No tongue either @Seiyaalc And no hands