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cela 🦑 @cestarri mia stacie diana syd afra

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@PinkGoat2 Stop ur curly hair is SO PRETTY
@bunnyberrry This feels insane#chainsawman wip @am2tired It’s infuriating man @taxevaderjohn This actually made me laugh ohmygod“maYbe iF yOu weRenT goinG NegatiVe wE’d bE WinNing” man stfu @666lKO On godA support character’s job is to SUPORT. Why are you, the duelist insta locker, getting mad at them for bottom fragging 🤨 @fuckoffcami THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN SAYINGGGG @stacietpwk Tell him to fuck off @ackermints I am obsessed w ua selfie
Retweeted by cela 🦑 @666lKO ….shhhh @zorotwice Wish I was playing Genshin rn sigh @zorotwice STOP R U KIDDJNG UR STUNNJNGhi
Retweeted by cela 🦑 @zorotwice Ur so gorg @minbinfanclub @lolmochiiii IM CRYING THIS IS SO FUNNY @9hostIy Nabi @bunnyberrry Wtf @cherrwr Cutie @cherrwr Hi (very nervous)hey (nervously)
Retweeted by cela 🦑 @bunnyberrry Hey sexy mama lemme whisper in yo ear @bunnyberrry Sexy w or without a mask 😷 @bunnyberrry ILYmaskfishing
Retweeted by cela 🦑 @anikayov Looks like Isaiah couldn’t handle the heat 😮‍💨 @ackermints Oh god @fuckoffcami This is a banger best tweet @anikayov First of all, why’s he getting so worked up over a tinder match 🤨 @ackermints No way @kirarigf_ 👁👁 @9hostIy @riotgames I hope that one gets a virus before you can download a blocker and the Illuminati hacks into yo… @bunnyberrry Isnt she 🥹🫶 @xxfawn @aspenqt I love your necklaces omgSage is so pretty I cry :’) @ackermints Whoever is working on the twt design team needs to be fired .Best thing I ever did for myself was not allow twitter to access my contacts @nintendh0e8 Oh 😶 @ursungirl Oh lovely! A little eye punch first thing in the morning! How nice of them! @ursungirl Good!! Groggy morning but I am awake and alive 😃gm
Retweeted by cela 🦑 @ursungirl Gm sunny !! @beeshyo SLAYmaru maru 🖤 #anisd
Retweeted by cela 🦑 @breawhnuh @riotgames :’) tyyy @endrynaphobia Got somethin to say Ryan ? @777acid_ In my pocket @mylilnic CRYING IM SO JEALOUS @beeshyo Hihi @666lKO UR ALMODT DONE WOO!! @9hostIy @riotgames I hope your computer blows up @666lKO @riotgames Ohmygod riot games ur such a flirt 🙈💓💓 @PinkGoat2 @riotgames 💓🫶 @sydvaIo Ok ready? Step 1: fill yourself with rizz. Step 2: give them ur number in an “I assume u want this?” way. Boom @sydvaIo 🙈🙈Guys I’ve got rizz @aiddns Exactly how I be feeling rn w no Neptune vandal in my night market @ang22la I’m 🥹 so 🥹 happy 🥹 for you 🥹 @zerofwq Ur right I can get vipers sad shorty for FREE I need to save my money for the vandal @zerofwq RIGHT ?? @zerofwq 🥲🥲🥲🙏🙏🙏 I’d take a neptune shorty @Fixitfe11xx 5’6 @zerofwq It’s awful @zerofwq They’re gummies they all look like gummy bears I’m crying @zerofwq They all kinda look like gummies @zerofwq 🙂 @bunnyberrry @riotgames SEE RIOT ?? @bunnyberrry @riotgames This did not age wellYessir! @zerofwq My night market is missing my fish gun ☹️ @bunnyberrry I am taking the night off to mourn I’ll be alive again in the morning @Not_Nada_ I don’t want it @endrynaphobia @stacietpwk Mine is iron.RIOT WILL BE HEARING FROM MY LAWYERS !!! @kirarigf_ Me and vinnie hacker would’ve won if it was an option ✋🙄GETTING @stacietpwk OUT OF BRONZE!
Retweeted by cela 🦑Shooting my shot! Hey @riotgames 🫶🙈 drop Neptune vandal in my shop? 😍🙏 @kirarigf_ 😔 @bunnyberrry This is why ur my best friendIF THE NEPTUNE VANDAL ISNT IN MY NIGHT MARKET I WILL BE CONTACTING RIOT WITH COMPLAINTS @kirarigf_ @ang22la Ooooooohhhh I’m so jealous @bunnyberrry GGS SO NEXT @bunnyberrry I felt this
@bunnyberrry @hostiachan THIS IS SO GOOD @hostiachan Yes @hostiachan GOD DAMN I HOPE UR OK @bunnyberrry I’m giggling you sound just like a tea adEverybody goes through some core character development in their 1st year of college. Mine was Genshin impact…🙂 @aiddns Bleh @sydvaIo @bunnyberrry HAHAHAHAJust sayinI think id b rlly hot w a nose piercing @kirarigf_ She’s insane @bunnyberrry HE DOESNT EVEN HAVE A FACE