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@1EDEN_ it’s not his fault he’s a rescue it’s happened before but it’s okie @cowffeeeee got my mouth torn by my dog attacking me while i was cleaning him @1EDEN_ dog attacked me while i was trying to clean him :( @1EDEN_ cant move my mouth without it hurting :( @AeroValorant B) @mistmie DOES IT I FEEL LIKE IT LOOKS STUPID @S1SS1L IT HURTS MAN @AeroValorant thank u i thinkgood shmorning of you are so delusional and addicted to a video game that you were willing to forgive someone for distributin…
Retweeted by nini uvgn there's nobody better than you.
Retweeted by nini uvCry, cry, cry Cry, cry, cry
Retweeted by nini uv @SrirachaVal im doke being nice i will only be mean from now on @SkylarV57 LOL @924suzy all good.11:11 he loses all his ranked games @xxelitism the right person to you now might not be say weeks months from now, just experience things as they come @xxelitism dont save it trust me @AeroValorant @ysk1ng LMFAOLIVE @SrirachaVal should’ve gotten a ticket and copped a mf @SrirachaVal LMFAAOAOOAOAOAOAOAOO
@SrirachaVal i cant move my mouth that much but i’m good tho @ApeX_AHC these are slowly becoming less funny :(OH TM FUCKIGN GOD @ysk1ng u spittin @palepocky drop riot id @biggie_cow okeanos just got onto a team and he distrubted child porn @elianaaulloa u too twin ?? @mythicaval i have 30 mutuals in common and im breaking them all if theyre still there by tm idgaf(TW CP) for those unacquainted: here's him admitting to a crime and trying to rationalize it :)
Retweeted by nini uv @PoseidonSNx dm @VIRTUOSOVAL @KingFPS__ @OkeanosQT Sorry but ratio.
Retweeted by nini uvKING 👑👑 - good player - good person OKEANOS 👎 - has distributed child pornography - left the scene and has tried t…
Retweeted by nini uvLMFAOOOO @ch3nn1e @mistmie
Retweeted by nini uvanyone unrateds for stream?first ever silent stream 👍🏻 @s2ndown no my mouth is still fucked up i probably just won’t be talking as muchstream when i’m home @shvrk27 @amberabides nice @PoseidonSNx just very bruised and tore my mouth a littleupdate no stitches just a lot of bruising and deep cuts on my mouth 👍🏻 might still stream because i’ll be bored if… @rinuze he came from an abusive home so he gets scared of shit sometimes and he tore my mouth up cause i got too close @biggie_cow im kinda fucked @OPERATIONFORK my mouth got torn up i cant speak lol im going to doctor rni have the worst luck in the world gg.… no stream today i got attacked by my rescue dog and i might need stitches lol @BlakeSu05229477 yes @Kezyyz he moaned my ign’s always my toxic games that pop off on here i swear @LeziZimFPS @Ohio_RL my team was also trolling and encouraging him, that’s the problem no one said anything to help… :( @mythicaval so downand i will gladly break it, i will gladly break my heart for you
Retweeted by nini uvgift giving being my second love language naw @nateschanker HAPPY BDAYvalorant players fumble hot girls and then be like it’s cause i’m focused on the game … bro take the L and connect back to reality
Retweeted by nini uv @AeroValorant @1EDEN_ wanna know who would tho @1EDEN_ realhe already talkin to another pocket sage
Retweeted by nini uv @AeroValorant @PapaC0le @ApeX_AHC @M0NNDAY 🤝 @AeroValorant @PapaC0le @ApeX_AHC @M0NNDAY and chennie. @keaIani come home the kids miss uplaying in gold is so miserable either i get sexist teammates or people who throw or just aren't trying like i wann…"just don't talk" "ignore them" "mute them even though you'll lose with no comms" "women don't get harrassed in gam… away 4q didn nothing literally all of my team started pointing out my shit and moaning my name calling me mo… literslly cant go a single day on this game without being sexually harassed lmfao just had a dude moan my name an…
LIVEEE @M0NNDAY @AeroValorant SO TRUE LET ME DO IT FOR U. @AeroValorant @M0NNDAY MAN @M0NNDAY my carnelian hates me u can have it @AeroValorant <3i went to the crystal shop while COUGH COUGH and i bought like a 40 dollar necklace and a bunch of incense nahlive :D
Retweeted by nini uv @CozyValorant 😭😭 @notrxchel MOMMYi ordered dunkin and after i eat and do my makeup WE GET G2 ON STREAM YUP're either good at valorant or you talk to women
Retweeted by nini uvhealing from heartbreak is so hardBut I feel something when I see you now I feel something when I see you
Retweeted by nini uv @bbylapras heyyy :D @M0NNDAY @ysk1ng come back no one’s talking i’m lonely @ysk1ng @M0NNDAY i was about to be offended but i am so out of it rn i proved ur pointi can bake and shit bro plsme and who're either happy or good at valorant
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made one
Retweeted by nini uv @M0NNDAY IM JUST STARTING TO LEARN IM NOT GOOD @lialovesyu it’s so cute wanna be the catboy omen to my witch sage
Retweeted by nini uvNEW DECK @mistmie IT DOESNT CUT OUT ANYMORE IF U WANNA LATE NIGHT Q @mistmie i feel like i throw ur elo everytime we play gggmgn everyone's competing for a love they won't receive
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