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i got me some thots, they thought I was GAY 😩

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carti definitely fucked his girl or sum why he praying on his downfall for @g7byy fr i hate her annoying assthis just proving how bad us uzi fans are
holy shit @hoesndtattoos now that youre here why did you name him nuggs out of everythingwhy cant i type @g7byy any person that actually took that tweet serious is a complete dumbass 😭 @shehateskoot @g7byy @MarcoAjx @marcxsy oh brother @fbgwayne he has too much hype rn not to drop, but yeahi’m calling it carti dropping next week @tayksintern always use a rubber fellas @tayksintern oh ian see the raw part, i did it once and i didn’t feel good morally @tayksintern wtp😭😭😭 ME OFF DEBOOST ALR @TwitterSupport i really only replying fuck actually tweeting @ascxndingz they heard about ratio once and now they won’t stfu @ihatepickles___ 😐 @Eduardo_123567 nigga idc about who ratios meppl really just be saying ratio for no reason @MarcoAjx welcome back bae 😩 @MarcoAjx yo“false prophet” @fbgwayne i thought this was just a regular tweet when i saw it 😭 @joshmadcute get help @kneezs ?????who tf gets turned on by knees @Zames231 a very handsome man @thungyoug um @thungyoug i just said james @shecapalott i just said james @danialflame go to bed.james @ramaxsteeI a banger fr 🔥🔥🔥 @yoitshim banger 🔥🔥🔥why doesnt he go turn a go kart into sum bitches 😹 @MilkSunday @0voveryown idk its very unhealthy @TCOGAZER sadly @0voveryown oh nvm i alr follow her @0voveryown On my way! @0voveryown don’t disrespect my queenwhy are there only white girls in my fyp, i want latina baddiesI RUN IT LIKE NIKE WE GOT IT ON LOCK @notyourfunguy talkk @Kiradontmiss @marcxsy @g7byy AYO THIS NIGGA IS 24 WITH NO JOB STANNING DOJA AND NICKI LMFAOOO @yeezusyhristII she don’t fr @ysljorden WHAAT @ramaxsteeI no i wanna stan your butthole @magicaliscool @ArianaGrande @JorjaSmith @rihanna @adonaltt what the @Kiradontmiss stan ari for clear skin fr 💅🏾 like me in the replies rn @ReplyGuy4520 @g7byy @Joevanyy yes nigga @thungyoug @g7byy stop @g7byy @Joevanyy she don’t wanna tell us bc she’s a 30 year old man living in his parents basement catfishing as an attractive women @g7byy for legal reasons this is a joke @Zziao68 @g7byy LMFAO WHAT @g7byy i’m 14 like you @vlonelisa <33 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 @Renegade1k i agree y’all original @ramaxsteeI me more 😏 y’all @extraggravating oh shut up these are great no bap @extraggravating we need more lilly selfies 🙏🏾 @danialflame @fbgwayne @tayksintern WHAT @fbgwayne @tayksintern can i cuddle with you next ? 🥺THEY THOUGHT I WAS GAYThe Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency...
Retweeted by pt 2 @tayksintern @vlonelisa nigga quit hating you just couldn’t come up with sum clever like me @vlonelisa @tayksintern thank you 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 @tayksintern *just @tayksintern this was a banger y’all ist wouldn’t understand @4kprada @jozuintern LMFAOOO @4kprada @tayksintern LMFAOOOO idc @dis_diego_ @tayksintern talk to his hating ass @tayksintern that’s why this app is named twitter 🤣🤣😂😂😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🙏🏾🤣🤣😭😭 @jozuintern @4kprada
@k2spritebeans never changing it @k2spritebeans been playing this album nonstop again @HyperKrowten i’m going to kms @HyperKrowten how do both of my accounts do this smfh @fbgwayne that song annoying asl but i seen all of bad bitches use that sound so i don’t mind @g7byy @theestallion vouch @kiriijae i donthow the fuck did the weekend not get one nomination 😐 grammys fucking suck @fbgwayne one of em is a goat and the other guy is kanye i think ik who’s winning @ascxndingz this nigga is just waving his arms around for no reasonwhere are they even at i’m so confused @Zames231 @BleacherReport bc y’all got the goat for ONLY 120 million, that’s a steal @TlReporter did gaby respond to you yet ? @Jxrxvn i missed my first 2 classes again @ihavenowill4L @Drixlyyishorny why the extra 4 y’syo @shecapalott shut up this isn’t about you @thatputaaatrin lol hey @OnIyMisses WHAAAAT @yoitshim @danialflame where’s ye wtf @edw1nMtz @Certified4PF LMFAOOOO @danialflame where is the sourceayo ye on WLR ?