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Chad Lutzke @ChadLutzke Battle Creek, Mi

Writer, editor, artist, husband, father. Co-host of @paleocheeze

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@shereadswthcats @A24 Good ones! @readsvicarious @A24 Great idea! @itsweevildead @Night_Worms @timmmeyer11 Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoy everything! @NJMetal a beta reader for someone you admire is an honour. When it’s as good as this and you can only gush about how…
Retweeted by Chad Lutzke @readsvicarious @A24 Both excellent! @OminousDominus6 @A24 I've been wanting to see that one. @WritesWatts @A24 Love that one bizarre.Whether it's drama or horror, I feel like @A24 can do no wrong (okay...except TUSK). What's your favorite A24 horro… book recommendation this week is @ChadLutzke ‘s THE NEON OWL! I’m pretty new to his stuff but I’ve LOVED everyt…
Retweeted by Chad Lutzke @HorrorfyingMF Thanks so much for the shout out...and when talking about Lynch even! Perfect!Thanks, Janine! Glad you're enjoying the antho! @ctrlaltcassie Great stuff, Cassie!
@huntershea1 Also, when we were about 45 minutes in I'm like "Thank God this is probably only an hour long or so."… @matthews_mark Yeah, I was thinking more like Rhoda, Trapper John, MD, and Kojak stinking up prime time, whereas th… @matthews_mark I'm with you. In the 70s and 80s I dreaded them because that meant school was the next day, plus TV… @KealanBurke I tried once when I was 9 beers deep, 30 years ago. Every time I think of it, I cringe. Thank God we d… @djerra5 @jason_brant @disneynine @huntershea1 @stevebarnard69 Oh my! @disneynine @jason_brant @huntershea1 @stevebarnard69 @djerra5 This is true. I had nothing. I was too tired. Matter… watched THANKSKILLING 3 with @huntershea1 on his Patreon page, along with some other unfortunate souls, and we… @jason_brant @disneynine @huntershea1 @stevebarnard69 @djerra5 It was....a movie. @Elysium1313 @JohnBoden1970 Thank you! John Boden is a favorite. We also did OUT BEHIND THE BARN by @ChadLutzke & B…
Retweeted by Chad LutzkeThe best "That's what she said" in the entire show. I cheered and teared up. @GiveMeYourTeeth @GiveMeYourTeeth It's snowing here. @ctrlaltcassie They're providing Christmas colors for you. They know!If I was going to protest a COVID curfew, I'd be at the lake, eating Chinese and making out with my hot wife withou… became a patron! @Channel_King @zmccain is good. I've used him several times. @zmccain This is great, Zach. Didn't see this one until now. @DanPadavona might dig this. @WilsonTheWriter Ouch!. So sorry, Michael! Please keep us updated. Stay strong!On page 243 of 288 of Slash, by Hunter Shea @JeremyCShipp Tort-ploitation! @disneynine I like real-life horror and coming-of-age. I struggle with cosmic, bizarro, and I'm tired of backwoods,… @see_starling One of the best shows ever. The beginning of season three dragged a little for me, but the payoff exceeded all expectations. @BluGilliand I take it you saw mine. If not, I'll say it again. PHANTASM. :)
@JeremyHepler @shanedkeene That's awesome...and healthy! @LairdBarron Jim Morrison, Martin Luther King Jr., and Poe with all his memes regarding his fear of being buried alive. @mikeclarkbooks @DonCoscarelli That's right! There's a world that needs exploring. And Reggie, the ultimate hero. @casorensen @DonCoscarelli You get it! @Gabino_Iglesias Started last night.It's on my bucket list to write a book within the PHANTASM world. The Tall Man, evil jawas, severed fingers that tu… @SaraTantlinger Thanks Sara...not only is the pay good but they're tossing in a hardcover with the PBs. Nice find! @huntershea1 @Monstermen13 @TerryMWest @jgfaherty Looking forward to this one. Two of my favorite topics. @huntershea1 Ditto! Also, I want to write one. But what I really want to write is a PHANTASM one. @gaijinjonny @KennethWCain @RonaldMalfi Really appreciate that. Thank you. And happy reading!
My contribution to this antho paying tribute to Mr. @FrankMErrington takes place in the SAME DEEP WATER AS YOU worl… @disneynine @LouciferSpeaks @JoshuaMarsella @huntershea1 @AuthorGrolfe @timmmeyer11 @HightowerLaurel @BrianMoreland people to follow in the bookstagram community.!
Retweeted by Chad Lutzke @KealanBurke Hunted down some of his work. Good stuff. I voted for him. Best wishes to your brother. @todd_keisling @JoshMalerman @JonathanJanz Right? We all know he's got trunk novels written in notebooks longer tha… @JonathanJanz I'm a novella guy (except for something coming up). Currently it's 40k with SKULLFACE BOY.So far #MySleepingKarma, #StoneRebel and #DeadCanDance has been the soundtrack to the current novel I'm writing. Pr… @JeremyXWagner @suedeHQ Hadn't actually heard this album before until I saw you recommend it last year. I dig it, m…
@pageandparlor Congratulations, you two! @paulfinchauthor Every time. @AlienRedrum @SadieHartmann @Night_Worms @ThunderstormBks @timmmeyer11 @JohnBoden1970 @stephrabig @FinalGuys Lookin… @SadieHartmann @AlienRedrum @Night_Worms @ThunderstormBks @timmmeyer11 @JohnBoden1970 @stephrabig @FinalGuys Agreed… you, NW and TS! @ctrlaltcassie @shamrock_silver @ELemonDesign @timmmeyer11 Thanks, Cassie!Bullied and beaten, 14-year-old new kid, Baker Gray, is. about to discover vigilante justice... and the dark path w…
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@spookishmommy @ExorcismEmily @matthews_mark @WilsonTheWriter @sam_kolesnik Thanks, Ashley. I certainly don't take any of you for granted. @amanda_octopus Thanks, Amanda! @KarmenEdits @shamrock_silver @ELemonDesign @timmmeyer11 Thank you, Karmen! @HightowerLaurel @shamrock_silver @ELemonDesign @timmmeyer11 Thank you, Laurel! @sonorawrites @shamrock_silver @ELemonDesign @timmmeyer11 Thank you, Sonora! @LisboetaIngles Thanks, Kev! @stevestred @dd_toronto @gjkendall @AlanBaxter @AuthorGrolfe @EdwardLorn Thank you kindly, Steve. Certainly appreci… those who missed it yesterday, WORMWOOD will be getting a perma-home over at @shamrock_silver, and this here is… All Hail the Popcorn King the Joe Lansdale documentary this week! Ticket link below. #joelansdale
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@AuthorGrolfe Thanks for sharing, Glenn.Very thankful to @Night_Worms and @ThunderstormBks for the limited editions of WORMWOOD, but come Dec. 16th… @grady_hendrix I was there! And I remember loving every terrifying moment of it. @Monstermen13 Ugh...I think I'll pass on both. @SadieHartmann This antho comes out later this a new story in it: and Tim sat down for a chat ... take a read because he is seriously all kinds of awesome. Thank you so much…
Retweeted by Chad LutzkeI don't share very many family pics over here on the Twitt, but this one of me with my sister and brother popped up… @todd_keisling I think I showed up too late ;) @ChristophGolden If I say Three Men and a Baby will you all look at me with pitchforks? Cuz if so, I'm not saying Three Men and a Baby.
@Robert_Essig Yeah, I remember watching the movie in the 70s. @Gabino_Iglesias @CemeteryGatesM Well, that was @GiveMeYourTeeth Have you seen their constipated cover of Nirvana's About a Girl? If you haven't, check it out. But… Essig's new anthology is a fifteen-course meal of horror, treating your palate to subtle and atmospheric tal…
Retweeted by Chad LutzkeI censored the bulge on Wormwood. 🤷‍♀️ Anyway! Full November @Night_Worms package! We have a few available on our w…
Retweeted by Chad Lutzke @spookishmommy @Night_Worms @ThunderstormBks @timmmeyer11 @JohnBoden1970 "I censored the bulge." I just LOL'd for real ;)"Joe R. Lansdale is a towering figure in the literary world - prolific, pithy and profound. It’s about damn time th…
Retweeted by Chad Lutzke @huntershea1 BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW MANIAC (remake) SUMMER OF '84 HALLOWEEN III IT FOLLOWS CREEPSHOW CAT PEOPLEEpisode 22 Part 2 of @paleocheeze is up. We talk CEMETERY MAN with Accused/Toe Tag/Fartz vocalist Blaine Cook. Grab… for the kind review, Kim!
@shawnmacomber That is one sexy beard! @userbits @timmmeyer11 I'm not going to lie. In that last episode I laughed so hard I was literally in w… @timmmeyer11 @userbits As long as it's better than that last half hour of HILL HOUSE ;) @userbits @timmmeyer11 We all know you can't be trusted. Well, neither can Tim for that matter ;) @userbits Those are Elvis's ladies.Waiting for #UFO disclosure? Well, it passed you by. @Monstermen13
Retweeted by Chad Lutzke @deserthethen @Grumplstilskin3 @Night_Worms @timmmeyer11 @JohnBoden1970 @ThunderstormBks Only two books in the package. @userbits @timmmeyer11 has been raving about it. @Grumplstilskin3 @timmmeyer11 @ThunderstormBks @Night_Worms Thanks! @zmccain did that awesome cover.