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Chad Zagunis @chadzag Detroit, MI

Engineer. Left is best

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@MikeSullivan Keep running AP..... @DetroitLionsPro AP is slow @DetLionBlood AP can’t get off the ball @NubsGetDubs @MikeSullivan Exactly, AP is too slow for that play @daveweigel “Corporations pay their fair share” (By politely asking them)
@krischilders1 @MikeSullivan Trying to show how tough he is @thehill The Arctic Ice has yet to freeze, which is the latest period of no ice since records began @richimedhurst I’m sure there was a follow up story of why people have to line up outside to vote @mattyglesias You mean got to be over exploited?
@mattyglesias Doesn’t take a science degree to know that it’s bad @Photospice @yashar It’s really hard to sympathize when we focus on pay disparity that involves a person making mil…
@Nature_and_Race @EyesOnTheRight @NikkiMcR I mean, does it matter? Lol Biden might be like “okay I’m out, here you go Kamala” @mannyfidel I swear to god I thought that was you at first glance @JordanUhl @kenklippenstein Day late, dollar short @dwallacewells Wow🚨🚨🚨@majorityfm @sadcucpcake Use Wolfram Alpa app for integrals
@anaveragelaw @dan_lamma @Neil2Real @EmmettBeech @kmeline @mattyglesias Keep electing progressives who don’t take c… @ebruenig Don’t worry, I take screen shots and post them on your unofficial account @BobbyRiggsTankd @BarxBarl @Neil2Real @EmmettBeech @mattyglesias Private Insurance corporations’ job to make as muc… @BobbyRiggsTankd @BarxBarl @Neil2Real @EmmettBeech @mattyglesias There is no incremental policy change that will pr… @BobbyRiggsTankd @BarxBarl @Neil2Real @EmmettBeech @mattyglesias 500,000 go bankrupt a year due to medical bills. S… @MattLech This is incredible 😂 @EmmettBeech @Politichotomy @BobbyRiggsTankd @mattyglesias When every mainstream news org that is paid by the priva… @MattLech @DROPTHEMIC2020 You never know when Iran is going to inconvenience oil tankers, gotta be ready to defend oil companies at any time @PaulDeCristofo4 Sorry, my sarcasm didn’t come across lol @mtracey AOC should have streamed what ice cream she has in her freezer @dan_lamma @Neil2Real @EmmettBeech @kmeline @mattyglesias Only way is to take private money out of elections. @EmmettBeech @BobbyRiggsTankd @Neil2Real @mattyglesias Right, the rest of the western world figured out a version o… @PaulDeCristofo4 What do you mean? Pushing leftist policies is way easier under a Trump admin than a Biden admin @BobbyRiggsTankd @Neil2Real @EmmettBeech @mattyglesias “Double your taxes”??? Am I taking to a Republican? Let me a… @Neil2Real @BobbyRiggsTankd @EmmettBeech @mattyglesias M4A is popular with the vast majority of voters @Neil2Real @dan_lamma @EmmettBeech @kmeline @mattyglesias And what do you do if the leaders don’t respond to the needs of constituents? @BobbyRiggsTankd @EmmettBeech @mattyglesias Don’t you think that philosophy is the problem? @Neil2Real @BobbyRiggsTankd @EmmettBeech @mattyglesias Right right, I suppose listening to donors is the smarter option @EmmettBeech @kmeline @mattyglesias If your voice is not being heard by either party, how are you supposed to voice… @kmeline @EmmettBeech @mattyglesias Civil rights act didn’t stem from marching in the streets? Did I miss something? @mattyglesias We need legislators to introduce legislation, activist can’t do that. @EmmettBeech @mattyglesias No shit, legislation does. Legislators are supposed to respond to activism but our leade…
@BenjaminPDixon Bunch of rich sell outs who haven’t spoke to normal person since 94’SOUND UP 🐾💕
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BREAKING: Today @FOX17 obtained new FBI docs in an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan @GovWhitmer - the docs lay out t…
Retweeted by Chad Zagunis @jusmas27 Hero @JasonSCampbell It’s the weekend, give yourself a day off from watching Fox News
@MLive What pussy needs to open carry to a voting booth? Why not just cc? @DrDooleyMD @leeladaou This is not a defect of capitalism, it is the logical result @RealSaavedra @esaagar Lol keep licking them boots
@MollyJongFast When will you guys realize they are on the same teamThey are on the same team @LTPC_ @JamaalBowmanNY @DemSocialists The wealthy buy the government and use it as a shield to protect their wealth and power @BCAppelbaum Funerals, weddings and job interviews are the only times I wear a suit. If I don’t gain/lose weight, one suit fits those needs
@THATAllenCovert @samstein Honestly, that’s all that matters @DavidGriscom 2050 is too late @mattyglesias @MakersMarkNeat @Americas_Crimes So kill the “enemy” at any cost? @andrewperezdc Surprised she didn’t default to “Good morning, Sunday morning”
@MattLech The opulent minority, where have I heard that before..... @RAPT0R22 @thisisnothappen @J2UDIGI @Timcast If your not dumb, obviously Sam thought “live in studio” meant it was… @as_a_worker I miss Michael Parenti @as_a_worker The alpha males are back
@GQMagazine Very relatable @CLeonardNews Conservative judges like ACB will always favor the business over the worker
@MikeSullivan @alldetroit24 😂 @WalkerBragman That’s usually the case every time @deadeyebrakeman As a Michigander, I am terrified on this exact number @DrewMikePodcast @thirdmanrecords @nbcsnl @freep @FOXSportsDet Loved the small but cool EVH tribute @JaumPneu Making more money from a vacant homes @teymoornabili @MaxBlumenthal Smaller than pin needle
@christhomasUW I always forgot to take them out before I turned on the oven
@LeftFlankVets The Sheriff definitely knew about the kidnapping plot @rossjonesWXYZ This mf was definitely in on itHoly shit @MattLech @majorityfm @SamSeder @ArmyStrang I understand what his intentions are but not a great example to use for that argument @Mediaite Good, would much rather have Jack White play @TinaSfon @rbravender Yes, because progressives acknowledge that Trump is merely a symptom of an unequal system. A… @owillis I think @WalkerBragman point was more about that these type of people don’t feel they have a stake or a purpose in life. @LOLGOP I bet these “anti government” chuds get state and federal assistance @yashar @maggieNYT @peterbakernyt “He’s losing his mind” @The_book_girl We all know rich people, especially the President gets miracle drugs that the rest of us don’t @The_book_girl He probably tested positive a week before but only released he was positive because he was showing symptoms @LeftFlankVets @mmfa Conservatives freak out if you ever question the faith of a Republican @bitch_updates I can’t help but to stare at his hair every time @drgloryjjjjj958 Anna needs to get out of there @TeriWhitaker14 @EyesOnTheRight Wolverine is Michigan’s state animal
@ErwinBoydens @4evrmalone Decades as in more than 10 years. Especially in Penn/WV region in the marcellous shale @ErwinBoydens @4evrmalone We have enough gas in the ground with our current wells that will last for decades.been crying for an hour I love fracking so much
Retweeted by Chad Zagunis @katherinegould @owillis Stronger spray tan than usual too @trump_nasty @Timcast The group was spying on her vacation home @MSNBC “Terrorist”, not militia @dpakman Was thinking the same thing. Kidnapping or harming a government official is the definition of terrorism @RightWingWatch Here’s a gem for you @MattLech @MattBinder @silviakillings @fmanjoo @BrandyZadrozny @carolelee @ckubeNBC Normal @NYDailyNews You know how to determine when an economic system is broken? The stock market is proportional to wealt…
@WallMaz35 I think Stevie Y knows what he’s doing