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@ConnCFC @Blue_Footy Everything you said was spot on, don’t let people who want to deflect away from the truth make you think different. @quinner12344 I could and would do but those are the immediate names that sprang to mind, you can look at Jorginho… @matissearmani I could add so many more trust me.
@therealclemgov @CFCDaily I expected fight in the 2nd half after 45 mins of keeping them at bay, as I said once we… @CFCDaily It was embarrassing, we are still Chelsea and we used to go head to head with top sides and now we don’t,… @CFCDaily We were embarrassed, simple as that. @DonChelsea5 @tovers98 Who said I was? @tovers98 Could add more, Batshuayi, Kante or Jorginho, Azpilicueta’s time is coming to an end too hopefully. @ozzyahmed90 Agreed, he’s so bad. @TomasblackCFC Barkley should have came off at half time, we should have gone 4-4-2 to utilise Giroud’s flick ons,… @ChelseaFC Chelsea fans, discuss below, I want your opinions. @RodU_13 How the mighty have fallen. @RodU_13 Is Chelsea a learning facility? @JorginGoaaaal Add Batshuayi, Keep Giroud maybe. @mz_ajayi I’ll give him another year.Chelsea players that have to leave.. Defenders : Alonso and Rudiger. Midfielders : Ross Barkley. Attackers : Wi… @ChelseaFC I hope Roman’s watching this. @LavCFC Ahhh my guy @Deadlypulisic2 @ChelseaFC Got you @TerrificTomori @ChelseaFC @BlueFutureIsNow @ChelseaFC 🤝 @ekwunife_dan @ChelseaFC Done mate @PrimeKante @ChelseaFC Done @SiPhillipsSport Oh god 🤢 @SiPhillipsSport Willian for Barkley @willreyner @CFCDaily They’d have 4 away goals.. @HazardFIicks @CFCDaily They’d have 4 away goals pal. @CFCDaily 4-4? No thanks, we’d be well and truly out lol. @CFCHale Didn’t you post this before? @youneshh Why would you be nervous? Bournemouth is a more important game, tonight is just a nice chance for this sq… @LDNFootbalI @matissearmani Top stuff. @matissearmani @CFCDami Willian on UCL nights is a treat. @CFCWitchell @Iuguentz I’ll take that Mitchell. @CFCWitchell @Iuguentz I beg to differ, I’m one of the best Chelsea accounts on here, respect me. @Iuguentz @CFCWitchell Exactly, on paper we have a project under Lampard however I question wether we really do the… @CFCWitchell @Iuguentz You have a GC which you talk about me in, and you do tweets about me? @CFCWitchell @Iuguentz I live in your head rent free. @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI Has the mentality to do it, the ability? Time will tell. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra Needs a ST that can statpad his crosses, Tammy misses way too many for my liking, 17 big c… @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI Top stuff, RJ going right to the very top now that he’s sorted his defensive positioning out. @CFCWitchell Appreciated pal. @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI We want to see more Reece James prop. @CFCWitchell I’m here to talk Chelsea, if you don’t want to do that, block me. @CFCWitchell Good opinions on Chelsea, Hope this helps. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra I don’t think we will ever agree on Mount. @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI Your Iq is a tad below Frank’s, 1-1 still I’m afraid.
@MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI I’m playing a game with you, Call it Mourinho mind games, the truth will come soon. @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI B. Callum Hudson Odoi. C. Mount. @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI Startboy of La Cobham? Mediano, we want to talk. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra Come to my page if you want Mason Mount slander. @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI @RentfreeDaily Poor defending from the btec Tomori. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra @RentfreeDaily I’ll be back tomorrow to claim my unfortunate W, I never want players to fa… @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI @RentfreeDaily Lack of Vision displayed here, can’t make it as a 10 until he cuts this out. @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI @RentfreeDaily 2-1 to me if he doesn’t, I’m convinced he won’t turn up when the pressure is on. @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI @RentfreeDaily 2-1 to you if he turns up against Bayern, until then 1-1. @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI @RentfreeDaily Mount will keep putting up poor G/A returns and ghosting in large portions… @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra @RentfreeDaily Mediano can talk to me about Mount don’t worry, I’ll educate him. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra @RentfreeDaily -5 IQ points. @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI @RentfreeDaily @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI @RentfreeDaily I’ll stop you praising Mount, guarenteed. @fouz_hamza @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra @RentfreeDaily No. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra @RentfreeDaily You got me excited, if they sign Sancho they can bring back Djilibodji and… @CFCLewis_ @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI @RentfreeDaily I hope they are forgotten, we’ve squeezed all the talent out of… @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI @RentfreeDaily Chelsea don’t do rebuilds / projects, I highly doubt that anyway, expectati… @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra @RentfreeDaily They won’t, they’ll sign mediocre dross, Sancho potentially makes up for it… @CFCLewis_ @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI @RentfreeDaily Hardly seen the bloke, pointless addition in my eyes. @CFCLewis_ @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI @RentfreeDaily Cech plays ice hockey, cut it out. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra @RentfreeDaily I’ll make my final decision this summer. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra Kante by far, Jorginho is vice captain and helps with penalties, younger, better mentality… @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI @RentfreeDaily A good Saleswoman, but she has no clue about signings I’m afraid, slower than 15/16 Ivanovic. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra @RentfreeDaily You’d be stupid to, one of the worst market operators. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra Kante can go, more money to fund Sancho. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra @RentfreeDaily I’m sure marina will have something to say about that. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra So your plan is to sell #5? Because if you think Kovacic is leaving the pivot, Ive got news for you. @MedianoEra @RentfreeDaily @LDNFootbalI And the man management of Don Carlo. @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI Too bad he has poor transfer targets too, his talent ID is poor. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra Disgusting, you might as well give Conte a call and tell him to come back, because I know… @RentfreeDaily @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI Spot on, he only likes playing CA If he has to, 85% of our matches we use t… @MedianoEra @LDNFootbalI 4-3-3 with the correct personnel is unbeatable. @LDNFootbalI @MedianoEra Don’t get carried away, it’s only to be used in certain games, don’t forget that. @matissearmani Mount on the left and Willian on the right and Azpilicueta instead of Zouma, other than that, spot on. @RunTheFUTMarket Do more videos about EA, the more you spread the message, more likely things have of changing, sta… @MedianoEra Marcos Alonso masterclass under the lights tomorrow, can’t wait. @MedianoEra Frank Lampard 3atb masterclass tomorrow? Conte would be proud. @ftbIswanny Ffs 😂 @ftbIswanny Willian borges da silva has this dont worry @CFCDaily @NizaarKinsella What? @CFCMod_ Who’s scoring? @LavCFC @Chelsea_spares Check your DM. @Vuvuzela_TV @MedianoEra Best project in England managed by a footballing legend. Hope this helps. @MedianoEra Expected better than that from you. @MedianoEra Sancho Pulisic Ziyech. Tammy at ST. @CFCShaunnn @TeamZiyech Link?
@The1and0nlyWebb @CFCDaily Look at the bigger picture. @Shaquillejt @CFCDaily What’s funny? @CFCDaily Maybe care was the wrong word, just don’t see these 2 legs really beneficial at all, we’ve been tested ag… @CFCDaily Do you honestly care about this tie? @MedianoEra @CatenaccioIG @FutbolCheIsea @SeunMobolaji Poor stuff. @MedianoEra @CatenaccioIG @FutbolCheIsea @SeunMobolaji Respect #5?