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lurking for like a week or so || turn on notis

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@CrypticNoOnee @KBDburner you really love to talk down on yourself @extraggravating nice
@WannaBeReeceSr @JrWave19 i do @whapstarnasa yep that’s me @SpinYoBlock @4kprada he can’t even throw the ball @niggainabus @4kprada @k2spritebeans 🐐 @4kprada U SAID KANYE IS TRASH @Jus_bot_ @4kprada @k2spritebeans LMFAOOO @4kprada lolllllllll @imisskobebryant @k2spritebeans woah lets relax @k2spritebeans wake up bozo new carti snippet @emortuhl imagine they drop in the same week @imsimpathetic positive vibes only. @choppabeneathme that beat is amazing @dis_diego_ @EarlWithNoSweat positive vibes only fr @JayTooCold_ yes check his insta2 of the biggest cappers in the industry collabing ona track, 2020 wild but i’m finna bust 😩😩🔥 @CertifiedYSL that man grew up to micheal jordan @extraggravating sheesh @CrypticNoOnee @hoesndtattoos notis: on @jeshvs short WHAT ???? @DestinyBroughtU -22.5k followers @TlReporter @g6byy how is she gonna be 5’1 😭😭😭😭 @g6byy @YBNNahmir ratio with carti @IamTravezKing 4th comment @912khari @ramaxsteeI @snootid why can’t y’all be normal for once
@YourRAGEz you a fortuneteller or sum ? how can we be ready for a conversation if it never dropped 😭 @nilocgetmoney recreate ? 🙈 @sircartierFBG how man 😭😭😭it’s me, i’m dudes. @goon4brezzzy IM leaving @ascxndingz how do you have this on deck 😭 @Kiradontmiss RATIOOOOOOO @KufiJoab today exciting asl @theFaneto relatableCARTI TOLD THAT WHITE WOMEN TO SHUT UP, dr umar smiling rni told da bit shut up! My son crying
Retweeted by uɐpɹoɾ 💫☄️🍇 @playboicarti TALK TO EMMMM @jozuintern @6ixint @biigwes_ @bitchimblockaye @bihdisprivate @lherealchieff @fbgwayne @grandwizardcn
Everyone go pick up a copy of @KanyeWest 's new album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" in stores now! Its crazy!!!
Retweeted by uɐpɹoɾ 💫☄️🍇 @TlReporter LMFAOAOOOOO 😭😭’s a rap, lets go home !!! gotta take a break after this idek what to say @awsisbad why not ban both @ajnosimp she’s a product of anthony fantano and HHTno way she thinks whatever this trash is, is better than drake @wetbeane trash and trash @nobodycares980 whatever this trash is why
@CertifiedYSL!tches be like “happy birthday to the craziest person I know” and this whole time it’s just evelyn who has a nicot… short story:
who the hell asked for 15 tracks of 2 mid artiststhe collab tape that nobody asked for: @g7byy is the album even worth to check out? @FrencHMonTanA ratio with a future MVP @kneezs top 3 from the albumwhat y’all listening to rn gotta be the funniest shit i seen today 😭😭😭
white people be like “i’m not racist my sister’s best friend’s boyfriend’s uncles’s neighbors mailman is black, so… to spread positive vibes but bro woke up mad asl to chicago @patricklw4 the best city in the world 😁WHY DID WE PICK HIM UP SO HIGHWHAT IS THIS, WHO DID WE PICK UP ??? WHO IS THIS GUY ??? @snootid why do i have to see this video again
carti fans be moving different without new music @TheHoopCentral @VinceGoodwill STOP STOP STOP STOPngl he spittin tho is wrong with ppl @sSuperCam @ExtendoBans nah sum else @ExtendoBans depends if we doing something after dinner
@pandabetweeting I GAVE YOU ONE ALREADYlove y’all @snootid yo it’s already 12:05 come back @trapswav give it a min @trapswav ratio yo @CrypticNoOnee this better 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @jozuintern bro died for our sins and jozu is worried about him being bitchless 😭😭 @snootid ? @CorinnaKopf what do i do with this information @snootid Metro Boomin making boom 😩💦💦 yea metro boomin make it boom 💦🍆🍆🍑 make it bo-umm😩👅👅 @fbgwayne if this actually happens and they don’t get a ring brooklyn is going back to the 2016 days @snootid AYO PERIRE YOU WANNA CUM IN ME @fbgwayne harden wants that ring badly @YourRAGEz he on a rampage @YourRAGEz eat him @curry2k_ @SpinYoBlock @EEhidom -that word @koko4ki you fine and all but im taking my 10 mili and then get like 8 strippers @albert12798 @BlazePizza @kayykardashhh @HoodieKlayyy11 @Chrisgronkowski @WorldWideWob this gotta be the funniest thread ever 😭
@mandabetweeting callase @JrWave19 free him doe he ain’t do nun @HyperKrowten @ExtendoBans why did y’all click it ??? @ExtendoBans what is wrong with y’all @ExtendoBans @ExtendoBans do we think this gonna be a banger or nah ? @extraggravating fr ???