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- 🐶 owner - Currently fighting Stage IV Cancer - Co-Founder - supposedly does things w/ Node & JavaScript - tweets are straight from the ❤️

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How these so-called “cops” are not charged with 1st degree murder and being an accessory is beyond comprehension. F… @CovertQT @realDonaldTrump Keep digging you imbecile. @MNed82 Living 💪🏻Pretty print JSON response using 'curl': curl <server> | python -m json.tool #cli #curl #json @ellahjustin 🤞🏻for good news. @Annalina63 Thanks for your support.
@BenFeist Thanks Ben. Really appreciate the support. Keep up the great work that you're doing. Just love the Apollo stuff. Incredible job. @daleethompson - Vitamix - Breville 15-pump espresso machine - Slow cooker - Swiffer pads - Charlie, my bulldog @mkelek Thanks for the support. Every little bit helps. @wired4story I’ll give that a try. @Carolebelanger7 Thank you so much. @GemsWife3 Thanks. You too. @maxforrester Thank you. @Beatthemedian Thanks for the support Angela. @WSIB_Paralegal Appreciate your well wishes. @MNed82 Grazie. 🙏🏻 @TimMcClure23 Much appreciated and will keep my 👀 open. @CarolNefedow Thank you so much. @SyaDossary Thank you for the support. @CitizenBusse Thanks for the well wishes. Sorry to hear about your MIL. Hope she knocks her cancer out. @dwelling99 Thanks Dave. Dreading the wait. @ken_wheeler “smokin these meats” videos sounds dirty...🤣 @SonyWilton Thank you for your support. 🙏🏻 @AndyBoucher71 Thanks for the support. It really does a number on your nerves. @NicMurray Much appreciated. @cathymai Thank you. @magdelane_stark Thanks for the support. @kayaking_canada Thanks and hope your husband beats the 💩 out of his cancer. @kayaking_canada Thank yo so much. @percivalcoll Thanks for your well wishes. @winter_canada Thank you. @ellahjustin Thanks Justin. It really is nerve-wracking. @aworkwife Thank you. @daleethompson 🙏 Much appreciated.Going in for CT Scan this afternoon. Hoping for good news but knowing that my chemo was postponed a week and then o… @Sparkiestgerm Wicked ink!
@TaelurAlexis It’s a little closer to SD but you get the gist... @TaelurAlexis Every time I visited Cali, always had to drive through Carlsbad. Just love the place and it’s basical… @TaelurAlexis Yep. @TaelurAlexis Carlsbad, Whistler, or Sydney @yashguptaz @tlakomy @ThePracticalDev Thanks. Been playing around with different tools and trying to find ones tha… @yashguptaz @tlakomy @ThePracticalDev Looks great. QQ: What tool(s) did you use to create the video and animation? @smilenwaven @Paris__G @odognine2 Can't they just put hockey cards on their rims like we did on our bikes?
@seldo bottom left on the right?
She’s an idiot. Plain and simple. @MNed82 It’s just a little bump in the road that makes it more You’ve got this. 💪🏻 Sei sempre in gamba. @vktion Nope. Go for it. You’ll be around a lot longer than you think. 💪🏻 @mkelek @daleethompson So sorry for your loss. It definitely is devastating. They become so entrenched in the family. @Diamondtrees11 I think my onc wants to give me the bigger pills(6 instead of 20), now that I can swallow without i… @Diamondtrees11 I’m currently on 3000mg (150mg tablets) daily but initially I was on 3900mg (26 tablets daily). Tha…
@Diamondtrees11 Lucky you. I have to take 20 of the Capcitabene per day (10 morning/10 night) for 14 days. 280 total. Brutal. @daleethompson That’s what is so special about them. Pure unconditional love. @daleethompson I @tobi Love your thinking and overall strategy. @daleethompson My boy is my everyday therapy while fighting cancer. He likes hugging his penguin or my leg while I… @CancerAndNicole Awesome news! So happy for you! @realDonaldTrump, hmmm, does this also apply to the so-called southern border wall? @realDonaldTrump, do you even know what “per capita” means? You truly are an ignorant SOB. @albar__ Sorry to hear this news.
@dwelling99 Thanks Dave. Going for an echo this Friday and then CT scan on Monday.
Round 6 today. This round was postponed last week due to some elevated liver enzymes. Only getting a subset of the…
@seldo The right answer is Guff. @thesaltiestcow Always 💪🏻 @MarieMcglinchey Awesome news. @ItWasMattGregg Real happy for you. Hoping it go es smoothly. 💪🏻 @davglass @rhyolight So sorry to hear this Dav.this is lady, the best part of her day is when her dad comes home from work (jillianpgriffith IG/YT)
Retweeted by 🇨🇦🖕🏻Cancer 🇮🇹What’s with the incestuous feelings your father has towards your sister? @daleethompson Blanche for me. Something about the
Finally you’re honest. @SkarredGhost @Scobleizer @devdevcharlie have you seen this? Looks like something that’s up your alley. @CarloColaiacovo This is just devastating. Stay 💪🏻 Axl. We are with you. @IvankaTrump Isn't that the one with hydroxychloroquine & azithromycin? @elonmusk Is that the one with hydroxychloroquine & azithromycin? @ItWasMattGregg As long as it helps you get back to healthy status...💪🏻 @ItWasMattGregg So you’ll be well done... @jasnell Happy 15th Birthday, Lex! 🎉🎂 @dwelling99 77 of course...
All this love given to COBOL. How about showing some for FORTRAN or PASCAL? @Beatthemedian None, but I heard milk thistle can help with the liver and turkey tail to help boost the immune system. @Beatthemedian The clinical trial I’m on has certain guidelines and one of them is the elevated liver enzymes thres… @RedGia @ellahjustin Taking lomotil or imodium depending on how severe plus IV hydration. Oncologist thinks it’s th…’ve never liked the term “terminal cancer”. Everyone is terminal, be it through old age, illness, accident...There… @Paris__G Not to make you @wesbos Any wildlife yet?With all the current hype and release of @deno_land, how soon will recruiters be posting jobs that require 3+ years of Deno experience?
@SarahHannafin @kimacquaviva Very much true. ❤️ @SarahHannafin @kimacquaviva Jealous here. Still have more hair than @realDonaldTrump, you’re a sick fuck. @Paris__G Dan Daoust and Bill Derlago
@ItWasMattGregg The bad part is I'm on a clinical trial and they won't continue if the enzyme levels stay elevated.… @ItWasMattGregg Doing ok so far. Some minor pains but I guess it comes with the territory. My next chemo treatment… @ItWasMattGregg Thanks. Same to you. For me, I thought it was a hernia because it was sudden onset a day after a h… @ItWasMattGregg @realDonaldTrump @LindseyGrahamSC By the hour... @EmmaBostian Feeling your pain literally. Going through a similar thing. 🧡 @torturecrush ⌘+Tab like it's going out of styleIdiots again posting their salaries on Twitter. Then after some person decides to scrape and create a public databa… @itsJeffTiedrich He’d crumple within the first 5 minutes. @Samantha2Live *Jim. Damn autocorrect.