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Screenwriter. I’ve won 4 Emmys in my shower and I’m also funny. Jean Grey Scholar. ig:imaginedarrius_ #BlackLivesMatter

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@DevanTHoward I see something I need lmao 😭Jessie said small waist, pretty face, and a big bank @DayzCanTweet Something like that, but not at all 😭😭 @justcallmeotis Yes overnight growth! 😭 @jfreshakarico2 Snsjdjdjdjd yes 😭 @3MuchHutch So out of character for me lmaocheers ✨ for @BahamutNexus
Retweeted by masc potatoesyall when yall when fast Jeff Bezos food workers makes $13 get paid a billion dol…
Retweeted by masc potatoesplease don't forget disabled people when you're talking about minimum wage. we can LEGALLY be paid below it. there…
Retweeted by masc potatoesShe is the moment!
@awkwardsouthern Ain’t leave nothing for MCU Miles at all. They’re sick 😫If he smokes @_TheREALCHIEF It’s about the ✨vibes✨ lmaoo“I may not have much and the debt keeps piling up, but at least I have my spouse.” I’d rather penetrate myself wit… I get you still have your personal issues, but please shut up. People are literally out here starving and y…, I thought this was a makeup tutorial at first 😧 at the bar: Hey!!! Sorry. I’d hug you, but I have a bit of a cold Sksksjdjfjfjfj please!!!! @Om_oh_ Will literally lay in bed all day watching YouTube videos then get out at 2AM to deep clean and wonder why… the grown man in the red shirt is married to the manager and the teen with dreads that he’s fighting and the gir… with adhd is fun because when I allow myself time to write I won’t, but randomly I’ll be up at 1:32AM bangi… @PSawyerSchue I can’t stand you! 😭😭😭 @JayJayDMac My stomach been rumbling for weeks 😫Nah son I’m sick.......
Retweeted by masc potatoes*got paid* something nice to eat:
Retweeted by masc potatoes @akperdue This is the real battle! Lol @KevPendragon It really is! Like... I can’t believe they really did that 😫Going through my camera roll and replacing my favorite photos with better versions lol @justinbxrnard It’s me reading this tweet then hearing his little laugh at the end skskdjdjdjdjd @jeremymoonmusic Like... they legit gave that boy Mile’s life 😭😭😭 @jeremymoonmusic Look at my reply to the tweet 💀Like... I’m actually yelling. have not known peace since I realized the MCU turned Peter Parker into Miles Morales. @itsTimHell And walked away screaming. Baby girl, I just want my burger 😭😭“It's not what it seems” series by Tokyo based artist Hikaru Cho, who takes common foods and transforms them to res…
Retweeted by masc potatoesNiggas see one gay character in a cast of fifty people and say “alright thats enough”
Retweeted by masc potatoes @tonytalkalot They’re both on Netflix!Evil Genius and The Confession Killer are perfect examples of this In Evil Genius, the killers were getting away w… saying minimum wage shouldn’t be $15 an hour and I’d have to agree. It should be $30.
Retweeted by masc potatoes @DevanTHoward Wanna get one in now? 👀 @DevanTHoward Let’s battle lol
Reminds me of when this guy was coming over for the secks and asked, “Do you want me to shower or do you like the s… “we have to shower” skskdjdjdjd 🥴 I’m screaming even louder now because I just thought about it. Folks are like “$15/hr... that’s 31,000 a year.…, real talk to American friends. Start wearing your masks outside on the sidewalk if you are not. Start wearing t…
Retweeted by masc potatoesStill thinking about how Birds of Prey should have been a movie about Huntress instead of Harley Quinn. I can’t believe they did that? 😭Yo!! Again, my film and script is at my dream network. And they’re watching and seeing the love. Trust. NOW STREA…
Retweeted by masc potatoes @ThatLyin_kvng Period! It was all I knew. The life chose me 😭😭😭This type of nurse is the reason my husband's family friend went to the ER in pain and died a quadruple amputee les…
Retweeted by masc potatoes @justcallmeotis Just a little bit really was no stopping me 😭😭😭 year old me loved those big ass earrings 😭😭 @ConcernedGoat They literally just jump up to fight against themselves and i don’t understand. I hate it here 😭😭 B… @samuli47 @_omnishambles_ You want to get blocked too, huh? 😭😭😭😭 @_omnishambles_ Packing my bags now. See you after I get my vaccine 😭😭More than anything, I can tell that she was having the time of her life filming this series. Everyone was and it re… @justcallmeotis Literally had my girl in the script as “woman with powers who does things” 😭 @callme_selena Thank you! That’s my favorite too!!! ☺️ @AntiDamian Lmaoo no. The photo is old 😭 @winnnnno I used to be out there during the summers. Definitely plan to go back when this pandemic ends 😫She was acting down during Vision’s death though. That was a moment.The best thing about WandaVision is that Elizabeth Olsen is getting a chance to act because Wanda ain’t have no per… @goldilocssss It’s such a backwards way of thought and I hate it! I just want to get into their heads to see what… @_omnishambles_ I love you, but I’m blocking you for my own mental health. Happy tweeting 😭😭😭 @Jamond_Perry That’s only because America has brainwashed people into thinking it’s a bad thing. It’s very twisted.… is it that your first instinct is to argue against something that would improve your own quality of life?????? Oh my godThis is what I was talking about!! “Unlimited sick days should be a thing in America. Health is important”. Brai… @1stPersnShooter You gon’ make me blush lol, Vision, and Geraldine 😭😭😭 @Alexanelli2 “Striiker? Striker? STRYKER!?” Sldkdjdkdkdkdkd😭😭Also, if your immediate response to people being pulled out of poverty is to explain all of the reasons they should… drives me crazy is that people love to talk about all the cons and the domino effect that would occur if every… really has a grip on y’all’s minds and it’s scary skskdjdkdkd me finally getting a little good with Lightroom. Tried to give this photo I took in Toronto some different mood… Vision: The Magnet of Mysteries My reaching ass:’s my #WandaVision review and insights to the first two episodes
Retweeted by masc potatoes @Steph_I_Will The stars in alignment that that has!, Sia really ate up 1000 Forms of Fear and I’m reliving a moment right now.
Finally some truth out here! internet is HELL 😭😭😭 schools @sskieraa It was driving me insane lol. I found that if you pause the video before you close it, you won’t have to… @sskieraa So it’s not just me??? I thought it was my phone tripping lolDon’t feel like doing the big bank challenge, but I need y’all to know my lil bank is fat 😭 Three-In-One ✨#PokemonSwordShield
Y’all already know which red head I picked 😭 @GL2814_3 All I know is grief 😭😭😭 @BLOWthisJAE_ “Don’t put your hands on my sister” sksksjdjdJared and Ivanka told the Secret Service not to use ANY of the half-dozen bathrooms in their home, so the federal g…
Retweeted by masc potatoesShe is standing in front of a microphone on national television
Retweeted by masc potatoesTW: abuse After reading the cannibalism messages... I’m not sure how one could even turn that into a joke. Like???… pls spread this! This could be someone who has been missing since 2014
Retweeted by masc potatoes @KeenanLance_ Gwenpool crumbs 😫😫❤️The wildest take I’ve seen on this app in the past few days is that the white women who are turning in information… @urban_elegance @iLLmak3Ufamous She was very much “If he’ll buy it, you can have it, but I’m not buying it”. She b… my Cosmog into Solgaleo just now and feeling amazing. I want to ride him through the wild area 😭#PokemonSwordShield
Childhood ruined 🤯
Retweeted by masc potatoes"textbook is required for this class" we gone see.
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