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Full announcement ⬇️ @pac12 announces they are playing a conference-only football schedule this season🏈 Come for the well wishes, stay for Brady and the 🍷
Retweeted by FOX College Football“I just can’t stand it.” You’ll never guess which CFB logo makes @JoelKlatt want to ‘puke’? 😂⬇️ it before I’ll say it again for the growth of CFB on our Network there’s never been a better HIRE! Urban and I…
Retweeted by FOX College Football🐐 happy birthday coach!
Retweeted by FOX College FootballI will be reclassifying to 2020 and Enrolling at UNC August 1st , This is my Business Decision. Respect it 💙🐑…
Retweeted by FOX College FootballHow many games would each conference win if the @big12conference and @pac12 conference went head to head next seaso… do you get the man that has everything? Birthday shoutouts from his favorite co-workers 😏🥳 @CoachUrbanMeyer |…⚡️ @__RUGGS, @_CeeDeeThree and @jerryjeudy have the highest ratings among rookie WRs in @EAMaddenNFL! Who will hav… of the greatest coaches of all time 🐐 Happy birthday to our own @CoachUrbanMeyer! Broadway
Retweeted by FOX College FootballDon’t disrespect Mack Brown like that. U see where everybody going #UNC
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Here are some notable non-conference @B1Gfootball games that will not happen due to the announced conference-only s…
Retweeted by FOX College FootballWhat was it like to coach @ReggieBush and @MattLeinartQB at @USC_FB? @Coach_EdOrgeron shares two of his favorite… @bigten has announced a conference-only season for all fall sports, including football. Since 2000,…
Retweeted by FOX College FootballThere's still plenty of great @bigten football on the schedule this season 🙌's full statement below @bigten announces they will play a conference-only schedule for football this season👏👏 @AlabamaFTBL's Nick Saban and @ClemsonFB's Dabo Swinney were unanimously voted the top 2 coaches in college foot…😤🔥 @GamecockFB's @clownejd was the top-rated player when NCAA Football 14 was released 7 years ago today! Who woul… QB @EAMaddenNFL ratings are here! 🎮🙌 Any surprises? 🤔
The best of the best 💪🐘 @AlabamaFTBL’s Nick Saban is our Big Noon Kickoff crew’s preseason top coach in college f…"In my mind, you are measured in championships“ @CoachUrbanMeyer breaks down what it takes to lead a team and expl… you agree with Big Noon Kickoff's Top 5 coaches? 🤔"We've got a great roster right now. We have as much talent as we’ve had in any year I’ve been here.“… all day @Coach_EdOrgeron
Retweeted by FOX College FootballBig Noon Kickoff is back with a special guest! @LSUfootball's @coach_EdOrgeron joins @CoachUrbanMeyer, @JoelKlatt,… BIG NOON KICKOFF: THE OFFSEASON, @Coach_EdOrgeron talks about what’s next for LSU and reminisces about his days…
Retweeted by FOX College FootballConsistent with campus health & safety policies across the League, The Ivy League Presidents outline phased-in appr…
Retweeted by FOX College FootballOne of these coaches is not like the others 😅 Ivy League will not have sports until 2021, per @JonRothstein
Retweeted by FOX College FootballThese coaches know a thing or two about winning conference titles 💪 @coachjfranklin's appearance on Big Noon Kickoff in its entirety! ⤵️ 📺: #WeAre
Retweeted by FOX College Football✨🐶 No school has landed more 5-star recruits in the last 5 years than @GeorgiaFootball Muschamp
Retweeted by FOX College Football👋
Retweeted by FOX College FootballMatt Campbell !!!!
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LSU unveils their championship rings 💍🤩 (via @LSUfootball) edwards
Retweeted by FOX College FootballOnly 4 coaches have winning records in the College Football Playoff 💪*checks notes* Yep, it’s @CoachAllenIU.
Retweeted by FOX College Football🚣‍♂️
Retweeted by FOX College FootballIs there any question... It’s @CoachSattUofL
Retweeted by FOX College Football.@FIUCoachDavis, duh.
Retweeted by FOX College FootballCiting YOU as a source! 👀 #GoIrish x #Rally
Retweeted by FOX College FootballBest coach in the country! I’m riding with @coachjfranklin 🤞
Retweeted by FOX College FootballWe see you @CoachLesMiles 👀 #RockChalk
Retweeted by FOX College FootballIf you were a 5-Star recruit which coach would you want to play for? 🤔💪🐘 @AlabamaFTBL's Nick Saban leads the way with the most Bowl Game W's among active coaches
Retweeted by FOX College FootballWho does @CoachUrbanMeyer miss coaching against in the @BigTen? The former @OhioStateFB head coach shows some love… NFL's first $400M man was 🔥 back in college, too @PatrickMahomes | @TexasTechFB Brown and Nick Saban are the only two active FBS coaches with 200+ FBS wins 💪
Retweeted by FOX College Football🍀 @NDFootball’s Brian Kelly is the only two-time winner in the last 10 years Who will win AP Coach of the Year thi… really a debate #RollWave
Retweeted by FOX College FootballI would put @coachjfranklin in the front also. #WeAre
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Retweeted by FOX College Football
Retweeted by FOX College FootballWho's the best coach in college football?
We could watch @Saquon's @pennstatefb highlights all day 🦁🔥 of the top 5 @OregonFootball recruits of all time could line up on the same side of the ball this year 🤯🦆 Riley has done it again 🙌 If all goes well, @CALEBcsw will be the 4th-straight highly recruited QB to star… SOONER! @CALEBcsw, the No. 1 QB in the 2021 class, commits to @OU_Football 😤
Can Louisville and UNC take advantage of their experience and challenge Clemson for the ACC title this season? @AlabamaFTBL win over or under 10.5 regular season games this year? 🐘🤔
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So much talent on the #BTNAllDecade 2nd Team, too. 👀 More ➡️
Retweeted by FOX College FootballHonored to speak w/@CoachUrbanMeyer on this elite day in @B1Gfootball history
Retweeted by FOX College Football👏👏 @OhioStateFB finished with the most players on BTN’s Big Ten All-Decade Team on legends on legends 🤩 What do you think of the @BigTenNetwork’s Big Ten All-Decade Team? nugget here on @CoachUrbanMeyer a bold HC that first crossed my path while he was a BCSBUSTER @Utah_Football
Retweeted by FOX College Football🌰🔥 @OhioStateFB QB @JT_theQB4th was the real deal in college👏👏 @OhioStateFB's @JT_theQB4th is BTN's Big Ten QB of the Decade!“I give credit to that 2012 team… just stuck it out and as a result, Ohio State’s as good a program as there is in… else could it be? @CoachUrbanMeyer is the Big Ten Network's Big Ten Coach of the Decade! 🐐🙌💪🦆 @oregonfootball is the only @pac12 team to reach 100+ wins in the last 10 years
How'd our panel do picking receivers and defensive linemen? 👀 #BTNAllDecade wraps up Friday with QB, P, K, Coach a…
Retweeted by FOX College Football💪🐘 @AlabamaFTBL is the only team to play over 100 games while at No. 1 in the AP Poll you @Brady_Quinn
Retweeted by FOX College FootballSorry, @Brady_Quinn 😅 @MattLeinartQB and @ReggieBush share the first thing they think of when they see the Notre D… Big Noon Kickoff crew unanimously voted the @SEC the No. 1 conference in the country! Do you agree?🙌 @T_muhneyy10 and @AllenRobinson are the @BigTenNetwork's All-Decade WRs! What Big Ten WR would you have voted fo… is #1 but I don’t think the Big Ten is far behind over the last 3 years the Big Ten is 6-7 against the SEC. But…
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What makes football different in the south? @MattLeinartQB breaks down why the weather and the lack of pro sports…“It’s truly not that close, the @SEC is the best conference.” @CoachUrbanMeyer explains why the conference's attit… you agree with Big Noon Kickoff’s conference rankings? 🤔 of college football 👑 Our Big Noon Kickoff squad crowns the @SEC as the best conference in the country's the best conference in college football? @CoachUrbanMeyer, @JoelKlatt, @ReggieBush, @MattLeinartQB and… was settled today: TE and DBs. What's coming tomorrow: WRs and DL. More #BTNAllDecade ➡️…
Retweeted by FOX College FootballWho has the most power among the Power 5? 💪 Our guys rank the conferences, take fan questions and more on BIG NOON…
Retweeted by FOX College FootballNo conference has been more represented in the College Football Playoff than the @SEC 💪👀🎮 @EAMaddenNFL will have a franchise mode that lets you play with these 10 colleges Who are you playing with? @SEC and @Big12Conference are the only Power 5 conferences with winning records in bowl games the last 10 years…👀
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What's the best conference in college football?
Retweeted by FOX College Football💎🐏 @Tarheelfootball just landed a GEM in 2021 No. 7 overall recruit, @757EliteDB! Earlier this month,…